Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Suspect arrested after two killed, five wounded in Old Town Quebec City sword attack

A suspect was arrested early Sunday morning in the historic district of Quebec City after two people were stabbed to death and five were injured by a man police say was dressed in a medieval outfit and brandishing a sword. (CBC)

‘Ambushed’: Two New Orleans police officers shot in French Quarter

A man riding in the back of a pedicab shot a New Orleans Police Department officer in the face in the French Quarter late Friday afternoon, as revellers began descending on the neighborhood to celebrate Halloween this weekend. (

How police confusion and a killer’s duplicity led to ambush

While hunting for a Nova Scotia killer who was masquerading as an RCMP officer, a real Mountie was inside his marked cruiser waiting for a colleague. Then he spotted a police car approaching.  Const. Chad Morrison was apprehensive. Was this his colleague or the rampaging gunman? He had a photo of the suspect with him, sent with an alert for officers to be on the look out for him. He knew the killer was dressed as a Mountie. (National Post)

Accused ricin mailer told border agents she was wanted by FBI: affidavits

“I made a special gift for you.” Those were the words found inside a ricin-laced letter addressed to United States President Donald Trump, allegedly mailed to the White House by a Quebec woman. (Toronto Sun)

Man accused of derailing NYC subway train

A man charged with sparking a catastrophic subway train derailment in Manhattan — and who also allegedly went on a bus window-bashing rampage earlier this month — exploded in rage at his arraignment Monday, screaming about a lost phone as a skeptical judge set bail at $50,000 cash. (New York Daily News)

Montreal woman accused of mailing envelopes containing ricin sent 9 in total

A Canadian woman arrested by U.S. authorities for allegedly sending envelopes of poisonous ricin to U.S. President Donald Trump has been telling the FBI where else she mailed toxic letters — nine in all — police say. (National Post)

Montreal driver arrested after 9 pedestrians, including 2 kids struck

Police in Montreal have arrested a 38-year-old driver they say struck as many as nine pedestrians in Montreal North on Wednesday. (680 News)

Cops not to blame for Saturday night melee in midtown Toronto

TORONTO - One of the men accused of attacking police at an Eglinton Crosstown protest Saturday just got out of prison last year after being sentenced to 10 years in jail for shooting somebody at a birthday party. (Toronto Sun)

Senator Rand Paul says he feared for his life during clash with BLM thugs

Sen. Rand Paul, who was surrounded by a rowdy group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington, DC, after the Republican National Convention, on Friday said he believed he could have been killed had cops not protected him – and suggested the troublemakers were hired, out-of-town thugs. (New York Post)

Seattle rioters used concrete to seal Police Precinct doors shut to ‘burn officers alive’

SEATTLE - Rioters climbed over a chain-link fence and set a fire next to the building.According to radio host Jason Rantz, the demonstrators then “used a substance suspected to be quick-dry concrete to seal shut door.” Rantz claims to have seen photos of the concrete and tools used. (