I do apologize folks, but some anti-cop jerk who had plagued the previous Forum has reared his ugly and stupid head again. Ergo, I had to delete the comments on the “A deal done” post. For those of you who had well-thought comments to add, I apologize. If the cop hater continues to intrude on this site, he can expect a harassment complaint filed with the police and a subsequent lawsuit. He knows I know who he is. There are any number of websites and boards that are run by the sort of people who share his views. This is not one of them.

Leo Knight

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  1. Just a little message to Jack:

    i find it very intriguing that you settled this thing so came in like a tiger and went out like a lamb-so not you!

    i know from personal experience that a lot of the stories on the web sites were true.especially the information on the servey done by your good buddy Al were quick to resolve this issue cause you were tired of looking like a raging Nazi and thought it be best to bury this thing before allegations were presented before the courts and proven accurate.way to scare the hell out to the public that you’re suppose to protect!!

    it’s time to stop looking like the have endless tax payer’s dollars,the backing of crooked politicians and judges willing to back your unethical public attacks therefore the “victim” thing doesn’t fly.

    asking that couple to pay you $5000 is should actually pay them for exposing all of your inadequacies.

    it’s funny how you’re asking that couple to have a meeting with all the police officers that were so hurt by the content of the websites.if you didn’t protect all your sexual deviants and criminals then perhaps they wouldn’t feel so hurt getting would make more sense for you to have a one on one meeting with all the victims these monsters that you call officers have created and have them apologize to the victims for destroying their careers and lives.

    i don’t think that sending officers and their families to psych. services after you’ve trampled all over them is the answer.though it was mighty generous of you to offer them that support after your done hunting them shows how out of contact you are with your officers if you think that they hid their identities and remainded anonymous because the worst thing that would happen to them is that you would offer them “psych. services.” we all know that you intent to hunt these officers down and ruin their lives as you have so many others in the past.just look at how you went after the couple responsible for running the websites.

    i have had the opportunity to speak to a lot of officers who wrote into that survey and they are eagerly waiting to come forward as soon as the S/G establishes the proper venue for officers to come forward without fear of “the 9th floor wrath” coming down on them.i have been watching and listening to your comments on the news and i must say that you’ve maintained your lying deceptive self to the citizens and officers of Calgary.everyone can see right through you.your actions speak louder than your words!!

    i’m sure you and your ex-partner Bruce Dunn are losing endelss hours of sleep knowing that the rest of the information will be made public in a few days.i would be too if i relied on Dunn’s information to obtain the search warrant.good luck! you and your compadres are gonna need it.

    “Jack be nimble
    Jack be quick
    Jack beat the public with his big black stick.
    See Jack run
    See Jack hide
    Cause Jack took a few of them out for a ride.
    See Jack sweat
    See Jack fight
    See Jack in a suit
    Striped black and white.”


  2. I wasn’t really sure where to write you this…but in reference to your article “Stolen Sisters” my sister’s picture was displayed there. Her name is once again spelt wrong. Her name was Shana Ile Labatte and she was a beautiful person. I miss her very much! Could you please change her name to its proper form in your article?


  3. in regards to the death of my best friend shana ile labatte;she had told me before i knew here that when she lived in kamloops a certain police officer used to take to the outskirts of town ;rape her and beat her and treatan to kill her if she spoke up;when she returned to kamloops i feard for here well being;talk on the street is that she was killed by a local officer who is known for being crewl;

  4. hope its ok to expand on my last comment ;but i must tell shana worked very hard while liveing in prince george to get help with her problems;asking the hospital for help;detox ;counceling;aa;mrthadone clinic;doctors;she tryed very hard but the lack of goverment funding broke her spirit;even those whoi wanted so hard to help whernt able do to the cuts in funding;i cry as i write this as she was so close to getting well when she was given up on; shana was an angel all who knew her learned from her the true meaning of true friendship


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