Saturday, March 28, 2020

Three dead, 4 children rescued in apparent murder-suicide

The Lakeland Police Department said it received a call at 5:30 p.m., prompting officers to respond to the house in under five minutes, said the local news outlet. In a statement, Capt. Ed Cain said the children are all under ten years old and were found inside the home when officers around at the scene. They are in “safe hands,” Cain added. (Breitbart)

Inside the RCMP’s cross-country manhunt for admitted killers

A ghosted girlfriend, a family home with guns and ammunition and french fries left scattered around a murder victim. These are some of the puzzle pieces that RCMP investigators tried to fit together last summer in the wake of three killings in northern British Columbia, and the ensuing cross-country manhunt for Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, and Kam McLeod, 19. (CBC)

Two gangbangers sentenced to a combined 155 years in prison for murder of 9-yr.-old

Two Chicago gang members have been sentenced to a combined 155 years in prison for the “mind-numbing” execution of 9-year-old boy four years ago. Gunman Dwright Doty, 26, was sentenced Wednesday to 90 years in prison for executing fourth-grader Tyshawn Lee, who was lured into an alleyway with the promise of a juice box in November 2015. (New York Post)

Thousands gather at funeral for slain Detective

They came by the thousands — officers from every police department in New Jersey, from Baltimore, Philadelphia and Delaware, among other states. The patrol vehicles lined Montgomery Street, their blue and red lights flashing, brightening what was a dark and dreary day in more ways than just the weather. (
  • AG Barr to attend funeral of slain NJ Detective
  • Cops who locked up Shafia killers angry over pass

    Providing a temporary pass from prison to a woman convicted in the honour murder of her daughters and their stepmom has outraged the cops who sent her away. (Toronto Sun)

    Woman, 2 children found dead in home in Pointe aux Trembles

    A two year old and a four-year old boy were found dead in a Pointe-aux-Trembles home along with a 42-year-old woman on Wednesday morning. (Montreal Gazette)

    Murder-Suicide in Brampton

    Peel police have identified the victim of a Brampton slaying as Sharanjeet Kaur after a 35-year-old man allegedly killed her and then took his own life on Monday. That man has since been identified as Navdeep Singh of Brampton. (CBC)

    Man pleads guilty to horrific fatal beating of Vancouver senior

    A man who was living in a Surrey recovery house has pleaded guilty to breaking into the home of a Vancouver senior and beating her to death. (The Province)

    Secret hearing for Crown appeal of Jamie Bacon murder trial stay

    Two years after a judge stayed a murder charge against Jamie Bacon, the Crown’s appeal got underway in a secret hearing before B.C.’s highest court on Monday. (The Province)

    Pennsylvania mom said her kids, aged 8 and 4, killed themselves, now she’s charged with murder

    When first responders arrived at Lisa Snyder's home in Pennsylvania on September 23, they found a horrific scene. Snyder's 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter were in the basement, hanging by their necks from a support beam, a probable cause affidavit filed with the court said. The children were in cardiac arrest and died a few days later, the affidavit said. (CNN)