(This column was published in the North Shore News on July 12, 2000)


Federal Liberals could have a nice Day

By Leo Knight

 THERE'S a new face in Canadian politics today.  


With the total victory on Saturday, members of the Canadian Alliance sent a clear message for change in electing Stockwell Day saying the status quo is no longer acceptable.  


This is also a clear message to the federal Liberal party of Jean Chretien as well, although, I suspect their demonstrated arrogance will preclude them from recognizing it.  


For an example of their arrogance and the disdain in which they hold the good folks of the North Shore, let's consider some recent correspondence.  


Two weeks ago, I discussed the possible ramifications for this country with a Stockwell Day led Alliance party. In that column, I referred to a National Post piece written by Warren Kinsella criticizing Day for suggesting that political correctness should not drive the level and nature of debate in this country.  


Kinsella, you'll recall, ran on the North Shore during the last federal election and was sent back to Ontario, cap in hand, to contemplate what happens in the West when an eastern carpetbagger comes looking for a seat in the Commons.  


Now, the column itself wasn't about Kinsella, though doubtless he thought it was. Nevertheless he sent me an e-mail which resulted in my obvious response. Evidently, he became more exorcised by my response and threw some more electronic scatology my way.  


To demonstrate the pure, unadulterated arrogance of the Libs, here are the e-mails reprinted verbatim, spelling errors and all language intact. I won't comment further on what Kinsella said.  


I'll leave you to decipher and decide.  


I have left Kinsella's e-mail address in the content in the event any of you wish to send your compliments.  


First message:  


From: Warren Kinsella wkinsella@mcbinch.com  

To: Leo Knight lknight@direct.ca  


Re: Your Column  


"You are a press secretary for Reform/CCRAP, you chrome-domed troglodyte. The Grits will wipe the floor with Mr. Day, or whoever CCRAP dredges up. The question will then become what bulls**t the likes of you will dredge up to explain it all to your minuscule readership. It'll be fun to read.  


Go, Stock, go!  


Warren Kinsella"  


Well, that was clear as mud wasn't it? Here's my response.  


From: Leo Knight lknight@direct.ca  

To: Warren Kinsella wkinsella@mcbinch.com  


"Does this mean you're not coming back for another crack at a North Shore riding Warren? Gee, those 62 people who voted for you are going to miss you. Write again if you can think of something intelligent to say. Although, I do realize the trouble that gives you. It must be difficult to be unintelligible and illogical at the same time.  


Have a nice Day!  


Leo Knight  


Well, evidently, Mr. Kinsella doesn't appreciate sarcasm. Here's his next salvo.  


From: Warren Kinsella wkinsella@mcbinch.com  

To: Leo Knight lknight@direct.ca  


"I got close to 20,000 votes, last time I checked, which is more than -- say -- a baldie crypto-fascist would get in similar circumstances. Doing much photography work for Paul Fromm lately, by the way? See you on the battlefield, loser. Oh yes, I forgot. Your e-mail provides me with plenty of evidence to suggest what libel lawyers call "malice." So I look forward to your next monosyllabic attempt at commentary in der Sturmer!  




Apparently, Warren has a thin skin. Well, I couldn't let a good opportunity pass. My response:  


From: Leo Knight lknight@direct.ca  

To: Warren Kinsella wkinsella@mcbinch.com  


"Do I detect a veiled threat in this communication Warren? Oh dear, I wonder what lawyers might make of "baldy crypto fascist?" Hmmmmm. Actually, Warren, your childishness is quite funny. I might consider reprinting it word for word to help show the voters of the North Shore what a good decision they made. BTW, there's every chance Ted White won't run again, so the seat may well be open if you want to give it another crack. Now that would be entertaining.  


PS I don't know Paul Fromm and from what I've heard about him and read of his, I don't think I'd like to get to know him. But that realization might just force you to understand you might be in error with some of the leaps of logic you seem to make about me.  


Do have a nice day.  




To which, Kinsella replied:  


From: Warren Kinsella wkinsella@mcbinch.com  

To: Leo Knight lknight@direct.ca  


"Go soak your head, fatso."  


And you wonder why it's hard to raise the level of debate in this country.






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