A F***ing travesty!

The aquittal in BC Supreme Court yesterday of Hells Angel Glen Jonathan Hehn is outrageous. Justice Peter Leask further outraged the public by using profanity during the closing arguments of prosecutor Ernie Froess. And not just profanity. He chose to defy logic when doing so.

Froess submitted that the locker where a large amount of cocaine was located had been rented by the accused, Leask said: “But to be really clear, he’d have had to have been out of his f. . .in’ mind to store it in his own locker, all right? I mean, that’s for sure he wouldn’t do that. Let’s not spend any time on that theory.”

Theory? One has to ask if Leask is out of his mind. Or perhaps someone got to him in a different way? Perhaps a suggestion was made to Mr. Justice Leask that caused him to defy logic in what should have been an air-tight case?

I don’t know and can only guess what caused Leask to acquit in this case. Whatever it was though, it resulted in a f***ing travesty of justice.

Leo Knight

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  1. So, is the Crown Prosecutor going to appeal this ruling, and file a formal complaint against the Judge to whatever governance body there is?

    Or, is the Crown just going to let this one “slide”?

  2. One can only hope that Crown will file an appeal. Anything less is inconceiveable to me. We shall watch with interest.

    One also wonders it the police will institute a criminal investigation to determine if Peter Leask has been threatened/ extorted or otherwise nobbled to do what he did.

    I have my own feelings about Peter Leask and I shall not share them in this forum. I think of the travesty of justice that he perpetrated as a special prosecutor in the case of child molestor Dr. John Gossage when he declined to prosecute and he clearly should have in my opinion. Leask has a history of being at the centre of travesty of justice cases. Funny how that works.

  3. This situation horrifies me. Someone in my close family circle is a Hell’s Angels sympathizer, and I’ve told them outright that the HA are nothing more than pimps, thugs, and drug dealers who come under one term: traitor.

    What is Leask? Wierd? Crazy? Under threat? Or is he sold out?
    Vancouver is full of people called “HA sympathizers” many of them in the administration section of the government, and the police department.

    If warlords like the HA and UN gangs have the power to compromise judges–what is left of our national system of justice?

    One has to wonder? Maybe one has to take a long hard look at what must be done, if democracy and justice are compromised by organized crime.

  4. I heard just a day or tow ago that the outburst was “simply a judge slipping into the vernacular…such slips are defendable”. BS is all I can say, in this PC world where us mere mortals can get fired for such ‘slips’, his conduct was and is inexcusable and frankly, not in the lublic interest. He should be asked to resign immediately and the case reopened.

  5. Dammit!Another dodgy police case thrown out-a obvious frame up thwarted!The judge saw through the crown’s numerous pathetic attempts to railroad a man to jail without proof-thank God for the RULE OF LAW. If it weren’t for judges like Leask we’d all be in chains.


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