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(Published in the Similkameen Spotlight week of Nov. 11, 2004)

“The Greatest Canadian” Should Be A Slam-Dunk

  By John Martin

With the postponement, and likely cancellation, of the current NHL season, viewers have lost the one and only reason they ever had to watch CBC.  Were it not for Hockey Night in Canada, CBC’s ratings would place it somewhere between The Vegetarian Cooking Channel and The Weather Network.

Without hockey to lure an audience somewhat bigger than the BC’s NDP caucus, the CBC came up with the desperately pathetic concept of something called “The Greatest Canadian”.  While it’s clear that the CBC would have preferred to limit nominees to Liberal Prime Ministers and CBC announcers, they have somewhat succeeded in getting much attention with the drawn out “cast your vote for the Greatest Canadian” process.

But this should have been a non-contest from the word go.  The Greatest Canadian is clearly a title that should be exclusively reserved for past and present members of the Canadian Armed Forces.  Those who fought and sacrificed in two World Wars, Korea, and peacekeeping missions around the world are the Greatest Canadians.

Even in light of inadequate resources, helicopters that don’t fly, submarines that don’t submerge and monthly pay cheques that are typically less than what a Liberal Cabinet Minister or senior bureaucrat blows on a single lunch with his family and friends, Canada’s fighting men and women have done us proud and continue to do so.

How could any reasonable person cast a vote for a hockey player who went south to avoid Canada’s tax rates or a Prime Minister who gave the middle finger to Western Canadians?  None of them can even begin to match the selfless contribution of those who served with honour and dignity.

And it’s that exemplary service that makes it so hard to make sense out of the present day and age.  In Ontario, veterans are being told they can no longer smoke in their Legions.  In Quebec, treasonous traitors and seditious separatists are denying a request from a veteran’s group for Canadian flags to be used in this year’s Remembrance Day celebrations.  Members of Parliament routinely present Canadian flags to veteran’s groups this time of year but Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe and MP André Bellavance, busy trying to destroy the country, literally told the veterans to go to Hell.  Capt. Paul Triquet, the veteran from Quebec’s Royal 22nd Regiment bravely fought the Germans and earned a Victoria Cross for his heroism.  And that’s how our Parliament thanks him.

Absolutely disgraceful.

What can one say about a country that pays traitors over a hundred thousand dollars a year to work toward breaking up the country while simultaneously giving the back of the hand to a group of elderly veterans? 

What can one say about a country that rewards those loyal to the Liberal Party of Canada with million dollar handouts while members of the Armed Forces routinely visit food banks to make it through the month?

On November 11th, take a moment not only to recall those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  But take time to respect and acknowledge the Greatest Canadian.  Each and every one of them.

John Martin is a Criminologist at the University College of the Fraser Valley and can be contacted at

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