An affront to the brave


Being Canadian means having to accept stupidity disguised as political correctness.

I have spent much of this week on planes moving between Alberta and BC and back and forth. I was making my way at Calgary Airport to the baggage carrousal the other day and I watched a number of soldiers in battle fatigues clearing security on their way to the front lines of the war on terror being waged by extreme Islamist thugs against western democracies.

In the same week as an addle-brained spokesman for the Taliban claimed they were targetting Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan deliberately in order to have an effect on the current federal election campaign, I watched as our soldiers were being subjected to physical searches by CATSA security guards with names like Ali and Mahmoud. The female baggage screener wore a Muslim head scarf.

There was something wholly incongruous and hypocritical about what I saw.

I harbour no illusions about the efficacy of airport security in Canada. There is no doubt is it little more than an expensive pantomine to create the illusion of security for the travelling public in the post-9/11 world. But, really, couldn't we really add some actual effect to the illusion?

And I have to admit that it just pissed me off to watch a Canadian soldier who has been security cleared to a level the CATSA guard could never aspire to, being searched, in combat uniform, before getting on a plane to defend this country from the religious zealots who threaten the world and are connected by faith to the very guards supposedly protecting our flying public.

Never mind Sharia and the male dominance over the female of the species, how is it possible that political correctness can trump security in this day and age?

It's an an absolute mystery and an affront to those soldiers in combat uniform heading to a war zone who had to submit to the searches.

I was ashamed to be Canadian as I watched the scene. Unfortunately, it was not the first time.

Leo Knight

– Leo Knight on Blackberry

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  1. Mr. Knight,

    Being an ex-CF member and having to undergo the said searches on numerous occasions, I can sympathize with your comments. However, I must disagree with you for two reasons. One, the uniforms worn by the CF are readily available at most army surplus stores, so it’s possible that a terrorist could disguise himself and try to slip onto an aircraft. The second reason, has to do with a case about fifteen years ago down in the U.S. At the time aircrew’s carry-on baggage was not searched. Some pilot with mental problems took a handgun onto his flight, killed the flight crew, resulting in the plane crashing killing everyone aboard. Now the chance that a CF member would do something like this is, in my estimation, between slim and none, but still…

  2. The real issue is why we don’t have enough aircraft to ferry our troops around, if we did they would out\in processes at Cdn Forces bases and this would’nt be an issue.As far as transit in country that would be another issue and I don’t know how we would address it.

    The second issue is how well are these security screeners checked?

    I went through Calgary airport a short time ago and the fellow checking my items had a key ring/id lanyard hanging out of his pocket that was decorated with marihuana leaves, I suggested that rather then check my stuff that maybe we should be checking his locker/car/person for drugs, needless to say this made me very popular with his supervisor.

  3. I agree, we should have military transport for our troops, so that we don’t have to answer to any civies.

    When you’re driving a military truck, and are pulled over by police, if they want to have a look inside the truck, they can’t. They aren’t allowed to, they don’t have the security clearance. Military police has to be called in.

    Every soldier should be considered to be military property.

  4. As for uniforms being readily available, the kind available at those junk stores are crap, and it isn’t as easy to properly stitch patches onto it, anybody in the CF would readily recognize a uniform that isn’t real or is improperly decorated. They’d be better off not trying to look like a soldier and instead wear something that covers their face and body so you can’t identify them at all!

    Besides, you still have military identification.

  5. A very, very sad irony indeed.

    Today, also in Calgary, the CF buried Pvt. Chad Horn. This is a guy who was killed in the line of duty (in Afghanistan) 2 weeks before his tour was to end.

    This was a guy who had a tattoo on his body that said “For those I love, I will sacrifice”. I’m sure that statement also included his country as well.

    Yet, prior to deploying on his final mission several months ago, Pvt. Horn was probably subjected to the same type of embarrassing search as mentioned in this blog. This is not how a proud country should treat its most valiant warriors. The Management/Human resources branch of CATSA need to be smacked down a few pegs for this un-patriotic and hypocritical farce they call “airport security”. They should stick “Ali” and “Mahmoud” in a quanset hut in CFB Wainwright AB for a few months (to make them prove their citizenship worthiness)

    “Pro Patria”

  6. We’re behind you on this one Mr. Knight! It’s about time that one of our own white supremacist brothers stood up for what is pure and righteous when it comes to the protection of our brave troops and our Nation’s borders. It also pisses us off that our government allows or subjects our military men and women to such a level of degradation. It would be much more dignified to have them searched, if at all, by blonde haired, blue eyed, white Anglo-Saxon CATSA brothers and sisters by the names of Wolfgang and Daisy instead of those fundamentalist, head scarf wearing, women disrespecting, Islamist thugs! For all we know, she could be hiding an IED under that head scarf. Our soldiers should have unlimited powers to travel in and out of airports throughout the world concealing or openly carrying any level of armament they see fit. At least this way the illusion of national security will not be so elusive. It’s absurd and offensive to suggest that “Ali” or “Mahmoud” have any level of appreciation for what our troops have to face each day over there just to protect their freedom to even work at that airport. We should just round up all these extremist, hypocritical, war mongering terrorists and ship them over to Afghanistan where our brothers and sisters can BURN THEM HIGH on crosses and take care of them once and for all. Please join us and our front to protect our race from this and other forms of abomination before it’s too late. Let’s be proud to be Canadians once more!
    You call yourself a “security expert?” Is this how you so keenly picked up on this travesty?
    You’re true colors are showing Leo.

  7. I have rarely read such a pile of unadulterated bullshit in my life. Deal with the actual argument or go elsewhere. Name calling is so often the harbour of last resort for the loony left and here is yet another example.

    The point made was valid and has absolutely nothing to do with racism. This is not a race issue. It is a security issue and though the discussion may be uncomfortable, it is worth having. Well, at least it was until the last, and might I add anonymous, post appeared.

  8. I agree, this has absolutely nothing to do with race. You cannot ignore the fact that these extremists we are fighting in a war (yes, we are still a nation at war, remember?) are all islam extremists. There are extremists in nearly every faith, although I can think of none other that promotes death to nonbelievers of their faith. Because it is a religion, which encompasses many races, this is clearly not a racial issue.

    As for Leo’s statement about our soldiers being unduly harassed at our airports, it seems to be unfair profiling. If they were covert airport staff, this could be their way of fighting the war on “their fronts”. Whats this, a nailfile? You go to jail, soldier! A defeat for the enemy. Yes thats right, enemy. Islamist extremists are our enemy, remember? This is war, remember?

    Sure you can walk to the grocery store and enjoy your cabride home with your cellphone-talking cabdriver, and you wouldn’t even notice we are at war. Our schoolchildren barely even know we are a nation at war, our pro-liberal institutions don’t want to scare them about what war really is. Yet many people forget or want to sweep it under a rug, and wash their hands like its not their problem.

    When are we going to retool our factories to mass produce tanks? When are we going to have curfews and lights-out so they can’t target our cities at night? When are we going to globally disable citizen GPS? When are we going to have war in our streets? Is that what it will take to wake us up?

    We are at war, and statements like that reverse-racist-spewing ignoramus should be condemned, BECAUSE WE ARE AT WAR PEOPLE.

    Anybody with an inkling of extremist ideology should be rooted out and destroyed for the preservation of our nation and the preservation OF OUR VALUES. Our nation has been defined and carved-out by means of war, whether or not anybody chooses to admit it.

    Our enemies hide behind the general populace, and the general populace — even if they knew who they were — would harbor them and let them use them as human shields. They shoot at us from villages in Afghanistan and put women and children on top of the buildings they fire from so we cannot return fire. Pretty soon anybody who harbors an extremist willingly or unwillingly will become our enemy too. Many already hate the West and the war is creating extremists. Maybe they were extremists all along, but clandestinely.

    We already have a problem with people immigrating who bring their home problems with them, and want to make Canada like the country they fled from. Why not immigrate and assimilate and become Canadian? So now they say we have a problem with potential “home-grown terrorists” when in reality they didn’t grow to be that way here at all. They were nurtured to be that way like they were still at home.

    You don’t see us carrying a giant cross onto the bus and forcing people to help us carry it. You don’t see us wearing face-disguises in anti-war protests yelling “death to the infidels.” Disguising your face is supposed to be illegal for everybody else, on any day other than halloween. These are extremists in our midst, and they are ready to bring war to us in OUR streets the moment the word is given, but they are waiting for a moment when either they’re in all the right places and/or there are enough of them.

    As for pilots with mental problems, maybe we should be screening the pilots and flight crew regularly, because they are only screened once — when they get their license and are hired.

    Our soldiers are potentially screened during or after every debriefing after every mission. If a soldier is unfit mentally they treat them well.

    Our soldiers are defending our country as their first priority, while most if not all government employees in any position have their first priority at defending their job. Do these airport security staff equally screen all police or all other airport security staff as they do soldiers?

    If we continue on our path of changing Canada into everything Canada isn’t, then everything we see on the pro-liberal news will be here at home. You’ll see terrorists seizing schools, bus attacks, airport security intentionally letting terrorists onto planes, and then what are we going to do? Continue pointing fingers and arguing with ourselves?

    WE ARE AT WAR, so be vigilant, be patriotic, pay attention and stay focused.

  9. Even more pathetic…true patriots oppose this idiotic war and your constant calls for “Canschaus” indicate that you and your kind are the real enemy of Queen and country.Be careful-your blog has descended into actual(criminal) hate speech that will have to be brought to the attention of the authorities.

  10. Spot-on Leo. I recall a similar story at Sea-Tac a while ago where members of a military Honor Guard needed to access the tarmac to receive the body of a GI killed in Iraq. The TSA people insisted on a full screening including removing the medals from their uniforms. The Port Authority Police tried to intervene on their behalf but the inspectors wouldn’t budge. When the story broke there was hell to pay and apologies all around.

    How absolutely disgraceful.

  11. Canschaus? That statement is “anonyme Schmährede Scheisse.” Show it to your mama, she’ll care or agree with you more than the “authorities.” You can’t stifle and threaten freedom of thought.

  12. “Even more pathetic…true patriots oppose this idiotic war and your constant calls for “Canschaus” indicate that you and your kind are the real enemy of Queen and country.Be careful-your blog has descended into actual(criminal) hate speech that will have to be brought to the attention of the authorities.”

    SO, let me see if I’m getting this right. Someone makes a fair comment about the problematic security practices of CATSA at Calgary airport, and makes an effort to point out a hypocritical and potentially disgraceful practice being conducted against our country’s military personnel – AND THIS IS CONSIDERED “RACIST”, “HATE SPEECH”, AND “WHITE SUPREMECIST?”

    I am getting so sick and tired of these ‘politically’ correct morons playing the race card every time a point like this is raised as an issue.

    Are we now going to have to deal with some wing-nut like Richard Warman trying to get a section 13 hearing from Human Rights against Leo’s blog now too?

    “Hate-speech” my ass. It’s an opinion based on true observations – and makes a good point.


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