Friday, June 5, 2020

Liberal candidate tainted by organized crime allegations

It used to be in the parliamentary system that an MP would step aside if he was under investigation. If that member refused to step aside,  typically the party leader would demand a resignation until the cloud of suspicion was lifted or not as the case may be. (True North)

The case is clear for Andrew Scheer

Looking over the shambolic Monday night English debate, beyond the mound of over-talking, micro-babble and incoherence, beyond the litter of promises both trivial and extreme, only one leader held sensible high ground on the most important policy issues of the election. (Financial Post)

Apologetic Syrian family closes restaurant after son took part in antifa protest

A Syrian family whose son is part of the violent anarchist group “antifa” has closed its restaurant Soufi’s in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood. (True North)

‘You’ve got to go’: Liberals apologize to conservative journalist

The Liberal Party has apologized to a journalist who was booted from one of Justin Trudeau’s public rallies in Thunder Bay, Ont., on Wednesday. (National Post)

Emergency homeless encampment hearing hears of firefighter stuck with a needle, police being swarmed and growing drug turf war

Vancouver city management, Vancouver park board management, Vancouver police and Vancouver fire services all called for a court injunction to end the Oppenheimer Park tent city at an emergency meeting on Thursday night. (The Province)

Trudeau uses police to remove journalist from public event

True North’s Andrew Lawton was removed from a public Liberal rally in Thunder Bay by the police! The Prime Minister of Canada is using the police to stop a journalist from asking him questions. The cops threw Andrew out of a public event at a public university. (True North)

Trudeau’s political career should be over

It’s been a turbulent few days for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And to make matters worse for the Liberal Party leader, he can’t seem to keep his story straight. (Toronto Sun)
  • For anyone else resignation would be unavoidable - and appropriate
  • Brownface, blackface photos cause scandal for Justin Trudeau

    TORONTO - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign moved to contain a growing scandal Thursday after a yearbook photo surfaced of him in brownface at a 2001 “Arabian Nights” costume party and two other similar incidents came to light. (AP)

    Latest Brett Kavanaugh smear doesn’t hold up

    The Brett Kavanaugh lynch mob can’t let it go. Now Democrats want to impeach the conservative Supreme Court justice over a new sexual misconduct allegation in the New York Times so shady, even the newspaper doesn’t seem to believe in it. (New York Post)

    A visit to Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh max security prison

    Tommy Robinson is in the same prison cell formerly occupied by Michael Adebelajo – one of the two Islamic terrorists who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby. (Breitbart)