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(Published in the Abbotsford News week of Sept.  5, 2005)

Child Care Program – The Next Boondoggle

John Pifer

When does it end – if ever? A few years ago, Canadians watched the HRDC scandal unfold, wherein hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars were pissed away on phony, unnecessary projects across the country. There were a few headlines, some angry callers to radio talk-show programs, and then it faded from view. No heads rolled; and no-one was held accountable.

Then came the egregious gun registry, which mushroomed from a $10million project into a billion-dollar boondoggle that is still not over, and which has not made life any safer for a single Canadian, while giving secret-police powers over law-abiding citizens to the RCMP and CSIS that would make the East Germans feel inadequate.

The pathetic soap opera known as Canadian politics then produced the Gomery Inquiry, lifting the lid off the rotting can of corruption, kickbacks and money laundering set up by the Chrétien Liberals and perpetuated by the Martin Liberals in order to appease Canada’s favourite whine, the province of Québec.  Canadians’ initial shock, surprise, amazement and outrage have been replaced with calm acceptance and support in public-opinion polls for the very bandits who set up the scam in the first place!

Now we have what surely will be the next boondoggle – a couple of billion dollars for child care and early learning programs for children in a Soviet-style Five Year Plan. All evidence and the existing track record suggest that the money will go to nameless, faceless, Liberal-voting bureaucrats and new buildings to house them, with little reaching the children they are supposed to help.

British Columbia looks like getting $633million, so you can take it to the bank that the other provinces, especially Ontario and Québec, will be lining up at this trough, too. With a national day-care plan touted as an accompanying program, watch for many more of your dollars going down the drain even more rapidly.

These bureaucracies and their abuse of the taxpayers’ dollars are so entrenched, they have become a well-oiled (pun intended) machine that is out of control of Canadians, run by a monolithic dictatorship that cares only about power: the raw power of guaranteed re-election and of ensuring that news media control is in the hands of its friends and insiders.

Other than rant against it in columns such as this, or in the corner coffee shop, what can Canadians do, you ask? You can start by asking your local Member of Parliament – regardless of whether she or he is a Liberal, Conservative or New Democrat – just what they have done or intend to do about this latest program to oversee it in order to avoid another bloody boondoggle.

The honest answer from all of them would be: “Nothing”; but you may rest assured the MPs will instead spew out grand speeches praising motherhood and apple pie, and suggesting that anyone who questions helping children is vicious, evil or insane.

If you let them get away with it again, shame on you.

As far as this trained observer is concerned, this child-care deal is already in the bag, and may be viewed as just another Liberal job-making scheme designed to create more votes from workers dependent upon Big Brother for their livelihood.

Only in Canada, eh?

Veteran B.C. journalist/broadcaster John Pifer may be reached at


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