Climate of Doubt


In the wake of the costliest gabfest in the history of man that has just concluded in Copenhagen and  that achieved absolutely nothing but a $100 Billion shakedown of America and its allies, I found myself in plane from Toronto to Vancouver. Flying over the frozen prairie of the North American west,  I was staring down at a frigidity only known to those hearty enough to choose to reside there. I was also privileged enough to have borne witness to history last Sunday at the Edmonton Airport as I travelled to catch a flight and the temperature was a bone-rattling minus 46 with a wind chill that took it to minus 58. I thought I was developing Taurette’s Syndrome. When I went out I had an inadvertent reaction: F***, F***, F***!

Now admittedly, I am not a scientist. I’m an old time cop, investigator and professional cynic.  In that role I know that there are always three sides to any story and people will always “guild the lily”  to achieve maximum personal benefit, whatever the circumstances in which they find themselves.  And, I have to also state that I neither stake a claim to being a Global Warming believer nor a ‘denier,’ to use a phrase coined by the  wild-eyed, foamy mouthed, true believers.

Do I believe the climate is changing?  Yes, certainly.  Just as it always has.  Is it warming as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN creation designed to fleece the wealthy western democracies, uh , sorry, to orchestrate global reaction to climate change?

But, as the leak of emails from the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University – now dubbed Climategate – has demonstrated the “science” is anything but settled.  In fact, were I to don my investigator’s hat along with my omnipresent cynic’s hat, I might suggest that among the 2000 pages of emails shared among the climate debate hijackers, is evidence of fraud.  Straight forward fraud.

But what do I know? I’m just an old time cop.  I’m not Al Gore, inventor of the internet and current resident of the only house big enough to be seen from outer space.  I just look at evidence and then draw a conclusion.  Which, I might add, is diametrically opposed to Phil Jones, Michael Mann and the rest of the so called ‘scientists’ outed in the Climategate emails.  They seem to have drawn a conclusion then set out to find evidence, which proved a tad difficult as depicted in an email of Oct. 14, 2009 from Kevin Ternbeth, one of the authors of the 2001 IPCC Synthesis Report, to Tom Wigley a previous director of the CRU.

Said Ternbeth: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.”  Well, a travesty I suppose, in that the socialists won’t be able to extort the Western democracies.  Because, at the end of the day that’s what this is all about isn’t it?

Damn the luck!  They had a great theory supported by the loony lefty members of the United Nations and spear-headed by that avowed social re-inventor Maurice Strong. He of the Oil for Food scandal who, some say, sleazed away to China to avoid prosecution.

As in the Oil for Food scandal, one only has to follow the money to understand what this  is all about.  Follow the grants, transfers and demands and ask the age old question for homicide investigators:  Cui bene? Who Benefits?

Of course the climate is changing.  It always has and always will.  But the attempt by the socialists to hijack climate change as their latest tactic in their crusade to transfer the wealth of the richer Western democracies to the socialist third world has failed for the most part.  This time.

But stick around.  Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Barack Obama, David Suzuki, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, the CBC and the editorial board of the Toronto Star haven’t finished yet.  Hold on to your wallet.

We only just escaped from Copenhagen. Barely.  We may not be so lucky next time we have to defend against the socialist hordes at the gates.

Leo Knight

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  1. Leo, Leo, Leo …. I think you are one of the good guys but you got this one wrong, wrong, wrong. Copenhagen was not about socialism … they are only the useful idiots. Copenhagen is about an agenda by the extremely wealthy to take more of your money. Every carbon credit has to pass through the hands of very wealthy bankers who will skim a substantial profit off the top. Copenhagen is about thieves. Not the poor smucks of the kind that steal to eat or buy drugs but the kind who desire power and control … the same bastards who always get police protection because they have serious social status. The same thieves who ripped off the US and world banking systems. Almost none of the maney would ever make it to the third world! Who there in the third world has the power or control to guarantee that …. After the Al Gores of the world take their cut, not much would be left and anyone who believes otherwise should stop and rethink why western governments would voluntarily tax their citizens and industrial interests and then also give up their sovereignty to governments in Africa, the middle east or India. Those people are not in the left or the right but they are the corporate banking interests which could care less about the silly political games we peasants are encouraged to play. The game is a huge one and it is not yet over.


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