A Tempest in a Teapot


What’s with all the controversy about the “Own the Podium” initiative by the federal government? I mean, really, what’s the problem?

The feds kicked in 118 million of our hard-earned dollars in an effort to make our athletes at the Vancouver Winter Olympics more competitive. And the Olympians have done just that. As I write this, we have the same number of gold medals as the USA, a country ten times the size of Canada. Why the self-loathing and criticism?

Frankly, I don’t get it. It isn’t good enough just to compete despite the pablum served up to our kids in what passes for an education system in this country. Our kids are taught the very opposite of what they will experience in life by the panty-waisted, Casper Milquetoasts who control our education system.

In the real world everyone has to compete for everything. You compete for a job. You compete for new business. You compete to survive in a world full of sharks. Why would we teach our children that it is simply good enough just to show up? That’s not the world we live in.

The “Own the Podium” initiative is simply funding our athletes to make them more competitive in an extremely competitive world. It isn’t to be taken literally as some pundits have suggested. Clearly we could not shut out Winter Games powerhouses like the USA, Germany and Austria. But, we can certainly punch above our weight and that is just what “Own the Podium” is all about.

Vancouver has been a remarkable host to these Olympic Games. Despite the efforts of twits like the Olympic Resistance Network and the Black Blocheads, the throngs of people downtown have unleashed a sense of patriotism I have never seen before and have long wondered if it existed.

And, without meaning to digress, has anyone heard from Alissa Westergard Thorpe lately? she was ubiquitous in the run up to the Games and since the demonstrative stupidity of the Black Blocheads seems to have disappeared up her own rectal canal. Well, that’s fair enough I suppose. Despite all the media attention she is given, the next time she says anything intelligent publicly will be the first time.

At any rate, Vancouver has done a marvelous job of hosting these Games and our athletes have inspired a nation. The fact that the government has supported our athletes should elicit applause not criticism whatever they call the program. -Leo Knight

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  1. Leo, are you suggesting that peace officers do not require additional laws in Canada to create checkpoints, detain and search people in public places without a warrant or arrest?

  2. “the next time she says anything intelligent publicly will be the first time”.
    Leo, don’t Copyright that line, I would like to use it!!!!!



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