Friday, February 21, 2020

Local residents dismantle Edmonton rail blockade

A small group of counter-protesters dismantled a railway blockade in Edmonton a few hours after it was set up. The blockade began around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday morning by a group protesting the Coastal GasLink pipeline in BC. (True North)

Get to work Trudeau and blockade the blockades

A Canadian Prime Minister has two principal responsibilities: maintaining law and order and economic prosperity. Unfortunately, Canada’s incumbent has been missing in action. (Financial Post)

A city of reconciliation

A Prime Time Crime exclusive By Bob Cooper The Natural Gas Pipeline slated for Northern British Columbia has been debated, consulted, and litigated to death.  The pipeline has been agreed to by the legitimate elected Chiefs of most of the bands in the area and will provide thousands of jobs for natives and a huge economic boost to the entire region.  The courts have ruled that while natives must be consulted on any projects that may have any effect on ‘unceded’ land, that requirement doesn’t give them a veto if things don’t go their way.  At least that’s the theory.   The reality has turned out to be quite different as the objections of five ‘Hereditary Chiefs’ (= unelected, just there) have sparked protests, occupations and blockades of highways, major intersections, and railways across the country.  All the usual suspects in the usual perpetual stage of hysterical rage and shouting all of the latest SJW buzzwords. So far the police have done nothing.  Well, ‘nothing’ isn’t quite accurate.  They did take action at an illegal highway blockade near Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, a few days ago but it wasn’t quite what most expected. Let me be clear, people have a right to protest and the police in this country bend over backwards to uphold that right.  But, as I’ve said in the past, no right in the Charter is absolute.  The right to free speech doesn’t allow you to shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre or to threaten or slander someone.  Protests must be...

Trudeau convenes emergency meeting on pipeline protests

The prime minister is meeting with an emergency group today to discuss anti-pipeline blockades that have shut down swaths of the country’s train system. Justin Trudeau says the Incident Response Group will talk about how to handle the protests against a natural gas pipeline that crosses Wet’suwet’en territory in northern British Columbia. (National Post)

Virginia’s assault-style weapons ban rejected in committee

A bill backed by Gov. Ralph Northam that would ban the sale of assault-style weapons in Virginiafailed on a committee vote Monday morning, setting back one of the biggest priorities for the newly minted Democrat-controlled government in the state. (Fox News)

A country in turmoil and a prime minister missing in action

The far-left in Canada is out of control.  Deceitful environmentalist protesters claiming to speak for Indigenous people have set up illegal barricades across the country. They’ve blocked railways and highways — closing major thoroughfares, shutting down commercial and passenger rail and grinding our economy to a halt. (Toronto Sun)
  • Justin Trudeau - the un-Prime Minister
  • Justin Trudeau, the un-Prime Minister

    In 1968, 7Up had a successful ad campaign billing itself as the Uncola. In 2020, Canadians have, in Justin Trudeau, our very own un-prime minister. (Toronto Sun)

    Terrorist in Trudeau’s India entourage arrested again in Surrey

    Jaspal Atwal, the convicted terrorist and attempted assassin at the heart of Justin Trudeau’s disastrous India trip, was arrested in Surrey, B.C. on Monday. He is alleged to have been making threats to a former coworker in the Vancouver suburb. (True North)

    Protests spread from coast to coast as politicians warn them to stay in line with the law

    EDMONTON - As protests against a natural gas pipeline through the interior of British Columbia continued across the country on Wednesday, two Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs who oppose the project crossing their territory moved to get the federal courts to put an end to construction. (National Post)
  • An inconvenient truth for blockaders
  • Cops turn blind eye to indigenous protesters

    TYENDINAGA TOWNSHIP — Via and CN Rail are not allowed at this crossing — and neither is the Toronto Sun. Says who? (Toronto Sun)
  • 'People are afraid to speak up': Wet'suwet'en member defends her support for pipeline