Prime Time Crime


3 May 2005

Chief Jack Beaton

133-6th Avenue S.E.

Calgary, AB

T2G 4Z1

RE: Apologies for Misconduct

Dear Chief Jack Beaton:

It has, recently, come to my attention that you have demanded Jann Vahey and Rene Fisher to meet with several police officers “…to promote healing and reconciliation to the extent possible between CPS members and employees who feel aggrieved by the Standfirm website or Code200…”

Firstly, is this group therapy you have organized a newly created process within the Calgary Police Service because I cannot recall you organizing such a meeting for the atrocities that my husband and our family have suffered, along with countless other victims, at the hands of your officers and supervisors.  I am officially requesting a meeting with you and my children so we can have our Q & A  “healing session”.

Secondly, it is my knowledge that on a day-to-day basis frontline police officers are victims of a myriad of ruthless taunting and vicious name-calling from members of the general public.  Is it routine for you to then drag those civilians in for a “healing and reconciliation” session with those police officers?  I think not!  It is my humble opinion that the officers you continue to portray, as “victims” of the contents within the two noted websites, are the actual perpetrators and monsters that created the victims that were voiced within the two sites.  I am appalled, not surprised, but appalled that you have used Jann as a pawn to blanket the real issues within CPS and twist all the underlying facts in a way as to deflect the negligence of members of a service in jeopardy. 

As a citizen of Calgary I am fed up with your deceptive press releases of concern and politically motivated backlash.    

Yours truly, 

Rhonda Shah

c.c.       Harvey Cenaiko (Solicitor General)

            John Watson (Chairman Calgary Police Commission)

            Rick Boguski (CBC National News)

            Gary Bobrovitz (Global News)

            Emma Poole (The Calgary Herald)

            Leo Knight (Prime Time Crime)

            Jann Vahey

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