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(Published in the Abbotsford News week of Sept. 26, 2005)

Governor-General Follies, Part 3

John Pifer

So, you complacent and apathetic Canadians, have you noticed that you have a new noble leader?  Yes, that damn FLQ-supporting Quebec woman was sworn in as your Governor-General this week, and few of you even noticed; perhaps fewer of you even cared.

Michaela Jean is now in the chair vacated by the wild-spending, arrogant Adrienne Clarkson, and one wonders how long it will be before the newest GG thinks she’s Gigi and deserves all of the jewels and clothes and travel that Canadian’s tax money can buy.

It has been well chronicled how Ms Jean grew up in Haiti to a poor family and fought and clawed her way to the top of the Quebec CBC news media heap – very inspiring indeed. But the darker side of her appointment has been glossed over by the nation’s Liberal-owned major news media – you know, things such as:

The fact that her husband was an open supporter of the terrorist group that killed and kidnapped people in the 1970s in the name of Quebec independence.

The fact that Ms. Jean has continued to socialize with the Quebec separatist sympathizers while enjoying the trendy left-wing amenities of CBC-TV.

The fact that no other allegedly democratic country allows its Prime Minister to appoint the person to the position of the being the only one who can fire his sorry ass.  Yet that is what Paul Martin did in anointing this inexperienced woman to the highest post in the land. She owes everything to him, and Paul may rest assured that in any constitutional crisis with this minority government, His Gal will do whatever he tells her to do.

Oh, there was a little hue and cry went Our Paul named Ms Jean to the position, with a lot of “Whoinhell is that?” and “How could you bypass Canadians who have truly contributed to Canada?” But it blew over, as all these things do in this apathetic nation, and on Tuesday amid meaningless and expensive pomp and circumstance, Ms Jean picked up Adrienne’s crown and Visa card and headed for the nearest Holt Renfrew to spend your money.

She will have to go a long way to top the “nothing succeeds like excess” attitude of Ms Clarkson and her oleaginous husband Jean Ralston Saul, but we’re betting she is up to the task.

For the record, when Our Adrienne swanned into Rideau Hall five or six years ago from her stint as a trendy left-wing CBC-TV “journalist”, her predecessor had spent (nearly said ‘wasted’) about $11 million annually. Conservative estimates put Ms. Clarkson’s spree at about $40million per year when all of the hidden rip-offs in different ministries are included.

Let’s call it the Marie Antoinette syndrome, and let us pray that Michaela Jean is not afflicted with it, too. (Just don’t bet that she is not!).

Incidentally, it somehow seemed most fitting that Our Michaela’s investiture comes at a time when her beloved CBC is in the second month of an ugly strike/lockout. But then, hardly anyone has noticed that or cares much about that, either. 

Oh Canada, we kinda stand on guard for thee, occasionally …

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