Thursday, December 12, 2019

Trump calls Canadian Prime Minister ‘two faced’ at the NATO summit

WATFORD, England - President Trump, who has long demeaned his rivals for being laughed at around the world, found himself the scorned child on the global playground Wednesday as widely circulated video showed some of his foreign counterparts gossiping about and mocking him. (Washington Post)

RCMP owe the Aga Khan’s island more than $56,000 for Trudeau vacation

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police owe the managers of the Aga Khan's private island in the Bahamas more than $56,000 for meals, accommodations and jet ski rentals during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's controversial vacation, CBC News has learned. (CBC)

Canadian government misleading about vetting refugees

In 2017, True North’s Candice Malcolm wrote about ISIS supporter Abdulahi Sharif. Sharif attempted to kill several pedestrians and a police officer in 2017 in a vehicular attack in Edmonton. An ISIS flag was later found in his vehicle. In 2012, Sharif fled the U.S. after being ordered to be deported out of the country. He then illegally entered Canada where he was granted refugee status.  (True North)

Trudeau sides with Israel’s enemies

It’s no secret why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, suddenly and without prior notice, reversed Stephen Harper’s policy of refusing to support the never-ending deluge of Israel-bashing resolutions passed by the United Nations General Assembly. (Toronto Sun)

11 killed in Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria

JERUSALEM - The Israeli military said it struck dozens of Iranian targets in Syria on Wednesday, carrying out a “wide-scale” strike in response to rocket fire on the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights the day before. (New York Post)

Julian Assange rape investigation dropped by Sweden

Sweden dropped a preliminary investigation Tuesday into an alleged rape by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson made the announcement as she gave an update on the Swedish case, saying the rape investigation has been discontinued. (Fox News)

‘I meant it’, Don Cherry fired over controversial comments

Don Cherry says he has been fired from Hockey Night in Canada by Sportsnet. And the legendary star of Coach’s Corner says he will not walk back what he said on Saturday. (Toronto Sun)

Gun crime explodes in our cities while politicians fire blanks

For much of the last year, we have been getting nothing but lip service from our politicians about the rising problem of gun crime in our cities. This year alone there have been 395 shootings in the city of Toronto alone. (True North)

Liberals take losses but hold power in minority government

After a tight campaign that saw the two leading parties struggle to break out of the pack, the Liberals under Justin Trudeau have held on to just enough seats in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario to secure a minority government. (CBC)
  • Justin Trudeau pulls off election miracle
  • A divided Canada on election day

    Whoever becomes prime minister in Monday’s election is going to have a huge problem reuniting the country. That’s because in this campaign, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau tore open many old wounds of Confederation in his desperate effort to keep his job. (Toronto Sun)