Wednesday, August 21, 2019

National manhunt on for Port Alberni teens suspected of murder

In a stunning twist to the Alaska Highway multiple murders case, two Port Alberni teens said to be “just out on an adventure” by one’s father have been named suspects in the double slaying and are the subject of a nationwide manhunt. (The Province)

2 B.C. men considered missing now suspects in three murders

Two lifelong friends previously reported missing are now suspects in the homicides of a young tourist couple gunned down in Northern British Columbia last week, as well as in the suspicious death of another man whose body was found near the friends' burnt-out truck days later. (CBC)
  • Nationwide manhunt ensues for two teens
  • Northern B.C. residents on edge as speculation of a serial killer runs rampant

    Northern British Columbia’s vast, untamed wilderness beckons adventure seekers, nature lovers and those seeking escape from the urban chaos. But in the past week, the roadside murders of a foreign couple, plus the suspicious death of a man found near a burning truck and the disappearance of two young men who were driving that truck have left residents in this remote and sparsely populated part of Canada on edge. (The Province)
  • 3 dead, 2 missing: What we know about the northern B.C. mysteries
  • Australian police inspector’s son one of two dead in double homicide in northern B.C.

    Australian police say a young man found dead with a young woman along the Alaska Highway in northern B.C. earlier this week is the son of a senior New South Wales officer. Police confirmed that the couple discovered dead on Monday are Lucas Fowler of New South Wales on Australia's east coast and his American partner, Chynna Deese, of Charlotte, N.C. (CBC)
  • What happened to tourist couple found dead on Alaska Highway
  • Foul play confirmed in Vancouver Island man’s death

    VICTORIA - Foul play was involved in the death of a Metchosin man and the crime was likely an isolated incident, West Shore RCMP say. (The Province)

    MS 13 members hacked up victim, cut his heart out

    LOS ANGELES - More than 20 MS-13 gangsters and associates have been indicted on federal charges of racketeering and murder for allegedly taking part in a violent Southern California crime spree that an indictment unsealed this week says included the slaying of one victim who was dismembered and had his heart cut out. (CNN)

    Founder of African American museum found dead in car trunk

    BATON ROUGE - The 75-year-old founder of an African American history museum in Louisiana was found dead in the trunk of a car in what police are calling a “heinous act.” (New York Post)

    Missing 22-yr-old found dead in field east of Edmonton, ruled homicide

    EDMONTON - The body of Kevin William Sim was found in a field Wednesday morning near the intersection of Highway 14 and Highway 21 in Strathcona County. An autopsy was completed and his death has since been ruled a homicide, RCMP said in a news release Friday. (Edmonton Journal)

    Vampire sex cult leader allegedly cut Tinder date into 14 pieces

    Sydney Loofe was looking for love. Instead, she found the Grim Reaper. The 24-year-old Nebraska woman’s body parts were discovered stuffed into garbage bags southwest of Omaha in December, 2017. (Toronto Sun)

    Edmonton man charged in 2017 killing of six-month-old baby

    A 25-year-old Edmonton man has been charged with second-degree murder for the 2017 death of his six-month-old boy, police announced Wednesday. (Edmonton Journal)