Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Liberties Are Now Situational

By Bob Cooper  “I think Canadians will understand that cabinet confidence is a critical part of our cabinet governance system,” said Attorney General David Lametti. So the waiving of cabinet confidence is extremely rare,” he concluded.  Invoking the Emergencies Act should be even rarer.   Like the Privacy Act, which allows the police to wiretap and intercept private communications, it should only be used when 'all lesser means have been tried and failed, or will fail'.  Both Acts specifically say so.    The Privacy Act only infringes on the liberties of specific individuals for very specific reasons that have to be approved by a judge and later tested in court.  The Emergencies Act removes the liberties of the entire country and is done totally in secret.  The requirement that an inquiry be held any time the act is invoked was designed to remind governments of the seriousness involved as well as provide for accountability after the fact.  The government’s actions make a sham of both.  The government has appointed Mr. Justice Paul Rouleau of the Ontario Court of Appeals as Commissioner and some have expressed concerns regarding his past links to the Liberal Party.  I’m willing to wait and judge the judge on his performance firstly because I want to be fair and secondly, I doubt you could swing a cat in any courthouse in Ontario without hitting Liberal supporters, equally divided among judges, counsel, and those in custody.  The initial handling of the Truckers’ convoy broke every rule in the book.  They tried nothing.  No engagement,...

Unacceptable views

By Bob Cooper It's Day 6 of the protest in Ottawa where truckers have blocked streets around Parliament Hill with their rigs and effectively paralyzed the downtown area. They are protesting the federal mandate requiring truckers (and pretty much anyone else) to be vaccinated before crossing the border. Apart from some bad behavior on the weekend, the protest has been peaceful and I mean really peaceful as opposed to the "mostly peaceful" phrase that CNN & MSNBC anchors used to characterize the riots that rocked American cities for months in the summer of 2020. Despite there not having been one act of violence, the Chief Constable of Ottawa, Peter Sloly, went on TV today and suggested the Army might be called in to clear the blockade, an idea so stupid that even Justin Trudeau recognized it and jumped in front of the cameras to say it just wasn't happening. The only intelligent thing he's done. Like ever. This isn’t about vaccines per se or whether or not it’s a good idea to get vax’d. I weighed all of the pros and cons and made the choice to get double-vax’d along with the booster. A few of my close friends chose not to get vax’d and I respect their decisions as they respect mine. The issue here is choice and whether the government should have the power to force its’ citizens to be injected with medication. If you believe the polls, only about a third of Canadians support the truckers and most people in...

Police search home, files of Diego Maradona’s doctor

Argentine justice officials on Sunday seized medical files from the doctor of Diego Maradona as part of their investigation into the recent death of the soccer star. Maradona died at age 60 on Wednesday after a heart attack. (National Post)

Wilful blindness situation normal for RCMP Leadership

Former RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has denied allegations made that he protected Cameron Ortis, the civilian Director General of the RCMP’s National Intelligence Coordination Centre (NICC), their special intelligence unit.  (True North)

Massive fire at California library leaves one firefighter dead, one missing

One firefighter is dead and another missing after a massive blaze at a California city's public library. The fire broke out at around 4 p.m. Tuesday at the library in Porterville, a city of around 60,000 in California's Central Valley, about 70 miles southeast of Fresno, the Tulare County Sheriff's Office said. (NBC News)

Illegal gambling ring raked in $131 million over five years: OPP

Three alleged Hells Angels members, including a Londoner, controlled an illegal multi-million gambling operation, police said Thursday as they detailed a provincewide bust that led to the arrests of 28 people on 228 charges. (Toronto Sun)

What an embarrassing week for Trudeau and Canada

If you actually think overpaid bureaucrats do anything of value, you need to take a look at True North Fellow Andrew Lawton’s piece at www.tnc.news. It was a remarkable tale about a poem about Jack and Jill and how bureaucrats exchanged a vast amount of emails discussing whether it was “inclusive” enough. (True North)

Quadruple stabbing in Vancouver’s Yaletown

Four men have been sent to hospital with stab wounds following a messy fight in downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown district on Sunday morning.(The Province)