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Daily I see press releases from various RCMP and municipal agencies. Most are routine and frankly, dull. But every now and then one comes across something, a story of the human condition that is wonderful.
Such is the case with this little missive from of all things a traffic cop, an occupation not ususally blessed with a sense of humour. I was once asked by a Sgt. if I would take a transfer into traffic. I politely declined telling him I simply couldn’t because my parents were married.
But, Cst. Chris Noble of Ponoka traffic Section in middle Alberta seems to be a rarity. Allow me to share with you, intact, his press release of earlier this week. No further comment required.
Leo Knight
On November 24 , 2006 at 1715 hrs Ponoka traffic Services received a complaint of an erratic driver South bound on the QE II near Ponoka.
The complainant stated the brown Oldsmobile cutlass he was following was weaving all over the road, tailgating, and cutting other motorists off.
The complainant supplied a license plate number and a subsequent police records check revealed that the registered owner of the vehicle was wanted by Sylvan Lake RCMP for failing to pay a $2875 fine for not having insurance on his vehicle.
Since the vehicle was not speeding the police asked the complainant if he could remain in visual contact of the vehicle and provide police with a play by play of its location. The complainant was happy to oblige as he would seemly be in his own version “To Serve and Protect” just with out the cameras.
With the assistance of Red Deer Traffic Services the suspect vehicle was located. After it was determined the driver was not impaired he was arrested for the outstanding warrants and whisked off to the Remand center. However not before receiving a ‘ Follow to Closely” charge and oddly enough another charge of “Operating a Vehicle on a Highway Without Insurance”. He will be appearing in Ponoka Provincial court on January 11 and chauffeured in a fully insured, customized, Provincial Sheriffs prisoner van from the remand center to the Ponoka Court House while serving his 60 days in custody for the unpaid fine.
The passengers saw his 24 flat of beer , less what he had consumed, poured out roadside and he received a $287 ticket for consuming in a motor vehicle.

Cst. Chris Noble
Ponoka Traffic Services

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