All bluster and spin

While sipping on a Sunday morning coffee, I just about spit it out over the infernal cat when I read the Calgary Sun’s “blow job” on that city’s Chief Constable Jack Beaton. ( Top cop to focus on gangs)
Quite apart from anything else, it seems quite disingenous for the Calgary Sun to refer to the tumultuous tenure of Beaton given that the paper has virtually ignored the main story in its entirety for the past eight months to a year.
It’s a funny thing really, a major metropolitan daily acting as though everything was fine and dandy in the city police service despite the majority of police officers expressing in a survey that they had no confidence in its management, despite a variety of criticisms against the senior management including formal complaints and civil suits filed against the chief himself.
The rest of the media in Calgary covered the bullying tactics of Beaton as he exercised extraordinary methods to silence the authors of a website critical of him. Once complete, then Beaton conducted a witch hunt to further silence people who had the unmitigated gall to email the website authors. The witch hunt even attempted to reach right into the office of the Minister of Jutice. But not the Calgary Sun.
It’s extraordinary really. And now they give mere mention of the sordid chapter in a piece extolling the virtues of the Chief as Beaton finally allows there is a gang problem in that fair city. That’s rich.
Calgary has had a “gang” problem for a number of years now. Ask any police officer. Indeed, ask any police officer involved in organized crime investigation in either Edmonton or Vancouver and they will tell you of the triangle of organized crime between those cities.
It’ s all about drugs and it’s all about the power and money that go hand in hand with drugs. To suggest, as Beaton does in the story, backhandedly, that the police will easily handle the problem is naieve in the extreme. To further claim that they will do it as they handled the Hells Angels is frighteningly ridiculous.
The Calgary Police Service merely won a battle in a much larger war against organized crime and the Hells Angels when they successfully concluded an investigation that resulted in the arrest of a few patches. The city expropriated their clubhouse and forced its relocation. That is all.
The war against organized crime is being fought on many fronts by many brave men and women. The gang problems that arise in all cities is merely a by-product of the bigger war. It needs to be recognized and fought properly and never trivialized.
I take no issue with elements within the media that want to support law enforcement. No one in the media defends the police more than yours truly. But, to ignore significant and substantial criticism in favor of lobbing softballs at a problem that grows daily is merely playing sap to the problem itself.
Leo Knight
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  1. In 2002, Chief Jack Beaton made a comment “there is no gang problem in Calgary”. This comment, to which Jack is now back-tracking on with his all personnel memo he sent to members of CPS a few days ago, was recorded by the local TV and print media back then. The recent Calgary Herald editorial (July 19) that criticized Beaton for his handling of the gang-situation and the “downplaying” caused the Chief to have a hissy-fit. Then, he drew up a memo that basically said “See? Look, we were doing things about gangs 10 years ago. See? Your reporting proves it. Look at your archives…”

    This latest effort by Jack Beaton to try and regain his lost credibility stinks of desperation. He is clearly not the right man for the job. Beaton does not have the slightest clue as to how to deal with organized crime in Calgary. He just got a dump-truck full of money given to him by the province and once again he is mis-deploying his resources. Calgary needs to put more front-line officers in high-crime areas to hammer these thugs; not create more special “gang-enforcement teams” that can’t investigate their way out of a wet paper bag because they are filled with the department’s athletes and buddies-of-buddies.
    Calgary Police needs to form better partnerships with other agencies, especially the RCMP, for intelligence sharing and learning. The typical attitude of “if Calgary didn’t invent it, it ain’t good” has got to stop. The spectre of gangs and organized crime will not disappear in the near future, we all know that. But, there are better methods for dealing with the problem, and the first thing is to admit there is a problem; then, give the frontline officer the resources and support to fight it.

  2. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, — it’s insult after injury and there seems to be no end in sight. I watched A-Channel tonight and low and behold the media were denied their FOIP request to reveal just how much Chief Jack spent in pursuing those evil website doers. The letter that the camera panned alluded to a cost of $430.00. You seriously have to be kidding me! Isn’t that Grant Stapon, Chief Jack’s lawyer’s, rate per minute????! Where’s the honesty, integrity and accountability here? Oh right, you don’t need those when you are Chief of Police apparently!

    M. King, the good (tongue and cheek) alderwoman stated that those costs are between the commission and the police department and must be dealt with “behind closed doors”. No doubt that weasel Burrows agrees.

    Will this nightmare never end? The unmitigated arrogance of our politicians, Chief Jack included, to shut us out after spending OUR money all because his feelings were hurt. Give me a break!

    Don’t be surprised, if and when the final figures are released, if it’s closer to a couple of hundred grand.

    Remember that when Jack hits the rubber chicken circuit begging for money AGAIN. I would be reminding him that SPENDING WISELY is part of budgetary constraint!

    Just think of what that money could have done for the men and women who police this city!

    Disgusted in Calgary YET AGAIN!

  3. It is interesting that the Calgary Sun (aka The tabloids of L.A.)is the only newspaper that runs articles on the Chief in a supposedly positive note. I not only spit out my coffee reading the said article, but totally fell off my chair in laughter.

    Hpoefully his granddaughter will not only learn to fish, but with GODS grace’s she will learn that white ser permise, deceit, and human hatred will never be tolerated in this world from this day forward, and not follow her grandfathers foot steps.

  4. what is blowing me away here(with gang related problems) is how the other day the judge threw out charges against two apparent gang members based on the fact that when the vehicle was searched by the cps members there was no search warrant enabling a legal search!!
    how are activities such as this good for anyone? is there a cop alive in the first world who doesn’t know he needs a search warrant??!!! look at all the resources wasted here. . .

  5. Calgarians should, by now, understand that the only thing that matters to the crooked politicians (yeah this includes you Jack!) ruling this city is the all mighty green back.

    if you haven’t noticed, money is diverted quickly to state-of-the-art devices like “photo radar” and “intersection cams” you know! the stuff that really cracks a whip at gang violence.what a joke!

    to put the cherry on top of the cake of corruption, it’s sad that i don’t know what the chief is making annually and that the deals have to be done in secret chambers or barbeques at the homes of these sleezy politians.How will we ever see trasparency in our police service if we’re not even allowed to see where our tax payer dollars are going?

    Jack…you really need to reassess what you’re doing to your budget.i think you should invest more of your monopoly money into your officers and ensure they have the resources to battle the rising gang problems and less on less on individuals selling hockey sticks!!

  6. I, for one, just cancelled my subscription to the Calgary Sun. They will never see another dime of my money.

    The media’s role, as I see it, is to keep the politicians, etc., honest. The Sun has been woefully remiss in their duty to us, the public.

    My new subscription will be with the Herald who at the very least had the integrity to provide to it’s readership the information as they found and allow us to make our own decisions on right and wrong. The Sun either sat in silence or obviously choose what they wanted to the reader to take away therefore removing any freedom in decision making. Shame on them! What can you say about a paper who’s key draw is the freaking sunshine girl?!

  7. What I find exceptionally interesting is the fact that what the CPS says their budget allocation is, differs from what the City of Calgary website says it is by about 15 million dollars (go ahead, check for yourselves). This poses the question of where Calgarians tax-dollars are being allocated once Jack Beaton recieves his annual budget from the police commission. It doesn’t take a PHd in economics to realize why Jack can’t get a grip on the gang problem in Calgary. Resources aren’t getting to where they are truly needed within the service. So where does all this money go that Jack just got from the province? Is it actually going towards gang-enforcement and fighting organized crime? I highly doubt it!

    As for the Calgary Sun’s pro-Beaton stance, the Sun seems to believe that by being pro-Beaton, they are being pro-cop and supporting a law-enforcement crime fighting agenda. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Beaton’s actions over the last few years have done more to hurt the police and crime fighting in Calgary than any mobster or “gangsta” ever has. How can you attack organized crime in a major Canadian city, when you have senior officers involved in a pyramid scam and others whose personal off-duty ties and actions are suspect?

    If the Calgary media were truly worthy of their role, they would do some digging and find the buried skeletons that exist. The facts are out there and ready to be reported upon their discovery. The journalists just have to grow some nuts and stop being so intimidated by Jack and his goons. Ask the tough questions. Start looking. They’d be doing every beat-cop a favour if they did – and a lot of big-time criminals would be scurrying for cover.

    Recent headlines of drug seizures, gang members being captured are all fine and dandy. Makes for a good PR blitz -for a day. But it can be deceptive when one considers the larger picture of what is happening in Calgary and what could be done.

    They should have tossed Jack when they had the chance.

  8. I guess Jack Beaton could only be pleased with the prospect of our legislators attempting to give police the authority to snoop into emails without having to get a warrant!Does this mean that when passed ol’ Jack won’t have to get an APO to snoop into my computer?

    In light of the above mentioned legislation apparently on the way, Rememberance Day should be terminated – the way our freedoms are in this country. And to really simplify things let’s just use the Constitution to start the camp fire. That way there can be no misconception about what we do or do not have as Canadians!!!

  9. I have lived in a few countries during my time but have spent most of my years in Canada and i’m ashamed to say that Canadians (including Calgarians) are too gutless to take on any body of authority.they are too gutless to stand up for their rights and fight the very people that are sucking them dry of money, rights and many other privileges.we can yell until we’re blue in the face but the people here, unlike other countries, are too scared to stand for anything.we get bent over and driven by crooked leaders of this country and still vote them back into office…DUH!! go figure!!

    Jack is just a uniformed jelly fish who needs the might of his political retards to get his job all my years i have not seen such a useless police chief!!

    the media here is a whole nother ball of wax.all you have to do is turn on CNN or other broadcasts in the US or around the world to realize that our media is spineless and can’t report on anything that will cause the slightest contraversy.i heard that the police services has provided them with scanner so they can listen in on what’s happening throughout the wonder they don’t challenge the police.they don’t want their little radios taken away by Jack or should i say their homes ransacked by the police looking to shut them up?

    what a sad little place we live in…….God Bless!!

  10. Looks like the Edmonton Police commission has more honest members than our own.If they think they have a problem with their commission and police force they should come take a look at Calgary’s.I’m willing to bet this experience would convince them to beg for their job back at Edmonton.I’ve kept up with all the scandalous activities within the Edmonton police service and i would dare say that they don’t have it as bad as Calgary.Just look at the actions of CPS chief jack beaton alone!

  11. Today’s Sun, September 10, 2005, Classifieds, Section 1399 Public Notice and Tenders

    Deloitte & Touche, LLP (“Deloitte”) has been engaged by the Calgary Police Commission to conduct an independent review of the Calgary Police Service public and internal complaint process. The review will assess:

    * accessibility
    * effectiveness
    * efficiency

    As part of this review Deloitte is seeking written submissions from interested parties in the complaints process. These submissions should outline:

    * accessibility to the complaint process
    * barriers to the complaint process

    Additionally, Deloitte is interested in all parties’ views as to the effectiveness, efficiency or failings of the complaint process.

    These written submissions must be received by Deloitte no later than midnight October 15, 2005.

    Please send your comments to the attention of:

    Brian Tario, Firm Director
    3000 Scotia Centre
    700 2 Street S.W.
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2P 0S7

    If further detail is required please contact Brian Tario at 403-267-1768 or by e-mail at

  12. Calgary Police Commission

    next meeting (public that is!):

    September 20, 2005 at 6:00pm Engineering Traditions room
    (city hall)

  13. On today’s Calgary Global News (channel 7), there was a good commentary about the real reason for Jack Beaton’s long overdue admission that – surprise, surprise- Calgary has a gang problem, and its not going away and CPS needs more money added to its 200 million dollar budget to fight gangsters.
    Steve Chapman is absolutely right. Jack’s defeatist and immature comments on the teley are motivated by an intent to squeeze money out of the province, so that Beaton can shut down more websites and crush his critics.
    As a CPS member, I can tell you for a fact that Jack is the most despised Chief in Calgary’s history. He appears to be losing some support from the lads on city council, too. The same sods that renewed his contract not very long ago.
    If Jack can’t make ends meet with 200 million dollars, perhaps he should pay his own legal bills and use the budget more wisely. But, given the state of the service nowadays, Jacko will no doubt squander the shillings he’s been given, before jumping ship and passing on the gang problem to his successor. “Please help us Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope.”

  14. I’m glad I’m not the only Calgary cop who feels this way about our flip-flop leader.Just watch, next month he’ll say “there’s no gang problem in Calgary!”

    If we want these gangs taken care of by Jack then perhaps we should get them to put up websites.

  15. Daryl Slade
    Calgary Herald
    May 12, 2005

    The court has directed some of the information still remain under seal, information which discloses the identity of the investigator and the techniques the chief is using to locate those anonymous John Does.”

    He said he could not “look into that crystal ball with any certainty” when the remainder of the documents would be unsealed.

    However, Beaton’s lawyer Grant Stapon earlier told the judge the chief wants everything to be made public once the quest is completed, but doing so now could jeopardize the investigation.

    “There’s no effort to hide what we’re doing, only to protect a live investigation and the investigator’s techniques of what he has learned,” said Stapon, adding a two- or three-month extension should suffice.


    And? When does this deception end?

  16. What it all boils down to is this: Calgarians don’t really care about what happens in the police force or with gangs, until it affects them personally (or their pocket-book). The average joe is the person that is supposed to put the pressure on their politicians, who in turn put the pressure on the police commission, who in turn have the ability to fire/hire the Chief and the senior managers and clean up the department.
    Chances are, Beaton could be a pathological liar and chances are, his administration is corrupted at certain levels and people are hiding things. Who knows. Maybe organized crime has even got its dirty fingers in areas of the service we don’t know about yet. But unless the average joe taxpayer is willing to push the politicians at all levels to ask the tough questions and make their voices heard, we can never know for sure – one way or the other – what state the police force is in. And, joe-taxpayer and joe-cop can expect more of the same of what they have been getting. Get ready for a crime explosion in the big city! Thanks Jack. Thanks joe citizen.

  17. You are so right!!

    Calgarians are more concerned about getting their loonie back from the shopping carts at grocery stores than all the BS that’s going on around them!

    I have made my phone calls and can’t wait for the documents to be released so we can see what kind of slimy tactics were used by the Chief of the Calgary Police Service against the website people!

    On the other hand,maybe I shouldn’t speek out…..I’d like to keep my computer.

  18. Calgary Coalition for
    Social Justice

    monthly meeting

    October 1, 2005
    noon to 1:45pm

    at the Old “Y” common room
    223 12 Avenue SW

    Everyone welcome

  19. I have to say thank God I was made aware of this site today!

    Our whole justice system is corrupt starting at the base; CPS, AB Justice, FOIPP and all the way to the Feds. I know they all have been written to. All the red tape with each entity was processed and all kinds of evidence was sent along; with all the energy, time, money and stress that goes with the process and to no avail, no real answers, just a bunch of no shows, no returned calls, cancelled meetings, many letters sayng nothing and a brush off. A very close family member of mine was killed by a one punch, consensual fight (one punch is a fight?). To this date, no answers as to what happened that night at “COWBOYS”. Initially that was all that was asked for, then saw and found out a whole bunch of lies, pass the buck etc…”I’ll wait and see what happens” Even though every step of the process was tried and tested; was very unsuccessful. This justice system does what they want, what they believe. Their minds are twisted I am sure because they can’t sleep at night for all the injustices they perform daily. (or are they getting big payouts from big corrupt empires around town?)I must say not all are corrupt, but I believe are too scared to say or do anything to make a difference. This observation is too bad, because I am sure everyone of the JUSTICE PEOPLE initially thought they would serve and protect the public. One final note did you know that the Federal Govt. stated in a letter that each province runs it’s own Justice System, that is why AB is the way it is; and from what I read the rest of the country; they can get away with it. And why do we have a Federal Justice System or a Federal System and pay for all of them, every dam one of them on the Hill?

  20. I have to say thank God I found this site today! Has a few more comments:

    In regards to payouts by corrupt entities…or do they the criminals have family in politics, police force, RCMP etc…

    NO assault charge was processed: in a comma the instant the punch took place; total life support system for 10 long unbearable days before passing away on Mothers Day! Were told by one of the detectives an assault charge would have been laid if my relative would have lived in a vegtable state. NOW THAT IS REAL JUSTICE!!! NEVER MIND THE CRUELTY OF THE COMMENT!!!REAL PROFESSIONAL!!!

  21. After leaving my last two comments, I have gone back and read some of the other comments here. Please don’t hold your breath about getting any answers from FOIPP about Beaton and the web site. They can now by our wonderful privacy act make you wait for 25 years!! Chances are most of us will be dead by then, maybe it will be a continuing news article, just like they will put you off by saying it is on going investigation and hasn’t been closed yet! GOOD LUCK, I will be watching for answers also.

    FYI our AB privacy act covers everyone in all Govt. levels and criminals, but nothing for the victim(s). Am sure that is why they(AB Govt.) were in a hurry to get it done by the dead line or we would of had to go under the Federal Act. I haven’t read it yet but am sure it is probably the same unjust document.

  22. We feel your pain. I hope you are participating in the Deloitte Touche initiative. The cut off is October 15th. Only when people get involved will change happen. This apathetic society is clearly part of the problem!

  23. Glad to hear you are making your voice heard. They have extended the deadline to October 31st. With luck they are getting good response. With more luck they will act with integrity in their findings.

    This abomination must be stopped. The abuse of power is so aggressive and so arrogant that it defies all logic and offends all sensibilities.

    I don’t get it. Why isn’t anybody doing anything about it? It’s obvious to me that people are leaving CPS politically regardless of the spin that it’s “retirement time”.

    This is an organization that is going to collapse under the weight of itself. There’s only so much spin to bide their time under.

    Wait for it. It will happen. Sadly at the cost of the taxpayer and victims of crime.

  24. “I’m interested in looking at the pros and cons of potentially getting muzzles for dogs in off-leash areas to protect dog owners as well as pets,” said Burrows, adding he’d want to see all the evidence before making up his mind.”

    Just a thought. How about you wear it for a month and see how that works for you!

  25. Thanks for the info on the deadline for Deloitte, my response will be in more detail!

    Up to 300 CPS retiring – from a good source the #’s may have been in the paper; not sure, hardly have time to read it, but eventually I do.

    The organization has collapsed as you know, the public that doesn’t know will know only when they have become a victim of crime and a victim of the CPS I have dealt with.

    I can’t understand how they can sleep at night!?

    Funny how the ME we had was fired, and the crown prosecutor we had was off on leave. Not sure why hopefully he is fine.


  26. The filth at the calgary police service will carry on so long as it is supported by spineless lolligaggers at sill hall.I am near retirement from this place and I cannot wait.The people are leaving because those idiots across the way just won’t ever get the clue and stop renewing the contracts of dillusional power mongers like Jack.I am glad to be finally leaving and glad to see the light at the end of this long treturous tunnel we call a police service.
    I heard that the only reason Jack had his contract renewed was some chicken shit excuse like trying to maintain public confidence in this place.give me a break.You would have to be deaf,dumb,and blind if you couldn’t see what is going on around here.I will never look back and no matter what Jack says.I’m not leaving to find more money.I’m leaving to find some piece of mind.Only a few more weeks!

  27. Politics aside, since it appears that only by collapsing in on itself will the truth be ever revealed over there, thank you for your service to me and the rest of the citizens of this deaf, dumb and blind city. At the very least we owe you our life long gratitute for your service to us and on our behalf. A sincere thank you from me to you.

    Sleep well with your conscience as your pillow. I hear that works for some.

    When a good man is hurt all who would be called good must suffer with him.

    BC 480

  28. Peaceful Demonstration Against
    Police Misconduct and Unethicial Police Behaviour

    October 27, 2005 5:30 to 6:30

    Main Library downtown

    Corresponding with the Law Society play regarding the Steven Truscott story.

    If anyone requires further info please contact the

    This domonstration is hosted by the Calgary Coalition for Justice and is intended to be a peaceful, all ages demonstration to provide an avenue in which to have our voices of discontentment heard.

  29. The Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership


    Dr. Bernard J. Shapiro
    Ethics Commissioner fo Canada

    “Ethics In Government – A Risky Business?”

    7:30pm Thursday October 27 2005

    Engineered Air Theatre,
    EPCOR Centre 205 8 Ave SE

    This event is free of charge. For more info or to reserve a space call 244 6666 or email

    This message has been posted by the Calgary Coalition for Justice

  30. Why isn’t anyone asking why the police service who reports they can’t afford to fight crime has so much money when it comes to hiding their deeds behind nondisclosure agreements?

  31. and why the private investigator that was used by the Chief to do the anton pillar order also happens to be an ex-partner of his..sounds like conflict of interest to me…

    and what about the judge who issued who also happens to have a daughter in law in recruit training (or did, probably on street now) with calgary Police

    what a tangled web we weave when yet we strive to decieve…

  32. Cop stands trial for ponzi scheme
    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Fraud – A preliminary hearing got underway in provincial court on Monday for a Calgary police officer. accused of bilking other cops out of their money.

    It’s alleged Staff Sgt. Kirk McCallum duped six officers out of their money in 2003 in relation to a ponzi scheme — where money from new investors is used to pay earlier ones

    There is a publication ban on any details from the hearing.McCallum, whose most recent posting was as staff sergeant for District 3, is currently on paid leave pending the outcome of the case.

    At the end of the two week hearing, Judge Gerald Meagher will determine if there is enough evidence for the accused to stand trial on the charges of theft and fraud over $5,000.

    In the meantime, Daryl Heiligsetzer — the other individual charged in the ponzi scheme — pleaded guilty and was handed a seven-year prison term in July.

    “There is a publication ban on any details from the hearing.”

    If this was Joe Smith in Corporate Calgary would there be a publication ban????????????????

  33. Why is there a publication ban? Who are they trying to protect? Or, what information are they afraid will be reported in the media?
    Are citizens allowed to attend the courtroom to watch? This publication ban seems very fishy. What logical LEGAL reasons could they have for a publication ban on this particular trial? And can it be lifted?

  34. Apparently, all prelims are subject to a publication ban. But, I don’t see Kirk getting off at the preliminary inquiry. Evidence is still evidence, and they wouldn’t have charged him if they didn’t have the grounds anyways. So, cheer up.


  35. Officer to be tried for alleged fraud

    Calgary Herald
    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    A Calgary police officer accused of bilking other officers out of their money has been ordered to stand trial.

    Provincial court Judge Gerald Meagher has found that the Crown has enough evidence against Kirk Lawrence McCallum to proceed on both the theft and fraud over $5,000 charges.

    It’s alleged the staff sergeant duped six officers out of their money in 2003 through a ponzi scheme, in which money from new investors is used to pay earlier ones.

    McCallum, whose most recent posting was as staff sergeant for District 3, is on paid leave pending the outcome of the case.

    In the meantime, Daryl Heiligsetzer — the other individual charged in the ponzi scheme — pleaded guilty and was handed a seven year prison term in July.

    McCallum will set a trial date in January at Court of Queen’s Bench.

    And so it goes…

  36. True fact Blogman.A criminal is a criminal is a criminal no matter how you slice it!The trial should prove to be quite interesting.The public should keep an eye on this one and attend court when they can.

  37. After reading the Herald Nov. 16,
    “Search for new top cop will be costly” one would almost come away with the impression that the Calgary Police Commission has actually developed some backbone!

    Could it be. . .

  38. He has been set over for trial in the new year. I can hear back ends slamming shut now, most notably by those who got thier money back!
    ( S/Sgt and above )

    We live in interesting times, more for some then others.


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