Another good cop held down

You’re kidding me! What, is the Winnipeg Chief Constable taking lessons from Calgary’s Jack Beaton? The story headlined on Prime Time Crime about the Staff Sergeant going from hero to zero for not telling some biker schmuck that some other schmuck said someone wanted him dead is another example of an out of touch chief making what appears to be a knee-jerk decision to avoid criticism and instead inviting more. Unfortunately, he seems to have hurt a good cop in the process.
Does Jack Ewatski actually expect that every time a cop hears some asshole in custody blows his mouth off about so and so “is a marked man” or “he’s gonna get it” or whatever nonsense comes out of their flapping gums, that the investigator has to go running to the guy and tell him what the jagoff said? Give me a break.
What’s with chiefs named Jack?
Quite apart from anything else, bikers, wannabee gangsters, wiseguys and pretty much anyone else involved in organized crime knows that somebody wants to kill them and pretty much, sooner or later, someone will. Or they spend they waning days in jail. It goes with the territory. And frankly, society doesn’t miss them when they get whacked from this mortal coil.

So, why destroy a good cop’s career over something like this? Unless there’s a lot more than meets the eye in what has been published in the media on this file, the Winnipeg Chief is doing a disservice to not only the member involved, but to the citizens of the community he serves.

And for what?

Leo Knight

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  1. Like your comments Leo. No wonder gangs are so free to run. With people like this running our Police Forces and the Justice System giving these crooks a slap on the hand for being naughty. One has to wonder where it will end up.

  2. Obviously we are only hearing one side here so far but your observation that these individuals are walking dead men is spot on. I have long questioned the rationale for warning one of them that his life is in danger (particularly when the veracity of the information may be suspect). All that does is throw fuel on the fire and the most likely result is a pre-emptive strike by the intended ‘victim’ further putting the public at risk. He also may well end up whacking some other perceived enemy who was not the subject of the information in the first place.

    Criminals know the risk when they get into this life-style. Let them live (or die) with it.


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