A crass act

One wonders if a more disingenuous press conference has been held in recent memory than the one held by lawyer Don Morrison and his “victim” clients, Vancouver firefighter Curtis Mason and his smarmy son, Grant.

Yup, butter wouldn’t melt in that kid’s mouth now would it?

The Masons were in front of the cameras claiming they were just minding their own business when members of the Vancouver Police Department jumped them. The video clip posted to YouTube by a Seattle resident clearly shows a different picture.

In the video, we see three police officers engaged in what is called ground fighting with two men. And the fight is truly on. One of the individuals was fighting back against two VPD members and the other was one on one. The one on one battle is clearly going badly for the officer as they roll over a couple of times and the bad guy seems to be gaining the upper hand when Sgt. Keiron McConnell shows up and smacks the bad guy twice with his baton and helps the struggling officer gain control and hand cuff the offender.

Also in the picture are a few firemen just standing around looking on. They had been on the scene because the Masons were in a traffic collision with a building. Were they intoxicated? Late on Saint Paddy’s Day? Perish the thought according to the Masons.

When the police showed up, Mason the Younger allegedly pushed one of the officers trying to establish a cause for the collision where a vehicle hit a building. Late on Saint Patrick’s Day. Hmmm . . . what could he have been looking for as a contributing factor?

Apparently Mason the Younger didn’t like the concept of a police officer doing his job. Well, when push comes to shove, pushing a police officer is going to elicit a response that may, oddly enough, be a little unpleasant.

More often than not, it will result in you being put on the ground in a not so polite manner and being placed in handcuffs. You see, there is even a specific section of the Criminal Code that says you should not assault a police officer in the execution of his duty.

Now of course, the sanctimonious Masons did no such thing according to their statements at the press conference. No indeed, even when told of the independent civilian witness whose statement corroborates the version of events presented by the police. In fact, according to another witness, Mason the Younger got into it with a 60 year old man at the scene of the collision. Brave young man that he is.

But what this is really all about is the rule of law and order that the police maintain every day. When that rule is challenged, the police must meet that challenge. When an officer is investigating an incident which may have criminal behaviour associated to it and gets obstructed or assaulted by someone trying to obstruct the investigation, the officer has the responsibility to society to respond to that by way of arrest and charge.

We live by the rule of law and order. Challenging those who enforce that rule ought to be met with severe consequences. The Fireman and his yappy kid should have learned that lesson when their faces hit the concrete and the handcuffs were slapped on them. Given the nonsense they spit out in the presser yesterday, it is clear they didn’t.

Leo Knight

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  1. Firefighter Curtis Mason is a piece of shit; who raised a piece of shit son, Grant. The firefighters who stood by and indirectly assisted the drunken, violent Masons in attempting to injure the arresting officers are also PIECES OF SHIT!

    You see, there is another section of the Criminal Code that says “fails to assist a peace officer when asked/ordered to so so”. Of course, we don’t know whether or not the arresting officers did/did not request this assistance. But, there is also the fact that, when it came time for interviews and statements, the firefighters on scene claimed “we didn’t see anything”; when the you-tube video shows clearly that they did. I say charge them all for Obstruction and Public Mischief; AND fire them!

    I hope that Curtis Mason is convicted, goes to jail and gets fired from VFD (and hope his dirtbag offspring dies a horrible death in prison, as well). Curtis Mason’s accomplishment in life is raising a scumbag kid, who no-doubt learned his drunkeness, disrespect and criminal behavior from his old man (as evidenced by the behaviors of both in the video)

    I have lost ALL respect for the so-called “heros” of Vancouver Fire Department. From what I viewed on video, all of those bucket-heads in said video have disgraced a noble profession and deserve no accolades nor respect from the tax-payer. Piss on them all.


    Pissed-off taxpayer

  2. Dear Tunnel Vision
    Do you honestly think you can rate the quality of a polilce force (and a fire dept) that have served a community for well over 100 years, on a 1 minute grainy video clip. Cool your jets, and think about it: not every scene goes down like this, some better some worse. Some the firemen may be able to assist, some not.
    If you’re as bitter as you say, move to a different city!!

  3. Hmmm. . . well in the first place Mr. Anonymous, I have walked a beat in this city carrying a badge and a gun so no, I’m not going to “cool my jets.” What I said in my comments are bang on as I have had the circumstances described to me. I have certainly not based my comment on a YouTube clip. If you have anything intelligent to add please do. But have the balls to include your name.

  4. Leo
    The second post was meant to be addressed to the first “anonymous” post, my apoligies for not clarifying that.
    I agree with everybody having the right to thier opinion, but this man has gone too far. The “pissed-off taxpayer” seems to be just on a violent rant. Wishing the son a death in jail?? I could think of other criminals that deserve a worse fate than Grant will get. I think this person has some serious issues. HE, not you, is the one with “tunnel vision”.
    Hope this clears things up.


    “I agree with everybody having the right to thier opinion, but this man has gone too far. The “pissed-off taxpayer” seems to be just on a violent rant. Wishing the son a death in jail?? I could think of other criminals that deserve a worse fate than Grant will get. I think this person has some serious issues. HE, not you, is the one with “tunnel vision”.”

    -First of all, anonymous jerk-off, are you suggesting that that Grant Mason, who attacked a police officer, and endangered people’s lives by being a drunken idiot behind the wheel of a car, does NOT deserve to be treated like the scumbag that he is?

    Are you also suggesting that neither Grant or Curtis Mason, deserve to be punished to the furthest extent of the law – along with the other firefighters on scene who lied in their statements to police?

    I love the ‘waffing’ job you did when Leo challenged you on your points, and you backtracked into the argument “Its not you I’m mad at -its the other guy”, “That guy’s just on a violent rant”, “he’s got some issues”, blah, blah, blah. Nice job, coward.

    Yes, after viewing the video, as most taxpayers would be, I got quite incensed at the behavior of the Masons and the firemen at the scene. Curtis Mason is being paid by City of Vancouver and he behaves like that; and then he gets in the media and lies, as does his son – and how many cops got hurt that night? And YOU are suggesting we should “cool your jets”?

    I challenge you, mister anonymous, to examine the situation more fully, before you accuse anyone of going on a “rant”. Why should we not be incensed about this ? I would suggest to you, Mr. Waffle, that the Masons need to be held to very severe account for what they did that night, and in the days following. This a way more serious situation than you think it is. Should you expect anything other than outrage? Mr. anonymous, you are the one with some “issues”.

    I suggest you stop defending the criminals, anonymous. Hope this clears things up.


  6. To the idiot name caller:
    Can you tell me where did I defend the actions of the Masons, or the firefighters on scence? If you are in fact the “pissed off taxpayer” than you should seek some help. Leo responded to a post. I corrected what he took as an insult to him, but was actually an error in grammar. I’m not sure how you get waffling out of all that.
    They both got the beating they deserved. The police were doing their job. Nothing has come to light regarding the firefighters actions (or inactions) as I am yet to hear anything from FD management regarding this incident, or the PD for that matter.
    I’m glad that you are such a know-it-all, and you’re able to disect this incident like you were sitting on the front row. I have examined this issue beyond it’s full extend, thank you very much. Where you get your views about what I wrote is nothing but an angry rant. Grow up and get a life.


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