Saturday, September 25, 2021

Police chase leads suspect to drop almost $1 million on highway during pursuit

Suspects in California stopped in the middle of a police chase to drop two cardboard boxes full of cash totalling almost $1 million dollars on the side of a road before they were apprehended by a police officer and their K9 partner named Beny.(ABC News)

Politics take priority over policing in John Tory’s Toronto

In an ideal world, politics and the police should be arm’s length. Politicians should not interfere in the business of policing. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth in Canada’s largest city. (True North)

Police dismantle organized crime network in Manitoba / Ontario

Police laid out heaps of cash, drugs and illegal cigarettes seized during co-ordinated raids last week on properties linked to organized crime in Manitoba and southern Ontario. (CBC)

Portland police arrest more than 100 over weekend

Portland police arrested more than 100 people during violent clashes this weekend, as the Oregon city passed 100 consecutive days of Black Lives Matter protests. (New York Post)

Rochester rocked by third night of Daniel Prude protests

Violence erupted on the third night of protests in Rochester against the death of Daniel Prude, with anti-police demonstrators terrorizing diners inside a restaurant and setting off what looked like fireworks near officers. (New York Post)

Integrity and courage symbolize VPD not racism

In his opinion piece  in The Sun on June 18th, Matthew Nathanson writes: "The existence of systemic racism is a fact. And if you have any doubt about its presence in policing, keep in mind that the national head of the RCMP and the president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, among many others, have accepted that as truth. But Canning apparently knows better. Which means leading police officials from across the country are part of a nefarious disinformation campaign to discredit themselves?" There used to be a lot of systemic racism here.  You could see it clearly.  It was as obvious as it was deliberate.  The Oriental Exclusion Act.  Asians not being allowed to vote.  The Komagata Maru incident.  At one time a scheme existed in the British Properties where property owners included a clause in any sales agreement that the purchaser undertook never to sell the property to a Chinese buyer.  Drive around the British Properties now and look at the demographics.  The Chinese have long understood that embracing victimhood in perpetuity is a loser’s game and the best revenge is living well. All of this was a long time ago.  Is there still systemic racism?  Certainly, and it’s just as obvious now as it was then.  Affirmative Action laws that mandate race-based hiring and promotion.  Admission policies at Harvard and Yales that discriminate against Asians.  The Aboriginal Sentencing Discount.  All based upon skin color and no matter what liberals tell you, there’s just no such thing...

Man dead, Mountie wounded after shootout on busy highway near Edmonton

LEDUC, Alta.- A man is dead and an RCMP officer has been wounded after a shooting in central Alberta ended in a police chase and a shootout on a busy highway south of Edmonton. (The Times Colonist)

Federal police clear Portland plaza as duelling demonstrations turn violent

PORTLAND - Federal authorities on Saturday forced demonstrators away from a plaza near a federal building as duelling demonstrations in Portland by right-wing and left-wing protesters turned violent.(New York Post)
  • Duelling Portland clashes shut down streets as Police try to manage chaos
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    Waterloo regional Police sergeant charged with attempted murder

    A Waterloo Regional Police sergeant has been charged with attempted murder by the Special Investigations Unit after a man was shot in Cambridge in March. (The Record)

    New report condemns RCMP, but what will change?

    A report issued this week by former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache looked at the complaints brought against the RCMP by former members Janet Merlo and Linda Gillis Davidson. (True North)