Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Police dismantle organized crime network in Manitoba / Ontario

Police laid out heaps of cash, drugs and illegal cigarettes seized during co-ordinated raids last week on properties linked to organized crime in Manitoba and southern Ontario. (CBC)

Montgomery County police officer shot, killed on parkade roof

A police officer in Maryland died Monday morning after he was discovered shot in a parking garage just outside the nation's capital, officials said. The Montgomery County Police Department said the incident happened just before 9 a.m. in downtown Silver Spring, north of Washington, D.C., after the officer was investigating the report of a "disorderly subject." (Fox News)

Vancouver Police find IED during traffic stop

VANCOUVER - An area of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside was shut down for hours Tuesday as police worked to detonate an improvised bomb seized during a traffic stop. (Vancouver Sun)

When police are accused of racism facts don’t matter

An exhaustive report by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit last week cleared Toronto Police officers of criminal wrongdoing in the tragic death of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski-Paquet, who fell to her death from the 24th-floor balcony of her family’s apartment on May 27. (Toronto Sun)

New documents reveal police efforts to solve mystery of Toronto’s missing gay men

TORONTO - A dead body in a steam bath on New Year’s Day, a man claiming to be a cannibal, officers sneaking into a house and cloning computer hard drives and a GPS tracker secretly hidden by detectives on a suspect’s vehicle are among the tantalizing — but ultimately fruitless — early leads Toronto police chased in the years before Bruce McArthur was charged with killing eight men linked to the city’s gay village. (National Post)

VPD warn public of high-risk sex offender being released

VANCOUVER - Police are issuing a public warning about a high-risk sex offender who has been released and plans to live in Vancouver. Trevor Leonard Smith, 46, is a federal offender and is considered a high-risk to reoffend, according to the Vancouver police and the Correctional Services of Canada. (The Province)

More arrests possible as Hamilton police review video evidence

Hamilton police say more arrests are possible as they scour video evidence in the wake of a protest outside a rally by People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, which saw a number of violent clashes outside the event. (CBC)

Ex-Montreal Homicide Detective says police never had to spy on journalists

André Bouchard, a former high-ranking Montreal police officer, says that in his day, officers never would have dreamed of spying on journalists. "We didn't even have to do that. If we had a real problem back in those days, we'd actually go see the journalist," Bouchard told CBC Montreal's new podcast Montreapolis in a wide-ranging interview, as he reflected on his long career. (CBC)

Toronto police get it right stopping knife-wielding man

An assailant who was violently waving a large knife begged Toronto Police to kill him. “Shoot me, shoot me,” he demanded. Toronto Police officers, several of whom were chased at knifepoint, didn’t oblige. (Toronto Sun)

Alberta hiring staff for feasibility study of replacing the RCMP

EDMONTON - The Alberta government is looking to hire a contractor to study the benefits and costs of a proposed provincial police force that could replace the RCMP. Online job postings show the province wants the contractor to do a feasibility review of a possible transition from the RCMP to an Alberta Provincial Police Service. (Edmonton Sun)