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(Published in the Abbotsford News week of May 30, 2005)

Canada: The Death Knell

John Pifer

It is difficult to believe that our country will survive in one piece from the corrupt, conniving and caustic politics prevalent in Canada today, which shows the true nature of all three national parties is beneath contempt.

What else are we to expect:

When the federal Liberal minority government, desperate to control when an election is to be held, shovels money and patronage appointments off the back of their getaway car, whilst shelling out a Cabinet post to a high-profile, low-principle Tory turncoat in order to buy her vote to save the Liberals’ butts?

When the federal Conservatives allow well-organized fundamentalist right-wing candidates to overtake dozens of ridings, thus raising further questions about the alleged “moderate” nature of the party that seems to be trying to be all things to all people – Reformers, ex-Alliance members and former Progressive Conservatives?

When the New Democratic Party can blatantly blackmail the Prime Minister of the country into accepting its demands for wasting billions more of taxpayers’ dollars, despite having only 19 elected members in the supposedly-democratic House of Commons?

When, despite the stupefying stench of scandal from the Gomery Inquiry in the Liberals’ sponsorship money-laundering and party payoffs, the latest public opinion poll has Canadians giving them 36 per cent support, compared to 27% for the Tories and 21% for the NDP?

My God, are Canadian voters that dumb, naïve or afraid, that they want this gang of thieves to stay in charge? Or is it that so many people across the country, and especially in the Maritimes and Ontario, are so beholden to the Liberals for their livelihood or existence? Thousands want to continue to abuse the loose immigration laws and soft approach to crime and punishment that has become the norm during the past 13 years of Liberal rule, while thousands of others want to keep riding the Ottawa taxpayer-funded gravy train.

It is true that Tory leader Stephen Harper has little flair or personal appeal to the masses; and it is also true that some of the far-right, single-issue zealots may even have his ear. You may rest assured that the capital-L Liberal-owned news media across Canada will crucify him for that and more. Any diversion to steer the general public away from the depth and strength of corruption at the core of our government will be welcomed by Paul Martin and the Grits, and in most cases, will be initiated or orchestrated by them.

One caller to a Vancouver radio talk program last week may have summed up best the incredulity of the whole sad, sordid, sorry mess when discussing why it was time for the fat-cat Liberals to go: “After what we have seen from (Jean) Chrétien and Martin, I would vote for a used-car salesman just out on parole, before I’d vote for those bastards again.”

Amen. Sadly, it appears that he is in the minority.

The biggest “winner” in all of this will be the Bloc Quebecois in its traitorous stand to break up our country, because even Quebeckers cannot continue to prop up the Liberals, and will turn to the Bloc for “salvation”.

Oh, Canada!

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