Canada needs relief from the Liberals

The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation joined with various other political activists and a few Conservatives on Parliament Hill on Saturday to protest high gas prices. Or, more accurately, to protest the oppressive taxes charged on top of high gasoline prices.

“Let’s work to ensure that consumer anger becomes voter anger and that this is an issue in the next federal election,” said John Williamson federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation at the rally.

Considering that taxes from all governments make up about 45% of the price of a litre of gas it seems to be a significant point that relief for consumers would best be provided if the leeches that masquerade as our federal government would back the taxes off even if only a little.

But Finance Minister Ralph Goodale threw cold water on that request when he said lowering taxes would only provide minimal relief. But the kicker is what he followed that up with when he said the money would be better used by Ottawa and poured into federal programs.

Really Ralph? Like what? Another Adscam? Perhaps an expansion of the Gun Registry?

This is exactly the attitude that underlines why this country is in the state it’s in. Why we’re the highest taxed country in the G8 and businesses are taxed higher here than in any country in the world save and except the Communist country of China for God’s sake.

This country needs relief from the Liberals and more of their “programs.”

Leo Knight

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  1. In an Ipsos-Reid poll approximately 1 week ago, 40 percent of Canadians said that they would vote Liberal in the next federal election. This despite the fact that the Liberal Party and their minority government have proven ties to organized crime and the fact that the Liberal government in power has been involved in the dismantling of our criminal justice system. Violent criminals are not going to jail and society is not being protected. Federal judges appointed by the Liberals have made irrational case-law decisions and our Charter of Rights gives rights only to a select few -namely criminals and special interests; and our very national security is being threatened as a result of Liberal government policies on immigration and national defence (check out the ‘SIDEWINDER’ affair).
    Yet, Liberal governments keep getting elected to Ottawa by Canadians – mainly in Ontario and Quebec. Voters still send Liberals to Ottawa, despite full knowledge of the facts; that the current federal Liberal party is the most corrupt and dishonest entity in Canadian history.
    Canadians as a whole are to blame for their country’s demise. Trudeau, Chretien and Martin did not force their way into power. If Canadians are so addicted to federal handouts and a so-called social safety net (ie. safety hammock)that they are willing to cast their votes for Liberals, then we can expect to see more of the same. More Adscams, more government waste, higher taxes and more carnage on our streets. Unless the average Canadian wakes up and smells the coffee right now, then there is no hope for this nation. Every drop of blood that Canadians have shed in the past in defence of this nation will have been in vain.

  2. I am becoming more and more aware that the answer may be a westren Canada that satnds apart from the rest of canada, much like Quebec satnds apart.


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