China Syndrome

On March 14th, 2008, the Government of the People’s Republic of China began a crackdown on Tibetan citizens protesting against occupying power that began with the invasion of their country by the People’s Liberation Army in 1950 and continues to this day.

The West, for the most part, immediately condemned the latest blatant human rights abuses by a government that seeks to dominate, if not the world, then all of Asia at the least. And, under the jackbooted heel of Communist tyranny. Well, the two front-runners for the Democratic Presidential nomination in the US, B. Hussein Obama and the former First Lady and current junior Senator from New York, who, amazingly enough, single-handedly ended 35 years of the troubles in Northern Ireland – well, that’s what she said – were about 12 days late before recoiling in abject horror and metaphorically crying crocodile tears.

So, after sending in the troops to crush the demonstrations and forcing the oppressed people of Tibet into hiding, they actually announced that hundreds of the protestors had “surrendered.” (See China says hundreds have surrendered)
Imagine that, surrendering to a regime that kills those people at will who don’t or won’t grasp the teachings of the Red Book. Yeah, I’ll bet they were surendering in droves.
The Government of the PRC is a disgusting regime that engages in systemic human rights violations on a daily basis, never mind the brutal abuses such as have occured in Tibet in the past fortnight or Tianammen Square in the late 80’s. Crushing a student protest in the Forbidden City or deluding a complicit Western media on Tibet, it’s all the same: oppressive Communist regime takes advantage of the useful idiots in the Western media. Since the days of Lenin, nothing changes.
What puzzles, is why we continue to placate, ignore and turn a blind eye? Or, how exactly were the PRC actually awarded the Summer Olympics? Who did they buy?

Leo Knight

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  1. Leo, those are some tough questions. You may agree that at the very bottom is a putrid pile of greed, and most countries want to share in that, seemingly at any price. Its all about trade relations, and everybody is racing to lick those barrs.

    Its also about complacency; anybody who has heard about it will say its terrible, but what can they do about it? People have already protested, an activity that accomplishes nothing. These occurrences are commonly ignored by the press.

    There is also ignorance; people somehow believe Tibet was ‘always part of China’, or they don’t care about anything outside their living room, or they disbelieve the reports altogether. This stuff tends to break people’s fragile minds, so they push it away with any mechanism available.

    And for the Olympics… did you know China restricted all traffic and pollution for a number of days leading to the site inspection by the Olympic Committee to temporarily improve air conditions. It was a move ‘welcomed’ by environmentalists (??), or perhaps that was just the spin by the media.

    China has been on lists for decades for human rights violations, what has changed in the last 10 years? Big business. And bringing Olympics home is all about business.

    But if you ask the average person, they don’t have a clue. Take Tiananmen Square 1989 as example, the most notable footage is of that guy staying in front of that tank. Yeah, looks like a protester. What they didn’t show on TV was the tank rolling over him, and the screaming that resulted. And then the riot. Reporters could not say anybody died, because they had no confirmation on actual injuries. A tank runs over a guy, but we can’t assume he died or got hurt.

    Does any of this raise questions in anybody’s mind? Is there anybody left who can think freely? Or have they all been silenced.

  2. The Olympics have been a steroid fueled farce for the past 50 years-nobody cares about them anymore.That’s why nobody cares that China got the games.Pro sport athletes have been exposed for the freaks and frauds that they are.Stop buying cheap,useless Chinese made junk.God bless Barrack Obama.


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