Atlanta shootings a tragedy, but not a hate crime

It’s been amusing watching the political left set their hair on fire over the Atlanta shootings.It must have been a hate crime they claim. After all, they were all Asians. Well except for the two found-ins in the wrong place at the wrong time, folks whom the left simply ignore.
Its embarrassing really.
First off, the Asians involved were the furthest thing from the outstanding citizens killed by a depraved killer. Well, he was nothing of the sort. He is a disturbed young man obsessed with pornography and sex in general with whomever he can get it.
The Asians killed were  . . how to be gentle here. . .ladies who give rub and tugs.
These shops are all over the place and yes Canada too. They’re a dime a dozen across Canadian cities.
Remember the sainted Jack Layton? His 2010 election for the Prime Minister’s job came unglued when he got found naked in one of these shops in the 700 block of Dundas Street in Toronto.
He tried to claim when the police came in on a child sex trafficking investigation he was only there for a shiatsu.
While standing, talking to a naked man the officer could barely contain his mirth.
Tip: if you are going to claim you are only in a massage parlour for a shiatsu massage, don’t get naked without a towel.
I don’t blame the women in these places.They are just trying to earn a living. Without English or marketable skills,  this is what they are left with. But, the blame the Atlanta shootings on a hate crime is just plain nuts. But what I expect out of the left. They haven’t been right about anything in years,
So why start now?
Was there anything more embarrassing than watching the press conference with the Atlanta police and the reporter standing in front of him demanding he say this was a hate crime? It’s a wonder the officer wasn’t covered with spittle following the presser.
In this country, with the exception of police conducting a sex trafficking investigation, police turn a blind eye to these places. And make no mistake, they are everywhere. And since prostitution is essentially legal in Canada, there is no point to them trying to bring a prosecution.
Should that be the way it is, well, that is the subject of a further debate which is not one I will get to in this piece.
But, suffice to say that the law and order types on the right have a strong position separate from that of the left.
One thing that hasn’t been talked about when discussing the Atlanta shootings and the subject of motive is brought up. Well,  here’s a thought, the subject was barred from a couple of these establishments and reacted badly. Much like a drunk who gets tossed from a bar and comes back with a weapon.
The suspect is not a good looking man. The most common reaction from females seeing his photo is the he’s creepy. And yes, I suppose he is.
Whatever else we may say about it, it was a tragic situation. No matter how many Happy Endings were given, this was not one.
But it was not a hate crime.
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