Friday, June 5, 2020

Trudeau sides with Israel’s enemies

It’s no secret why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, suddenly and without prior notice, reversed Stephen Harper’s policy of refusing to support the never-ending deluge of Israel-bashing resolutions passed by the United Nations General Assembly. (Toronto Sun)

Big government failed in COVID-19 pandemic

Contrary to myth, Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been an argument in favour of big government but a savage indictment of it.(Toronto Sun)

B.C. NDP lose embarrassing court round to Alberta

VICTORIA - The B.C. New Democrats have lost an embarrassing legal round in the fight with their Alberta counterparts over petroleum and pipelines. B.C. filed a constitutional challenge to an Alberta law allowing that province to restrict fuel supplies to this province in retaliation for opposition to twinning the Trans Mountain pipeline. (Vancouver Sun)

Bribery, intimidation, voter fraud alleged in Surrey election

SURREY, BC - A sophisticated criminal scheme aimed at swaying 10 to 15 thousand votes in Surrey's municipal election has been alleged in a report to the RCMP and Elections BC. (CTV)

OPP arrest Mohawk protesters at CN Rail blockade

A caravan of Ontario Provincial Police vehicles moved early Monday into a Tyendinaga Mohawk protest along CN Railway tracks east of Shannonville to dismantle a blockade now in its third week. (Ottawa Citizen)
  • Six Wet'suwet'en support protesters arrested for blocking port access
  • Taverner requests delay in controversial OPP appointment

    TORONTO - The Ontario government is delaying the appointment of the man set to become the province’s top cop until an investigation into allegations of political interference in the hiring process is complete. (Ottawa Citizen)

    Attorney General taps top Connecticut federal prosecutor for review of Trump – Russia inquiry

    WASHINGTON - Attorney General William Barr tapped Connecticut's chief federal prosecutor, John Durham, to assist in an investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation and the FBI's surveillance activities, a person familiar with the matter said Monday. (USA Today)

    A divided Canada on election day

    Whoever becomes prime minister in Monday’s election is going to have a huge problem reuniting the country. That’s because in this campaign, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau tore open many old wounds of Confederation in his desperate effort to keep his job. (Toronto Sun)

    Trump is nailing it (but the mainstream media would never tell you that)

    It is an astounding feature of the contemporary international political scene that almost no coverage of American affairs, including in most of the President Donald Trump-hating American media, reports or comments in a way that is even slightly relevant to the unfolding facts in that country.(National Post)

    A country in turmoil and a prime minister missing in action

    The far-left in Canada is out of control.  Deceitful environmentalist protesters claiming to speak for Indigenous people have set up illegal barricades across the country. They’ve blocked railways and highways — closing major thoroughfares, shutting down commercial and passenger rail and grinding our economy to a halt. (Toronto Sun)
  • Justin Trudeau - the un-Prime Minister