Wednesday, July 15, 2020

B.C. judge rules against Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou, extradition process will continue

VANCOUVER - A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled that a critical test in the extradition case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has been met, and the extradition process will continue. (CTV)
  • Meng Wanzhou's extradition case will proceed. What now?
  • Vancouver storefronts impassable due to garbage, human waste and open drug use

    Business owners trying to reopen in the downtown core are coming into conflict with homeless people who have taken shelter in parks, plazas and storefronts during the public health emergency. “Things have gone from good, to bad, to downright ugly,” said Stephen Regan, executive director of the West End Business Improvement Association. “It’s a perfect storm with businesses that are closed that have awnings and alcoves — those tend to be good places to hunker down for the evening or even a full day or a week.” (Vancouver Sun)

    CSIS warns foreign investment by ‘state-owned enterprises’ is a threat to national security

    The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has warned that foreign investment within the country runs the risk of endangering national security. In the 2019 annual public report which was tabled on Wednesday, CSIS pointed to “a number of state-owned enterprises and private firms” with close ties to foreign governments as culprits. (True North)

    Hong Kong police fire tear gas, water cannon amid protests

    Hong Kong police fired tear gas and a water cannon as thousands took to the streets Sunday — as controversial new security laws from China aimed at crushing the protests sparked the most intense clashes in months. (New York Post)
  • Pro-democracy hopes fade on the 'saddest day in Hong Kong histroy'
  • Could the Snowbirds tragedy have been prevented?

    By all accounts Royal Canadian Air force (RCAF) Capt. Jennifer Casey was a terrific person. She was an accomplished journalist and producer in Halifax, and in 2014 she pursued a higher calling and joined the RCAF. (True North)

    Keep politics out of it and let’s get the economy re-started

    One wonders when exactly the coronavirus pandemic and the government’s response became a partisan issue. But that’s exactly what it has become. It seems like all the Left wants is more government lolly. (True North)

    Trump is nailing it (but the mainstream media would never tell you that)

    It is an astounding feature of the contemporary international political scene that almost no coverage of American affairs, including in most of the President Donald Trump-hating American media, reports or comments in a way that is even slightly relevant to the unfolding facts in that country.(National Post)

    Arrest at Alberta Legislature is counter to the right to peaceful protest

    I guess the lockdown is fraying everyone’s nerves, even the well trained, level-headed, highly professional sheriffs who guard the Alberta legislature.(Edmonton Sun)

    Politicians are drunk with power

    Some politicians are finally starting to realize that we have the coronavirus pandemic under control and are slowly easing lockdown restrictions. But unfortunately, some politicians are drunk with power and continue to neuter the Charter of Rights in an effort to combat the coronavirus. (True North)

    Trudeau’s briefings highlight a problem with journalism in Canada

    The media landscape in Canada is rapidly changing. Canadians are increasingly consuming the news online and through their smartphones. They’re watching more videos and finding news stories through social media apps like Facebook and YouTube.(Toronto Sun)