A second term?


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  1. i vote obama over romney any day. Romney doesn’t speak to me like Obama does. I feel like Obama has always been honest from the beginning-he has always said it would be hard and it would take more than 4 years to get things organized and moving. Bush put the US is so much debt; how can any president be expected to come above trillions of debt in 3 1/2 years?! Bush has left a huge mess for any president to clean up; he was the worst president in history; only a puppet for his Dad and dick cheney (who should be arrested on war crimes). HIs biggest mistake was going to war-he put war and anger to prove a point above his own country. THe states is falling apart because they have no money-all their money has gone to war and weapons. No good ever comes out of wars-just debt and death, sadness and holes. War is an old method of dealing with problems. Get with the times and find alternative ways in dealing with issues. They went to war for Sadam-he’s now dead. Oh then it was Osama. We’ll he’s dead too. Get out of there already! Its not your oil! Start using the environment for energy; sun, wind etc. Oil is out, its not sustainable. Anyway…Obama needs more time and he’s a calm and reverend like president-romney is old school. we don’t need that old, south attitude; been there done that.


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