Tuesday, July 23, 2019

$900 million settlement in class action on sexual misconduct in the military

OTTAWA - The federal government promised $900 million in compensation Thursday to settle multiple class-action lawsuits lodged on behalf of survivors of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and sexual assault in the military. (CTV)

KNIGHT: Governments misfire on gun laws

Over the course of the past few years, gang gun violence has been a plague in our cities. Politicians, ridden with angst over the problem, have struggled to come up with legislative ideas to solve the problem. (True North)

Trump meets Kim in DMZ, becomes first President to step foot in the Hermit Kingdom

With wide grins and a historic handshake, President Trump became the first sitting U.S.leader to set foot in North Korea when he took 20 steps into the Hermit Kingdom on Sunday. (Fox News)

KNIGHT: For the Trudeau government it’s all about priorities

On June 22, 2019, the Prime Minister’s itinerary showed him taking a personal day. I guess he was tired after flying to Toronto to attend the Eid dinner hosted by Canadian-Muslim Vote and back to Ottawa again the day before. (True North)

Vice Admiral Norman reaches settlement, retires

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has reached a settlement with the federal government and will retire from the military, the Department of National Defence announced Wednesday. A single charge of breach of trust against Norman, who was accused of leaking cabinet secrets in relation to a shipbuilding deal, was stayed by the prosecution last month. Prosecutors said there was no reasonable prospect of conviction. (CBC)

Massive turnout at Hong Kong protest keeps heat on Chinese

Hong Kong’s chief executive apologized to the public on Sunday after a surprisingly large and defiant crowd poured onto the streets and converged on government offices. The protest capped a week of heated protests and soul-searching questions about the city’s ability to maintain some semblance of autonomy from mainland China. (National Post)

Former PM’s involvement in China dispute not helpful, but predictable

Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien made headlines this week when he suggested Canada should ease tensions with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) by essentially breaking the law and releasing Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou who was arrested in Vancouver at the request of the U.S. government. (True North)

CSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau 30 years ago stunning historians

OTTAWA - Canada’s spy service destroyed a Cold War dossier on Pierre Trudeau in 1989 instead of turning it over to the national archives. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says the secret file on the former prime minister was scrapped because it fell short of the legal threshold for retention by either the service or the archives. (The Province)

Shield Girl: The face of the Hong Kong anti-extradition protests

Darkness had fallen. Crowds were thinning. A lone girl, in a meditative pose, defiantly sat in front of a row of riot police. It has become an iconic image from the Hong Kong demonstrations. "Bravery in the face of brutality. Beautiful," wrote an observer on Twitter. (BBC)

More than a million march in Hong Kong protesting extradition and eroding freedoms

HONG KONG - Hundreds of thousands of people filled the sweltering streets of Hong Kong on Sunday in an immense protest against fraying freedoms that culminated after midnight with the police firing pepper spray and striking participants with batons. (National Post)