Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Unacceptable views

By Bob Cooper It's Day 6 of the protest in Ottawa where truckers have blocked streets around Parliament Hill with their rigs and effectively paralyzed the downtown area. They are protesting the federal mandate requiring truckers (and pretty much anyone else) to be vaccinated before crossing the border. Apart from some bad behavior on the weekend, the protest has been peaceful and I mean really peaceful as opposed to the "mostly peaceful" phrase that CNN & MSNBC anchors used to characterize the riots that rocked American cities for months in the summer of 2020. Despite there not having been one act of violence, the Chief Constable of Ottawa, Peter Sloly, went on TV today and suggested the Army might be called in to clear the blockade, an idea so stupid that even Justin Trudeau recognized it and jumped in front of the cameras to say it just wasn't happening. The only intelligent thing he's done. Like ever. This isn’t about vaccines per se or whether or not it’s a good idea to get vax’d. I weighed all of the pros and cons and made the choice to get double-vax’d along with the booster. A few of my close friends chose not to get vax’d and I respect their decisions as they respect mine. The issue here is choice and whether the government should have the power to force its’ citizens to be injected with medication. If you believe the polls, only about a third of Canadians support the truckers and most people in...

A failure by police to act

In the late evening hours of Monday evening, residents of Maple Ridge, B.C. were treated to the sight of a man wielding an axe against another man in the downtown area.   The RCMP were called and separated the two men. Apparently, the RCMP determined the incident was “consensual” and no charges were laid.  Consensual? How in the world does the man being chased consent to a fight with a man with an axe? There is citizen journalist video of at least part of the incident and it is clear the man who “consented,” according to the RCMP, was running away from the man with the axe, evidently not consenting. It is also clear that when the men were in close proximity the man with the axe was swinging it in an apparent attempt to hit and injure the other man. I failed to see the “consent” as he endeavoured to ward off the blows.  “Police responded to a report of two men fighting on Monday night in the 222000 block area of Lougheed Hwy. Upon police attendance it was determined the fight was consensual between two men known to each other. No significant injuries occurred and an axe was seized. Both parties were uncooperative with police and not interested in police assistance,” said RCMP Insp. Adam Gardner to the media. It’s hard to know where to start with that bit of nonsense. A number of charges in the Criminal Code apply in this case not in the least being in possession of a...

Integrity and courage symbolize VPD not racism

In his opinion piece  in The Sun on June 18th, Matthew Nathanson writes: "The existence of systemic racism is a fact. And if you have any doubt about its presence in policing, keep in mind that the national head of the RCMP and the president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, among many others, have accepted that as truth. But Canning apparently knows better. Which means leading police officials from across the country are part of a nefarious disinformation campaign to discredit themselves?" There used to be a lot of systemic racism here.  You could see it clearly.  It was as obvious as it was deliberate.  The Oriental Exclusion Act.  Asians not being allowed to vote.  The Komagata Maru incident.  At one time a scheme existed in the British Properties where property owners included a clause in any sales agreement that the purchaser undertook never to sell the property to a Chinese buyer.  Drive around the British Properties now and look at the demographics.  The Chinese have long understood that embracing victimhood in perpetuity is a loser’s game and the best revenge is living well. All of this was a long time ago.  Is there still systemic racism?  Certainly, and it’s just as obvious now as it was then.  Affirmative Action laws that mandate race-based hiring and promotion.  Admission policies at Harvard and Yales that discriminate against Asians.  The Aboriginal Sentencing Discount.  All based upon skin color and no matter what liberals tell you, there’s just no such thing...

Canadians not served by tight-lipped RCMP

There was a double homicide in Richmond B.C. this weekend. Both were shot. The RCMP at one point had the house surrounded and it is believed the suspect was in the residence. Was this a barricaded suspect situation? We don’t know. How did it end? We don’t know. We do know the two shooting victims were “laid out and stunned onlookers” according to a CTV News report.  Was it gang related? We don’t know. Was it a stranger shooting up a home in a residential area in suburbia? We don’t know.  Was it a domestic dispute? We don’t know.  The RCMP said there was no reason for the public to be concerned for their safety. But other than that, said precious little about what went on. We don’t even know if the suspect was in custody, although the circumstances seem to indicate that. But when asked the question by a CTV news reporter, she was referred to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Unit (IHIT). Conveniently, they didn’t respond to enquiries.  Social media was abuzz after the incident and the flimsiness of the RCMP’s released info which generated much speculation. Needless to say the speculation was not based in any known facts but it sprouted and grew as the weekend went on. Some of the speculation was the homicides may have even involved RCMP Members.  As I write this, nearly 48 hours after the RCMP received the call alerting them to the shooting, we still don’t have any details to stem the speculation no matter how wild...

Calgary Police officer who died in the line of duty laid to rest

More than a thousand Calgary Police Service members joined the family of Sgt. Andrew Harnett Saturday for a procession to honour the slain officer. A regimental funeral for Harnett was held Saturday afternoon and included the livestreamed procession following the service. (Calgary Herald)

This government overreach needs to end

I have spent the bulk of my working life in and around policing. Ordinarily, I would publicly defend the police — especially in cases of citizen journalism. I put context to what we are seeing and silence the baying hounds. (True North)

Calgary Police officer killed while conducting New Year’s traffic stop

A Calgary Police Service officer was killed on New Year’s Eve when he was hit by the driver of a vehicle fleeing a traffic stop in the northeast community of Falconridge. (Calgary Herald)

The OPP investigation into the RCMP has ramped up

Earlier this year, the Ontario Provincial Police conducted a criminal investigation into senior members of the RCMP on allegations of obstruction of justice – relating to the treatment of the RCMP officers involved in the arrest and death of Robert Dziekanski. (True North)

Vancouver Police pushes back against requested funding cuts by city council

The Vancouver Police Department could soon find itself in a dispute with city council. The VPD board submitted its 2021 budget proposal to the city this week, opting against a cut of one per cent requested by city staff, which would put the budget at $318.6 million. (CBC)

New report condemns RCMP, but what will change?

A report issued this week by former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache looked at the complaints brought against the RCMP by former members Janet Merlo and Linda Gillis Davidson. (True North)