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Computer scams

Warning signs

Most active shooters don't just 'snap' and shoot up a school because they're mentally ill, according to a new FBI report.  Instead, future active shooters exhibit a variety of concerning pre-attack behaviours that friends and loved ones can identify days, weeks or even months before the behaviour results in tragedy.   (Global)  REPORT:   Pre-attack behaviors of active shooters   .pdf   Active deadly threat


Guilty plea

YORKTON - Ronald Fatteicher, 60, of the RM of Calder pleaded guilty to attempted murder and several other charges after bulldozing a house with people inside in July of 2017.  (CTV)  MORE:   5+ years 


Possible negligence

HALIFAX - Police are investigating the death of a 40-year-old woman for possible criminal negligence after her family raised concerns about her care at a long-term care facility.  Officers received a report from family members on May 23 that the resident of Parkstone Enhanced Care died at the city's QEII Health Sciences Centre months earlier.   (CTV)    MORE:   Police probe care home death   Criminal investigation   Bedsore death


Death getting digital makeover

OTTAWA - The path Canadians must take to inform their governments about a death in the family is getting a digital overhaul.   (CTV)  


Protesters calls in regulators  

TORONTO - Public Health didn't find any infractions at Antler Kitchen and Bar despite complaints about improper food handling after the owner carved and ate a deer leg in front of vegan activists.   (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Meat eating hero   Protest response


Auto body repairs

Aviva decided to investigate what happens behind closed garage doors using hidden cameras and private investigators posing as drivers.  They called it Project Bumper.  Aviva said it found a majority of the shops it investigated charged for repairs that weren't done and parts that weren't replaced. The insurance company calculated that the shops, on average, overcharged by 57%.   (CTV) 


Violent cities

LOS CABOS - After a dizzying rise in its homicide rate, the Mexican city of Los Cabos has been ranked as the world's most violent city, according to a Citizens' Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice report.  Caracas, Venezuela, ranked second, followed by Acapulco, Mexico, another of the 12 Mexican cities included in the annual ranking.  (EFE)  REPORT:   50 most violent cities in the world   MORE:   50 most violent cities   Canadian travelling advisories


Why Canadians pay more

In the old, pre-internet days, Canadian consumers didn't realize the extent to which they were being hosed, and the business sector could collude in peace, and the government could collect taxes and protectionist duties to its heart's content. It's easy to ask why our government spends a lot more to collect taxes and duties at the border than it actually collects.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:    Consumers need a backbone  study .pdf    


Free trial scam

As the US Federal Trade Commission has pointed out, the products used in subscription traps are largely irrelevant; the primary purpose, after all, is to acquire credit card numbers.   (CBC) 


Discovery Math, isn't

Only half of Grade 6 students in Ontario met provincial math standards this year, for example - and compare them to past figures (54% passed in 2013-2014, 58% passed in 2010-2011, 61% passed in 2007-2008) to show the trend is going in the wrong direction.  Similar trends in other provinces - Alberta and Manitoba, to name a couple.  Quebec, which has resisted the impulse to screw up its math curriculum boast the highest math scores in Canada.  (CBC)  MORE:   Curriculum revamp coming   Time to back away from Discovery Math fad    RELATED:   Parents need insurance to cover their children's schoolyard fights          

Law and order 2018

The Gallup polling organization's 2018 Global Law and Order report found that respondents from Latin America and the Caribbean were the least likely of any group in the world to feel secure in their communities.  (Insight Crime)  REPORT:   Gallup global law and order report 2018   .pdf 


Teacher charged in drowning

TORONTO - Jeremiah Perry, 15, was on a multi-night field trip in Algonquin Park when he went missing July 4 while swimming. His body was found the next day.  Nicholas Mills, 54, of Caledon, a teacher at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate in Toronto, is charged with criminal negligence causing death.  After his death, the Toronto District School Board said he and 15 other students on the trip of 32 kids had not passed a required swim test.  (Sun Media)  MORE:   Teacher charged  


National Park deteriorating

The 561-page report on Wood Buffalo National Park says industry, dams, climate change and natural cycles are sucking the watery lifeblood from the vast delta of northeastern Alberta's Peace and Athabasca rivers.  It was prepared after concerns were raised over the park's UNESCO World Heritage status and backs most of them up.  (CP) 


Road fatalities

TORONTO - OPP say a total of 343 people died on provincial roads in 2017.  By comparison, there were 307 deaths in 2016. (CTV)  REPORT:   OPP 2017 traffic data 


Pedestrian killed

TEMPE - A self-driving Uber car hit and killed a pedestrian Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona, police said, in what appears to be the first case of a pedestrian death caused by an autonomous vehicle.  (ABC)   MORE:   How did it happen?  


Pedestrian scam

VANCOUVER - A suspected scammer, a pedestrian, was caught on camera after allegedly faking an accident at the Metrotown mall.  The driver posted the incident to Reddit, warning about an 'ICBC insurance fraudster in Vancouver.'  According to the post, man allegedly knocked on the back of the driver's car. When she got out, she alleges he pretended to be hurt and asked if she wanted to call ICBC or 'settle.'   (CTV)


4 years

LONGUEUIL - Karim Jean-Gilles was found guilty of criminal negligence causing bodily harm after the Sept 2015 attack by 2 pit bulls left Vanessa Bironhe, 7, with severe damage to her face and cranium.   (CBC)   MORE:   Dog owner jailed


Resident violence problem

TORONTO - When Marketplace first examined the issue back in 2006, there was an average of 4 reports each day, according to provincial data provided by long-term care facilities.  A decade later, there were about 9 reports a day province wide, despite a fairly small increase in the number of residents - from 75,128 in 2006 to 78,000 in 2016.   (CBC) 


Creating anxiety

In Canada, children are inculcated on an upbringing of helicopter parenting, fostered by a regime of smothering government nanny-stateism.  Placing children in a state of fear and anxiety, however, will ultimately have long-term negative consequences for both the children themselves, and for society as a whole.   (CBC)   REPORT:   Legal age for leaving children unsupervised  .pdf


Surveying errors

Since the signing of the 1846 Oregon Treaty, the Pacific Northwest has been divided at the 49th parallel.  But problems quickly arose when British and American officials started dispatching bearded surveyors into the forest to figure out where the parallel actually was.  The bizarre result is that, more than 150 years later, Canada and the US employs a boundary commission tasked with maintaining an official border that rarely follows the true 49th parallel.  (PostMedia)


Splice and tape money scam

VANCOUVER - Criminals are splicing $5 bills to remove the holographic strips and add them to colour-copied $100 notes, making the phony seem less suspicious.  (CTV)    

2016 Census

OTTAWA - Feb 8, Statistics Canada provides Canadians with a first glimpse of the latest national statistical portrait with results of the Census.  The count tallies 35,151,728 who reported living in Canada on Census Day, May 10, 2016.   (Stat Can)

Over 35M

Seniors outnumber children

Age and sex, and type of dwelling data

Caring for aging parents

Toronto growth

Urban spread   


Aboriginal peoples 

Indigenous population up

Average Canadian is anything but 


Aboriginal populations gaining ground

2016 Census program releases

2016 census: education

2016 census: labour

2016 census: work

Commute times and times at work all growing

Forgoing retirement 

Latest 2016 census data

Immigration and ethnocultural diversity

National household survey

2011 income of Canadians

2011 Homeownership & shelter costs

National Household Survey  

Survey unreliable

Education in Canada 2011

Portrait of Canada's labour force 2011

Census update

Canadian population in 2011

Census by the numbers

Minimum wage = more tax money

While everyone's fighting over minimum wage stats and numbers, one option seems to have been overlooked: increase the 'basic personal amount' to reflect the standard of living. The BPE is $11,809 federally and varies by province, ranging from $8,160 in PEI to $18,915 in AB.  In ON, where the $15 minimum wage is slated for 2019, the BPE is $10,354. This means that the provincial government taxes all earnings over $10,354. (CBC) 

Social assistance

Campaign 2000

Campaign 2000’s 2017 report card

Feds to spend millions 

Cash for working poor, isn't  

Guaranteed income

Ontario’s pilot model

Federal spending 2016-2017 $287.2B

Taxes are the largest cost

Hike sticker shock

Quebec to increase minimum wage

Minimum wage a poor option

Hike blowback

175 new employment standards officers

Raise prices or slash benefits

Minimum wage hikes could cost economy

Teens, young adults pay

Assessing the impact of minimum wage increase


Playground shooting suspects 

TORONTO - Police have now identified 2 more suspects wanted in connection with the disturbing daylight shooting of 2 young girls.  The sisters, ages 5 and 9, were shot at a playground on Alton Towers Circle at approximately 5pm on Thursday.  Sheldon Eriya, 21, was arrested and faces charges including attempted murder.  Tarrick Rhoden, 23, and T'Quan Robertson, 23, are wanted for 2 counts of attempted murder+.  (CP24)


2 sought


Police ID suspects

Playground shooting suspects


Despicable act

2 young sisters shot     


Charges laid

HUMBOLDT - Truck driver Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, 29, is facing 16 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death and 13 counts of dangerous operation of motor vehicle causing bodily injury.  (CBC)  

Driver faces 29 charges  

Parents file lawsuit   

Improved testing and training in AB  

Prosecutors face a challenge 

Humboldt Broncos bus crash

16th death

Humboldt Broncos bios

GoFundMe $15M raised

What makes us 'us'

Hockey's safe place, wasn't  

CTV: Bus crash

Global: Broncos bus crash

Body misidentified

Trucking company has safety certificate suspended 


Charges dropped

OKOTOKS - A courtroom erupted in cheers and applause Friday as all charges were dropped against a man accused of firing shots at suspected thieves on his rural property in southern Alberta.  The Crown withdrew charges that included aggravated assault and firearms offences against Edouard Maurice at a court appearance.  (CP)  

Rural crime problem not going away  

2nd Okotoks trespassing suspect charged

Property owner shoots theft

Homeowner, suspect charged

No charges for owner

Gun fired during rural break-in

Rights you have to defend

Rural crime 'a meth fueled epidemic'

Like sitting ducks

Landowners are free prey

Removing statue

VICTORIA - The City of Victoria is set to remove a statue of John A Macdonald from the steps of city hall on Aug 11.  City Family's Witness Reconciliation Program - a group created last year to pursue issues of reconciliation with the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations - denounced the first prime minister of Canada as 'a leader of violence against Indigenous peoples.'  (Huffington Post)

 Statue removed  

Replacement plaque vandalized

Statue defaced in Montreal 

Legacy can't be erased

 Edmonton's Talus Dome art vandalized

 City of Vaughan says complaints led to cancellation


Queen's University

 Jordan Peterson

Angry racism

Thugs v thugs in Canada

Anti-fascist clash with police

Dueling protests

Tyranny of a minority

Limits on your right to hear

Removal not the only way

Buildings renamed, monuments fall

Should Mount Rushmore come down?

Ottawa teachers union wants name stripped

Statue wars

Context not shouting matches

Poster in BC schools


Antifa violence becomes problem

Foolish revisionism


Historical negationism  

Oral farts

A description of a thing is not the thing itself

General semantics

Interpol wildlife crackdown

PARIS - Nearly 100 countries took part in a globe-spanning crackdown on the illegal wildlife trade, seizing tons of meat, ivory, pangolin scales and timber in a month-long bust that exposed the international reach of traffickers.  (AP)   

Interpol news release

More junk science


Protected species, aren't

Species at Risk Act

Living Planet Report Canada

World Wild Fund for Nature

Phosphorus algae removal, didn't

Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative   

Illegal dumping


Everybody lies

People lie to friends. They lie to bosses. They lie to kids. They lie to parents. They lie to doctors. They lie to husbands. They lie to wives. They lie to themselves. And they damn sure lie to surveys. They want to look good, even though most surveys are anonymous. This is called social desirability bias.  People have no incentive to tell surveys the truth.  (Globe & Mail)

Moving company extortion

TORONTO - 2 families came forward to police with complaints against Green Moving, Ryder Moving and Landmark Van Lines, all based in Toronto.   When the families refused to pay the inflated fee, company representatives allegedly held their belongings in Ontario, and in one instance threatened to destroy their property if they didn't pay up.  Other victims are also being sought.   (CTV) 


Noise complaints

CALGARY - Calgary Airport Authority CEO Bob Sartor told city council that overall noise complaints were down more than one-third from the previous year.  2 people are responsible for 2,800 of those complaints - about 46% of the calls.  (CBC)      

Protect yourself

A police officer in Charlottetown is urging people to read The Little Black Book of Scams, a tool for consumers and businesses published by the federal Competition Bureau.   (CBC)  REPORT:   Little Black Book of Scams   .pdf 


Homemade explosives

MISSISSAUGA - A homemade bomb detonated in the Bombay Bhel Restaurant restaurant appeared to contain nails and other household items, police said, revealing more details on their investigation into an explosion that injured 15 people.  The search for 2 suspects continues, and one of them may be a woman.   (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Mississauga restaurant bombing   What we know so far 

Couple facing charges

TORONTO - Sukanya Panchalingam, 30, and Balasubramaniam Shanjeefkaran, 35, a married couple, one of whom had worked as a fraud detection agent at a financial institution, are facing charges in connection with a multi-million-dollar fraud investigation.  Police have arrested a total of 14 people.   (CP24)  MORE:   Fraud detection agent arrested 


Warrant for 3rd suspect

MISSISSAUGA - A Canada-wide arrest warrant has been issued for the third suspect accused in an unprovoked beating of a man with autism at a bus terminal.   (CTV) 

Unprovoked beating  

2nd suspect ID'd

Dhami turns himself in

Chahil arrested   

1 suspect identified

1 of 3 identified

3 suspects in beating  


Fatal pileup

TORONTO - A fatal pileup and subsequent fire that consumed some 14 vehicles closed a stretch of Highway 400 in both directions.  OPP said that 2 loaded fuel tanker trucks and at least 3 transport trucks were involved in the collision.  (CTV)

Absolute devastation

1,836 charges

OPP news release

2 dead, trucker arrested 

Truck driver ID'd

Trucker arrested

Commercial drivers

Truckers vows to work with OPP

Fatal truck crash 

Stolen license plate BC

VICTORIA - If your plate with the insurance decal is lost or stolen you'll have to report to police and also visit your Autoplan broker.  You'll need to: notify police, take the police case number, your insurance documents and your remaining plate to your Autoplan broker, and pay an $18 fee for new plates and a new insurance decal.  (BC Govt)


Stolen license plate AB

What to do if your license plates get stolen

Photo radar tickets sent out on stolen licence plates 

Firefighter charged

TORONTO - Police have laid 6 charges against a Toronto firefighter they allege lured people out of fire stations so he could rob them.  Toronto police say there were 3 such incidents they now attribute to Joshua Pittarelli-Bucks, 35, who has worked as a Toronto firefighter since 2006.  (CP)  

Firefighter pleads guilty

Firefighter charged

3rd firefighter changed

Arson charges

Volunteer firefighter charged

Junior firefighter charged

Teen clowns charged

OSHAWA - Police busted 3 teens in Oshawa for 'driving recklessly wearing clown masks and attempting to scare bystanders.'  So far this Oct, Durham Regional Police have responded to 31 calls regarding clowns.    (Sun Media) 

Business crackdown on clowns

2 clowns chasing people down Winnipeg streets

2 youths arrested

2 youths responsible for killer clown threat

Creepy Clown warning

Killer clowns in Canada


Creepy clown encounters

No laughing matter

Clowns defend their craft

Creepy clown sightings       

Man faces charges

TORONTO - Police said they responded to a call for a bomb threat on Aug. 13 at Bloor-Yonge station, where a man allegedly announced to the people on board a southbound train that he had a bomb and would blow up the train.  Jonathan Fox, 30, was arrested and charged with threatening death and two counts of mischief.  (Toronto Star)  

Man arrested  


Bomb threat shuts down schools in Nunavut

Faxed bomb threat

RCMP deem PEI school threat not credible

Evacuation reveals flaws in plan

5 separate bomb threats in Halifax area

Bomb threats are almost always hoaxes

Melted down

BERLIN - Police say they may have finally recovered the solid Queen Elizabeth II coin - in the shape of a melted-down gold bar.  The coin was stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin on 27 March.  German police have arrested 4 young men, aged between 18 and 20, after armed raids on an Arab mafia family - believed to be from Lebanon.  (Daily Mail)  


Big Maple Leaf

Security guard, others arrested

Coin stolen

Million Dollar coin

Beer throwing suspect

TORONTO - The man accused of throwing a beer can onto the Rogers Centre field during Tuesday's wild-card game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles denies he was involved, but police say they are confident they have identified a suspect.   (CBC) 

Social media mobs 

Throwing it all away

Guilty plea

Drinking beer out of a cup

Beer toss aftermath  

Charged with mischief  

No more beer cans at Rogers Centre

Beware of mob justice   

Like a missile

OTTAWA - According to OPP, the wheel bounced across 3 lanes of the highway before flying over the median and smashing into a cargo van, tearing most of its roof off.  The driver of that van, Gennadi Brianski, 50, from Carleton Place, ON, died instantly.   (CBC)  

Charges laid

Man killed by flying wheel ID'd

Truck tire kills woman

Woman dies of her injuries

Woman succumbed to her injuries 

Domestic violence laws change

Several high-profile crimes in 2015 shone a light on the scourge of domestic violence in Canada.  (Huffington Post)

Copenhagen Consensus

Conflict and violence  

Investigating plane crash

PETERBOROUGH - Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary, 20, of Markham, ON, was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport crash landed near the Landsdowne Place mall.  (Global) PREVIOUS:   Stolen airplane   Stolen plane crash   Pilot dead    

Deceptive pricing

OTTAWA - The Competition Bureau issued a statement alleging HBC offered mattresses and foundations sold together at grossly inflated regular prices and then advertised deep discounts on the sleep sets, suggesting significant deals for customers. (CP) 



CALGARY - Police have laid charges against a man accused of dismembering and trying to dispose of a woman's body,  although they say the victim's death is not believed to be criminal in nature.  The family has identified the victim as Joey English, 25.   Joshua Jordan Weise, 40, of Calgary, is charged with one count of offering an indignity to human remains.  (Global)   MORE:   Man charged with dismembering body   Man charged    

Serial board members

TORONTO - The 4 members took over the board at the Five condo on St Joseph St last summer. The 4 men controlled how the condo spent its $2.6M budget and reserve fund.  Ray Blanchard, Darryl McGregor and George Laczko - were elected to numerous condo boards in Toronto and Mississauga.  In many cases, the men were not registered owners of condos in these buildings and didn't live in them.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Condo clashes   Condo board 


Life quality

Canada's quality of life ranks just below the middle of a group of 16 similar countries, according to a new report from the Conference Board of Canada.    (CBC)  REPORT:   How Canada Performs 

Fraud at embassy

PORT-AU-PRINCE - The Canadian government has fired 17 local recruits from its embassy in Haiti after uncovering a system of fraud that cost the diplomatic mission $1.7M over 12 years.   (CBC)  


Unclaimed money

OTTAWA - At the end of last year, the Bank of Canada was holding approximately 1.8M unclaimed balances worth $678M. To find out if you have missing money, go to the Bank of Canada website, search for unclaimed balances and type in your name.  (Global)   

Annual car torching

PARIS - Vandals in France set alight 945 parked cars on New Year's Eve in an arson rampage that has become a sinister annual 'tradition,' amid a row over whether the government had sought to play down the figures.  (Telegraph UK)   PREVIOUS:   2015 - 940 cars torched    2014 - 1067 set ablaze     

Unclaimed dead

TORONTO - In Ontario in 2015, 361 bodies were unclaimed, more than double the number 9 years earlier.  Quebec shows a similar trend, with the number of unclaimed bodies increasing from 190 in 2007 to 367 in 2015.  (Global)      Pedestrian deaths

Canadian heist

RUSSELL - RCMP in Manitoba have posted a YouTube video of 2 men, one of whom is dressed in beer-league goalie equipment, who smashed their way into a vendor and made off with cases of brewskies.  (CBC)

Public mischief

MISSISSAUGA - The witness to the apparent abduction of 15-year-old Alyssa Langille, which sparked an Amber Alert, has been charged after police claim the event never happened.  Uzma Khan, 32, has been charged with public mischief.  (Toronto Star)  

Drone rules

CALGARY - Heading into the holidays, police know drones will be a popular gift this year.  They also know a lot of people getting them won't be familiar with the rules around flying above the city.   (CBC)   MORE:   UAV   Transport Canada rules   Charged for UAV misuse   

GTA theatres hit

TORONTO - A noxious substance similar to pepper spray was released at 3 separate movie theatres at the same time Friday night, sending Cineplex moviegoers scrambling.  The incidents happened at theatres in Brampton, Mississauga and Scarborough at around 7:20pm on Apr 22.  Cineplex is cancelling the remaining run of Theri, a film that was screening at the theatres.  (CP24) 

Simple test

A simple test at the age of 3 can determine whether children will grow up to be a burden on society.  After 35 years, the researchers found one fifth of the group was responsible for 81% of the group's overall criminal convictions, three quarters of its drug prescriptions, two thirds of welfare benefit payments and more than half of nights in hospital.  (Telegraph UK)   PREVIOUS:   80/20 rule 

Waiter wouldn't be charged

SHERBROOKE - A waiter who served salmon tartare to a man with a seafood allergy won't be charged with criminal negligence.  (CBC)   MORE:   No criminal charges    Waiter arrested     

Guilty plea to corrupting morals

EDMONTON - An Edmonton website owner who posted a video showing the murder and dismemberment of Jun Lin in Montreal has pleaded guilty to corrupting morals.   (CBC)

8 months

CALGARY - A pilot who pleaded guilty to being impaired while in control of a Sunwing Airlines jet has been sentenced in Calgary to 8 months in jail.  Miroslav Gronych's sentence works out to 219 days in custody.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Impaired pilot   Pilot passed out    Sunwing Airlines  

Journalists killed in 2017

A total of 65 journalists (including professional journalists, citizen-journalists and media workers) were killed worldwide in 2017.  (RSF)   MORE:    CPJ killed 2017   Wikipedia: 2017   RSF killed 2016  Journalists killed in 2015   CPJ Killed in 2015   Committee to Protect Journalists

Counterfeit gold bars

WINNIPEG - If you're in the market for gold bars, police are cautioning you to be careful. (Winnipeg Sun)

Home alarm installer accused

CALGARY - Only 4 provinces - BC, QC, NB and NL - require criminal record checks on employees or contractors in the home security industry.   (CBC) 

Accused of scamming

ALBANY - Christina Antonakakis, 29, Sophia Mikelakis, 57, Nora Apkarian, 42 and Anahid Apkarian, 61 are accused of being part of a larger criminal organization that was stealing money from people around the US.   (CTV)   MORE:   Grandparent scam    

Guilty plea

CALGARY - A Calgary man who once worked in military intelligence has pleaded guilty to firearms and explosives charges, after police found evidence suggesting he was planning an attack on a downtown Calgary skyscraper that houses a Veteran Affairs Canada office. (CBC) 

Teens face unsafe working conditions

EDMONTON - The Parkland Institute's report, Illegal and Injurious found that up to 70% of 12 to 14 year olds in the province are working in prohibited positions.  (CBC)   REPORT:   Illegal and injurious  


OTTAWA - Franck Gervais, 32, faces 2 counts of personating a public officer and 2 counts of the unlawful use of military uniforms.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:   Why people impersonate   

Family violence

OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says there were nearly 88,000 victims of family violence in Canada in 2013 - making up more than one-quarter of all violent crimes reported to police.  (CP)     REPORT:   Family violence 2013 

 Rehab clinic fined

TORONTO - The Ontario Court of Justice has found a Toronto rehab clinic guilty of participating in staged auto collisions and ordered it to pay $200,000 in fines.   (CP)    PREVIOUS:    Real money in staged collisions   

Death rate down

WASHINGTON - More of the world's children are surviving to their fifth birthday, but 6.3M still died last year, mostly from preventable cause. (AP)   REPORT:   Committing to child survival    Violence against children   Hidden in plain sight   

Religious children are meaner

Children from religious families are less kind and more punitive than those from non-religious households, according to a new study.  (Guardian UK)   REPORT:   Negative association with religiousness and children's altruism across the world 

Civil disobedience no longer working

There have been times and places where civil disobedience has changed the world for the better, there can be no doubt about that.  A study from the University of Toronto recommends that a change in tactics is long overdue for Canada's culture of activism, one that does not include civil disobedience, shouting, or getting angry at all.   (Huffington Post)     

Losses from natural disasters

UN - The global economic losses from natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, droughts and cyclones and have continued rising to reach an average of $250B to $300B annually, according to a UN report from the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.  (AP)  REPORT:   World threatened by dangerous and unacceptable levels of risk from disasters 


HALIFAX - A military judge also fined Lt Derek de Jong $5,000 on Tuesday, after the defence and prosecution completed closing arguments.   (CBC)   MORE:   Reprimand and fine   Desertion   Deserted after harassment 

Plane crash investigation

OTTAWA - The Transportation Safety Board says a deadly plane crash in Nunavut was an unfortunate combination of technical and human factors.  (CP)   REPORT:   Aviation investigation report A11H0002   First Air Flight 6560      

Top 10 scams of 2016

BBB's across Canada have been working diligently to bring you the most prevalent scams that targeted Canadians in 2016. (BBB)  PREVIOUS:   Top 10 scams 2014 revealed  

'Stigmatized' real estate

 CALGARY - The property listing for 11 Butler Crescent NW shows a "gem" of a house bookended by old trees and boasting a detached garage and handsome stucco-and-wood finish.  (CBC)     Dream home a crime scene

'Standard' forms

WHITEHORSE - A Whitehorse man is refusing to sign a form NorthwesTel presented to him that would release the company from liability if there's any damage from construction work the company is doing on his street.   (CBC)      

Home care study

OTTAWA - A new study by Statistics Canada has found the needs of many Canadians who require home care for long-term illnesses, aging or disabilities aren't being fully met. (CP)   RELATED:   High cost of dentist       

Kids forced to shoplift

WINDSOR - A Windsor man has been charged with forcing children to shoplift by threatening to kill them.    (CBC)    

Thieves target Lego sets 

Criminal gangs around the world are targeting a new and almost untraceable commodity - Lego.     (Telegraph UK)    

Restaurant charged

OSHAWA - Police have charged a Boston Pizza east of Toronto with selling liquor to an intoxicated person after it's alleged a man served too much alcohol at the restaurant was killed after walking into the path of a car.   (CP)  

Apparent robbery attempt

LONGUEUIL - A 32-year-old man was shot and killed in Longueuil after an apparent robbery attempt.  The altercation happened outside a bank on Roland Therrien Blvd around 1:30am Saturday.  (CBC)   MORE:   Man shot by guards    

Science goes wrong

A simple idea underpins science: “trust, but verify”. Results should always be subject to challenge from experiment. Modern scientists are doing too much trusting and not enough verifying - to the detriment of the whole of science, and of humanity.  (Economist)   MORE:    Sokal hoax   

Canada's #7

On the strength of a low murder rate and excellent access to education, Canada is the 7th most socially advanced nation in the world, according to a global ranking released Thursday.  (QMI)  REPORT:   Social progress imperative   Canada #4 in 2013  

Future leaders

A survey of Canadian universities shows more than 6,800 students were disciplined for academic cheating in 2011-12, a finding experts say falls well short of the number of students who actually cheat.   (CBC)    


GRAND PRAIRIE - RCMP will be charging 3 people in connection with a kidnapping and vehicle theft.    MORE:   3 to be charged   Amber Alert baby found outside rural home        

Booze-can raid

TORONTO - At around 4am, police raided the basement of 178 Bathurst St, while about 250 to 300 people were inside.  (Toronto Star)

Scam targeting immigrants

EDMONTON - The scam starts with a phone call from someone claiming to be from the CRA who speaks to the victim in Hindi or Punjabi.    (CBC)  

Distracted driving deaths

ORILLIA - Distracted driving crashed more deaths than impaired driving in 2013.  (News 680)    MORE:   OPP 2013 traffic statistics  

Violent crime cost

OTTAWA - Violent crimes in Canada come with a huge financial cost, to victims and to the justice system, says a Justice Canada report.  (CP)       

Jail for public mischief

CALGARY - A Calgary woman who tried to frame her ex-boyfriend by claiming he was an abuser, a stalker and even an arsonist is now behind bars.  Jessica Rogers was sentenced to 20 months in jail for the elaborate lengths she went to in order to frame Larry Tremblant.  (CTV) 

Spotlight on 'flushable'

OTTAWA - They're billed as a fresh, clean alternative to toilet paper - but waste-water utilities across Canada say personal wipes are creating putrid sewage clogs that are costing Canadian ratepayers at least $250M a year.  (CP)   RELATED:   Nov 19 = World Toilet Day 


TORONTO - Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment said 2 fans from Sunday's Toronto FC game will be banned from MLSE facilities for no less than a year after a vulgar confrontation with a local reporter.  (Toronto Star)


Not always illegal to yell FHRITP

FHRITP phenomenon

Employee fired

TPS will not charge hecklers

Calgary man fined $402 for yelling FHRIPT

Simoes apologizes

Unjust dress code

Enough is enough

Happy New Year

After a turbulent year marred by terror woes, Ebola outbreaks and a horrific series of airline disasters, many could be forgiven for saying good riddance to 2014 and gratefully ringing in a new year.  (CBC)  

Huffington Post: crime stories 2014

Mass murder in 2014


New legislation ring in the new year

BC rings in 2015 with rising taxes

CBC: 2014 in review

Global: 2014

Globe & Mail: 2014 retrospectives

Epoch Times: 2014 wasn't so great

Google: 2014 in search

Bars weigh in 

SASKATOON - Bar owners and bartenders in the province could be held accountable for the actions of their customers after a precedent-setting lawsuit was filed in SK last week.  The onus should still be on the person drinking and driving, rather than the bartender, since the legal limit has been lowered to .04.  One drink is over the limit now.   (CBC)  

Suing bars    

1 beer an hour policy

Drunk driving charges

No booze

Festival loses sponsorship

Parent finds musical connection

SGI settlement

Festival security

Festivals react 

Music festival bankrupt

This is fraud 

Festivalgoer died on birthday trip

Don't blame festival organizers

2 deaths linked to party drugs

2 pills possibly linked to deaths

Light on party-drug scene

Party drug primer    

Suspected drug overdose

Charges laid in festival fatality

Rejection of photo radar

MONTREAL - The Crown won't appeal a Quebec court decision that rejected evidence obtained from a photo radar machine.  In Nov, Quebec court Judge Serge Cimon ruled police didn't personally witness the woman breaking the law or check to see if the radar machine was functioning properly, making the evidence against her amount to hearsay.  (CP)    

Street racing laws unconstitutional

Stunt-racing law challenged  

Speeding ticket doubt

Speeding isn't stunt driving

Speed limits

Stop 100   

Hundreds file complaints

Speed limit enforcement     

Toronto is the winner

'Stunt-driving' grandma

ON to appear street racing ruling

NFL new policy

ATLANTA - NFL owners have unanimously approved a new national anthem policy that requires players to stand if they are on the field during the performance but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer.  (ESPN)

Statement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Trump: 'maybe they shouldn't be in the country'

 Civil rights groups protest at NFL HQ

Video of police use stun gun on NBA player

Trump tells Curry that visit is off

Trump calls for boycott of NFL teams

NFL Sunday protests

Trump's romance with NFL

NFL plots a careful path 

List of NFL franchise owners

List of NBA team owners

US anthem protests

Us vs them 

Trump's war with Black athletes

New political battleground

Media coverage hypocritical

Grievance filed

Colin Kaepernick

Dead last 

ESPN annual ranking

Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Raptors #74
Toronto Blue Jays #81

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Rogers Communications

Bell Canada 


BRAMPTON - Police said they were called about the gathering on Stanley Carberry Drive just before 10pm.  When they arrived to find about 2,000 guests, they realized they needed backup.  (CityNews)  MORE:   Police raid house party   Teen host said party got 'way out of control'   Aftermath   

Children into care

A Quebec court has ordered 14 children of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor into foster care, after the group fled to Ontario amid an investigation into alleged child neglect.  (CTV)   MORE:   Group in Chatham   Sect says it's being targeted    Shlomo Elbarnes


HALIFAX - A Chicago-area woman who plotted to go on a Valentine's Day shooting rampage at a Halifax mall has been sentenced to life in prison.  She will be eligible for parole in 7 years.  Lindsay Souvannarath pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit murder in a plan that would have seen two shooters open fire at the Halifax Shopping Centre food court in 2015.  (CP) 

Guilty plea

2 charged


Halifax mass shooting plot

Halifax shooting plot

James Gamble took his own life

Man found dead

Dead teen linked

Distinction between terrorists, criminals hazy

Crime Stoppers tip

Who are the 'Columbiners'?

'Nightmare Nazi'

Valentine's Day plot busted

Mass shooting plot foiled

Lawsuit tie goes to defendant

TORONTO - Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Morgan declared he is unable to determine whether the painting Spirit Energy of Mother Earth, bought in 2005 by Barenaked Ladies musician Kevin Hearn, is a true Morrisseau.   (Postmedia)

Kevin Hearn


Lawsuit allege paintings fake 

John McDermott

Norval Morrisseau   

List of stolen paintings

Van Gogh Museum

Paintings recovered 

Question of blame

LUNEBURG - The Groening trial, which began Tuesday in Lueneburg, Germany, raises searching questions about how far down the chain of command responsibility for the Holocaust extends. (Montreal Gazette)

Accessory to murder

Bookkeeper remembers

Oskar Groening

Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service

Nuremberg Laws

Aryanization of wealth

Auschwitz concentration camp

John Demjanjuk



OAKVILLE - After nearly 3 months of lax care at The Waterford, Dorothy Benson grew increasingly sick from the infection in her decaying skin and died in hospital from problems related to sepsis and dehydration, according to an Ontario Ministry of Health report. She died on August 24, 2013, at age 93.  (Toronto Star) 

Grandmother was being cared for

Spy cam nabs care worker

Overly complex legal agreements

Things to ask before the big move  

2nd bedsores death

McKenzie Towne

Weekly paramedic visits

DEEP RIVER - Several years ago, paramedics in Deep River, ON, came to the realization that most of their 911 emergency calls were coming from seniors living alone.   (CBC)  

Accused of poisoning

KITCHENER - Christine Allen, a Kitchener, ON, woman charged in July for allegedly poisoning 2 children, is facing new charges and now stands accused of poisoning an adult and 8 children.  (CBC)

Signals cause crashes

TORONTO - A Toronto study has found that pedestrian countdown signals cause more car crashes, backing up similar research released in April.   (CityNews)   

Stolen items recovered

EDMONTON - Over 2 days, 4 five-tonne trucks were filled to transport the stolen items from the home.  Jason Raymond Schell, 34, is facing 216 charges.  (CTV)  

Shrinking trend

Product shrinkage is not your imagination, according to UBC marketing professor Kate White. Grocery store aisles are filled with examples of the downsizing trend.  (CTV)  

Not guilty

TORONTO - A Toronto judge has found an elderly woman not guilty of contravening the Statistics Act by refusing to fill out her census form.   (Star)    MORE:   Acquitted   Protester acquitted   Audrey Tobias 

Criminally responsible

LONDON, ON - Greg Simard, 25, is mentally ill, but not ill enough that he didn't understand what he was doing when he beat and stomped on the non-verbal, vulnerable 12-year-old, and left him for dead on the grounds of the west London psychiatric facility on Sept. 9, 2012.    PREVIOUS:   Guilty plea

Death not homicide

WINNIPEG - An inquest has found the death of an aboriginal man during a 34-hour wait in a Winnipeg emergency room was not homicide and doesn't require a public inquiry.  (CP)   MORE:   Inquest report    Dead for hours   Death party self-inflicted   Sinclair was mentally incompetent 

'Corrupting morals'

EDMONTON - Mark Marek, who operated the Best Gore website, was arrested and charged with one count under section 163 of the Criminal Code.  (CBC)  MORE:   Website owner charged 

Bylaw wielding complainer

SCARBOROUGH - Armed with a clipboard, a measuring tape - and an encyclopedic knowledge of city bylaws - an unknown crusader is quietly stalking a neighbourhood.  (Toronto Star)

Domestic dispute

BLACKSTOCK - Neighbours identified the couple as Terry and Elita Kindree, both in their 50s. Police were called to the couple’s home on Crestview Ave at about 5:35am on July 29.  (Port Perry Star)  MORE:   Suicide, attempted murder

Conspiring to kill spouses

MELFORT - SK farmer Jim Taylor says he knew his marriage was in trouble, but he didn't at first believe Mounties when they told him that his wife was planning to kill him.  (CP)  MORE:   Pair charged with conspiring to murder spouses  

Diagnosing death

It starts with a neighbourly tap at the door. Then a question:  “Has there been a death in this house?”   “But when you count the dead, the dead count,” says Dr. Prabhat Jha, a key leader of the Million Death Study being mounted in various regions across the subcontinent.   (Toronto Star)  

Another new crime

OTTAWA - A bill that bans the wearing of masks during a riot or unlawful assembly and carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence with a conviction of the offence became law.   (CBC)   MORE:  Bill C-309   Party compromise turns bills into law   Panic triggers rise in facial recognition blockers   Mask  

Flood proofing rules

EDMONTON - The province has created new flood-mapping standards in the hopes of preventing future flood events in AB.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   2013 Alberta floods 

Overbooked payout

Air Canada passengers who are bumped from overbooked domestic flights are entitled to higher compensation, a federal agency has ruled.  (CP)

Photo-copier lease

EDMONTON - Credit Bureau of Canada Collections (Collect Cents) is demanding more than $66,000 from Changing Together - A Centre for Immigrant Women.  The Charity believes the debt was only about $6,100, and has been paid.  (CBC)

Lockdowns need rethought

TORONTO - US experts suggesting that it might be time to rethink that approach, arguing that lockdowns might actually be turning students and school staff into “sitting ducks.”  (CTV)   MORE:   Educator's School Safety Network

Surveillance going public

ST JOHN'S - Peter Petipas, manager of Monty's gas bar in Whitbourne, posted surveillance videos of people breaking in and stealing thousands of dollars' worth of cigarettes on Facebook in 2011.   (CBC)

More support needed

Caregivers could become collateral casualties of mental illness without a major change in the way they are supported, says a new report.   (CP)  REPORT:   National guidelines for system to support caregivers   

Assault arrest

CALGARY - Police arrested a self-described Freeman-on-the-Land after he had declared his rented property to be an embassy.   (CBC) 

Tenant arrested

Eviction order

Home declared 'embassy'


HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's acting ombudsman has identified several shortcomings in the way the province dealt with the case of a child who died after authorities were alerted to concerns about their well-being.  (CTV)

CDR final report July 2014   .pdf


Toddler identified

Daycare death

Working the system

VICTORIA - Landlords are calling for tougher enforcement after being taken for thousands of dollars by “professional” scam-artist tenants who never pay rent and work the system to delay eviction.   (CBC)

Block parent in decline

The iconic red and white Block Parent sign of a boy holding a woman’s hand was a ubiquitous feature of neighbourhoods across Canada only a decade ago.  (Globe & Mail)     MORE:  Block Parent Program  

Dentists treatment variation

TORONTO - Nearly every tooth in Theresa's mouth is in need of some kind of treatment if you combine all the recommendations of 20 dentists she visited.  (CBC)   MORE:   Money where your mouth is   Hearing aid pricing   Hearing aid subsidies vary

TTC heist

TORONTO - Commission chair Karen Stintz did confirm she was briefed about the robbery a week ago by TTC CEO Andy Byford.  (QMI)   RELATED:   Multi-Billion dollar transit plan moving ahead    ON rethinking Toronto's transit plan

More than 500 charges laid

OTTAWA - A 3-day crackdown by police on noise, drinking and other rowdy behaviour resulted in more than 500 charges.  (CTV)

'Illegal' liquor

CAMPBELLTON - RCMP have charged 17 people in a bid to stem the illegal importation of liquor into New Brunswick from Quebec.  (CBC)

Teens in stolen pickup

OSHAWA - A trio of Durham teens have been arrested after allegedly leading police on a short chase in a stolen pickup truck and hitting 3 pedestrians.  Police said none of the teens are old enough to drive.   (Toronto Sun)   MORE:   Vehicle chased by police hits 3 pedestrians  

Cost of flight disruption

LEDUC - A Calgary man who caused a flight from London, England to make an unscheduled landing in Edmonton will have to pay $4,000 in penalties and $15,200 in compensation to the airline.  (QMI)   RELATED:   Smoking passengers forced landing  'Smoking

'Rent to own' scheme

CALGARY - A Calgary couple is warning home sellers to beware of real estate rent to own schemes, where unlicensed agents offer to find buyers to rent or lease to own homes.  (CBC)

Deterrent a cash grab

TORONTO - Some Canadian car shoppers are getting duped into buying an expensive and ineffective car theft deterrent, says one automotive expert.  (CBC)

Deadly birth day

NAIROBI, Kenya - More than 1M babies die the day they are born every year, and the 14 countries with the highest rates of first-day deaths are all in Africa.  (AP)  MORE:   2nd highest rate

Shoplifting season

According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer in the US, an estimated $1.8B in merchandise was shoplifted from US retailers during the four weeks leading up to Christmas last year.  (CBC)  

Fraud charges

CALGARY - Police say that between January 2010 and January 2011, Lamin Krubally, 32, of Calgary, created 12 aliases at 13 different banks using fake government papers.     (CTV)

Acts of bravery

The Royal Canadian Humane Association presented medals to 26 individuals, in recognition for their exceptional acts of bravery in the face of danger.  (CTV)  MORE:   2011 Canada Bravery Awards

US demands

WASHINGTON - The US government has demanded designs for a 3D-printed gun be taken offline.  Many links to copies of the blueprints have been uploaded to file-sharing site the Pirate Bay, making them widely available. (BBC)   


Hype is overblown

Inventors realize their dreams in 3D

3D printing scarier than plastic guns

Defense Distributed


Canada's most dangerous woman

HALIFAX -  Melissa Ann Shepard, a woman dubbed the Internet Black Widow was released from prison, prompting police to issue a warning to potential victims - elderly men looking for love. (BBC)  

High risk notification


Watch out  

Internet black widow

'Black Widow' sentenced

Back behind bars

Police were asked to warn husband 

Marriage bill

VANCOUVER - An 82-year-old BC pensioner is on the hook to the government for $25,000, after marrying a Russian woman who left him the day after she got permanent resident status in Canada.    (CBC)

Helicopter pilot forced

SAINT-JEROME - A young helicopter pilot picked up a pair of passengers for what was supposed to be a routine weekend flight over the north shore of Montreal.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Helicopter jailbreak   Suspects facing attempted murder charges

8 girls arrested

LONDON, ON - 8 girls are facing charges in a bullying case at a high school in London.   (CTV)    MORE:   Bullying arrests  

35-year trend

Toronto’s middle-class suburbs of the 1970s have turned into “urban deserts” of growing poverty while the city centre has become an enclave for the ultra rich.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   David Hulchanski  

Link, isn't

In 2003 it was a breakthrough - the first evidence of a direct genetic link between stress and depression. The discovery made headlines. Since then, the original paper has been cited more than 4,000 times, with at least 100 research groups following up on that work.  But it wasn't true. That's the blunt conclusion after an international group of scientists pooled their data looking for that celebrated genetic link.   (CBC) 

NCR legislation

What does 'not criminally responsible' mean?

Victims' families, doctors divided on tougher laws

Empathy switch


Reporting in Brain

Psychiatric hospital violence

Violence up at SK psychiatric prison

Link between depression, brain inflammation 

Nudge experiment

OTTAWA - An experiment using nudge letters to coax Canadians in the underground economy to pay their taxes has flopped, highlighting the limits of this new approach to changing citizen behaviour.   (CBC)

Group social engineering 

US behavioral insights team document

US Federal nudge squad

Behavioural Insights Team

UK Nudge director named as What Works adviser

Nudge unit - has it worked so far?

Snake oil salesmen

Social engineering

Missing persons numbers

WINNIPEG - In 2015, 8,894 people were reported missing in the city - a 29% increase over 2014.  There were 99 'short-term' active missing persons with roughly 70% involving youth.  (CBC)  

Missing persons database

Missing persons

Child and Family Services

Reporting a missing person

Janitor accused

TORONTO - Police say they have arrested a janitor at Toronto's St. Joseph's College School after he allegedly cut a gas line in an attempt to blow up the school.   (CTV)    MORE:   Custodian charged

ID suspects

OTTAWA - OPS  are looking for the public’s help to find two men who spray-painted a swastika on a Canadian War Museum airplane in August.  (CTV)    

700 police visits

HALIFAX - 3 properties have been ordered vacated by a judge after Halifax police responded to them more than 700 times since 2008 because of complaints about illegal activity.  (CP) 

Dispute heads to court

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg homeowner is being taken to court by the city, for refusing to mow a city-owned boulevard located beside his property.   (CBC)

Province apologizes

TORONTO - The province has apologized for not telling family members organs have been kept for study after a loved one’s body has been returned following a coroner’s autopsy.    (Toronto Star)   MORE:  What to do with organs

Fatigue a killer

MONTREAL - Driver fatigue is the third leading cause of death on Quebec’s roads and the provincial government is looking to crack down on tired drivers.  Over 120 Quebecers were killed nodding off behind the wheel in 2011, injuring over 8,400.   (CTV)

Rioters charged

LONDON, ON - More arrests are expected after 15 people were charged, mostly with minor offences, in the London riot that tore up a neighbourhood near Fanshawe College.  

Rioters’ idea of fun a concern

How St Patrick's Day turned unlucky

Party turns violent

Partying turns violent

Fanshawe College

Insurance scheme busted

TORONTO - A complex and intricate insurance fraud scheme continues to be investigated by police north of Toronto, who claim that 65 people were involved in staging fake car collisions and filing false insurance claims worth more than $5M.   (CTV)  

Unpaid fines

OTTAWA - A letter of interest posted on a government contracting website shows 22,313 people owed close to $129M in unpaid fines as of March 31, 2011.  "The (Public Prosecution Service of Canada) requires the services of firm or agency specialized in collection services," the document says.  (CP)

More seniors than children

For the first time in Canada, there are more seniors than children, according to Statistics Canada.  The national statistics agency released its latest annual demographic estimates.   (CTV)

What makes Canadians proud?

Canadian Identity, 2013

Best places to die

Economist Intelligence Unit

Senior targeted

Seniors bankruptcy

Family violence in Canada 2010 

How Canada performs

Child poverty report

Poverty group report

Child poverty by federal riding

Campaign 2000

Report card

Canada #9

2015 Human Development Index   .pdf 

Human development index

Human development reports   

Canada slips out of UN's top 10 list

State of the world's children 2012  

Measuring child poverty

Tough on poverty, tough on crime

National Council of Welfare

Conference Board of Canada

Moose collision

WAWA - OPP say the collision happened about 15 kilometres south of Wawa when a vehicle struck a moose and crossed into oncoming traffic.  (CP)  

Park charged   Discovery Wildlife Park

Ice cream eating bear incident

Woman mauled by dogs

Death was preventable

Fined for moose riding

Moose riding charges laid


Moose rider under investigation

Antlers stolen

Advanced Taxidermy

Father killed by polar bear 

Car collides with moose

Motorcycle driver killed

Man kills grizzly bear in home

Moose collision

3rd person dies     

Mauled to death

Stray dog solution sought 

BC moose collision

Deer attack

Skunk causes crash

Fatal Moose crash  

'Thousand-pound rabbit on stilts'

Grizzly attack on Vancouver Island

More details emerging  

Moose collision

Moose death

Moose collision memory loss 

Whistler man attacked by bear

Bear attack

Collision compensation

NB drivers overpaid millions

2 dead after crash 

Python kills 2 boys

Python strangles sleeping boys

Autopsies to be conducted

Python pet shop had illegal species

50 illegal pythons seized

40 pythons seized from motel

Large seized python  

Family releases statement  

Dog attack linked to death

Co-workers tried 

Moose project

Kill 50,000 moose to curb crashes

Bizarre crash 

Bear collision   

Victims of moose crashes can sue

Polar bear shot in Churchill  

Moose danger

Bear killed in North Van

Dogs destroyed 

Moose related death

Bear killed elder

Woman complained about bears 

Leo inducted

An Ottawa dog is being inducted into the Purina Hall of Fame for his bark.  On New Year's Eve, Leo, a Biewer Yorkshire terrier, woke up his owner, Brittany Cosgrove, 26, to warn her about a fire that had started in her bathroom.  (PostMedia)

Becky Jo honoured    Skylar crowned 


Animal Hall of Fame 2014

136 dogs, 27 cats and one horse

Dog saves owner

Animal Hall of Fame

'Dangerous dog'

Pet rescuers charged

A Better Life Dog Rescue

4-legged heroes      

Report leaked

TORONTO - The deadly 2008 propane blast was caused by an illegal “tank-to-tank transfer” and a gas hose leak, according to a confidential report by the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:  Toronto propane explosion

Reason to fear trains

QUEBEC CITY - The Transportation Safety Board says there are troubling similarities between a recent fatal train crash in Ontario and another derailment in Quebec two years ago.   (CTV)  REPORT:  Rail report - 2010 - R10Q0011

‘Plucked out of the air’

LONDON - The Commons Science and Technology Committee is to examine the evidence behind current guidelines which say men should not regularly drink more than four units of alcohol a day (equivalent to two pints of ordinary strength beer) while women should have no more than three (a large glass of wine).  (Telegraph UK)

'Do not build'

TORONTO - After a 6-year battle that included appeals to the courts, the Ontario Municipal Board and even the UN, an elderly Brunswick Ave. couple will probably now be forced to demolish a two-storey backyard addition built without a permit.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:  Battle has cost city $500K, Tsengs $250K    

Fallen monument

OTTAWA - Gov. Gen. David Johnston delivered his remarks at the unveiling of the new Canadian Firefighters Memorial in Ottawa, a monument intended to pay tribute to nearly 1,100 firefighters who have died in the line of duty.  (CTV)  

Monument to fallen firefighters

The Fallen

Fallen firefighters honoured

Firefighters' memorial rises

Honour roll

Firefighter laid to rest

Witnesses shaken

Firefighter hit

Firefighter identified

Funeral draws firefighters  

Firefighter killed    

Thousands honour firefighters

Thousands gather  

Mourning firefighters  

9 firefighters honoured

Broken windows theory

If you saw $10 in an envelope sticking out of a mailbox, would you steal the money, or pop the envelope in the mail?  If there is graffiti all over the mailbox or lots of litter on the ground, you'd be twice as likely to take the cash, according to a provocative study that taps into a shady side of human behaviour.  It also lends support to the controversial "broken windows" theory behind crime and anti-graffiti prevention programs.    

Spreading of disorder

'Gaming' the system

TORONTO - 2 drivers reported aches and pains after their big Ford Econoline vans were struck from behind as they sat at stoplights, weeks and kilometres apart.  But the cost of assessing, treating and compensating the drivers was a world apart. One of the collisions took place in London, Ont., and the driver's claim cost his insurer $1,674. The second incident took place in Toronto and has cost a whopping $51,808 to date.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:  Insurers urge limits

Incidents increase

NEW YORK - The Anti-Defamation League is reporting a 57% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the US last year, the highest tally that the Jewish civil rights group has counted in more than two decades, according to data it released.  (AP) 

Youth arrested

Police arrest young offender


Desecrated 2 synagogues

Jewish teaching centre  

Blogger faces hate crime charge


Hate crime charge

Hate crimes rose by 67

Police reported hate crimes 2015

Hate crimes

Man charged, Concordia terror hoax

Toronto Islamic information centre fire was arson

York U condemns hate graffiti

Bacon prompts hate crime probe

Threats against PEI mosque

Police reject criticism

TORONTO - Police flatly reject criticism by former Attorney General Michael Bryant that police rushed to judgment when they charged him in the death of a bicycle courier in 2009.  Darcy Allan Sheppard had latched on to the side of Bryant’s convertible on Aug. 31, 2009, and was thrown onto Bloor St.  He died of his injuries.  (Toronto Star)  

28 seconds  

Michael Bryant  

Darcy Allan Sheppard

Charges dropped

Criminal charges withdrawn  

Spinning the 1st week

Deadly duel

Police had contact with cyclist

Signs can make streets dangerous

Bryant ordered not to drive

Crackdown on cyclists

Impaired driving cases

OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says police reported more than 90,000 impaired driving cases in 2011, about 3,000 more than in 2010.  (CP)

Impaired driving in Canada, 2011

Traffic congestion

Most dangerous vehicles of 2010

Nation Safety Council

New program

Roadblock tweets a problem for VPD

7,471 hit-and-runs

Speeding tickets increase

2010 top stolen cars

Gangs go for luxury  

11 charged in fraud

Traffic deaths drop

Impaired crashes

Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - An 18-year-old man has pleaded guilty in connection with a crash that killed a 47-year-old man last year.  Last December, the 18-year-old suspect stole a Hummer and went joy riding.  47-year old Zdzislaw Andrzejczak, a husband and father, died from injuries after being hit by the Hummer.   (CTV)  


Plea deal

2nd arrest  

Arrest made

3rd time for 16-year-old

Knockout arrest

AMITYVILLE - A 20-year-old Long Island man is under arrest and is expect to be charged with up to 7 counts of 'knockout' assaults that date back to April of 2013.



'Knockout' popping up all over

History of 'knockout'

Charges laid against swarming mob

EDMONTON - Police said that 460 charges had been laid against 32 youths and 2 young adults in connection to a series of crimes reported between Jan 2017 and March 2018.  The accused are between 13 and 18-years-old.   (CTV)  

Toronto teens charged in swarming robberies

Jam parties swarmings

Swarmings, personal robberies up

Dartmouth swarming


Dartmouth swarming 


Attempted murder

Hamilton mob swarming


Well organized 

Halifax swarming

2006 Crime Stats Analysis

Pair accused of stabbing

Swarming-type robberies

Police snare 'wolf pack'

9 charged in swarmings

Mob attack


Youth crimes rise

Swarming kids

Choking game

TORONTO - At least 79,000 elementary and high school students in Ontario say they've tried the choking game, a dangerous activity in which a person self-asphyxiates or has someone else choke them, a new survey of adolescent behaviour has found.  


ON student drug use and health survey

Choking game is killing kids  

Unintentional Strangulation


Travel warning

FREDERICTON - A man stabbed 7 times while vacationing in the Bahamas in 2010, wants to warn of the dangers of travelling south.   (Global) 

3 men cleared

Canadian warns of crimes

Dangerous cruise destinations    

May have fallen overboard

Canadian overboard 

Death at sea

Missing from cruise ships

International cruise victims

Beauty dies mysteriously on cruise

Passenger alerted ship security

Business of selling body parts

Is the human body sacred? Or is it a commodity ready to be chopped up and exposed to the forces of supply and demand? The answer is a matter of perspective. Our own body is a temple. But when we need a spare part, suddenly we’re surprisingly open to a transaction.  (Wired)  

'Cutter' guilty

Alistair Cooke

Ringleader pleads guilty

The organ grinder

How a body broker got away with it

US steps up inspections

Body snatchers tied to allograft firms

Police capture body gang

What was killing us in 1967

Addicted baby surge

TORONTO - The incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome, or NAS - in which a baby is born addicted - has skyrocketed alongside the epidemic use of legitimate and illicit opioids.  (Toronto Star) 

Pot busts bounce back

Border inspector arrested

Customs officer smuggling pot

Canada's growing marijuana problem  

Marijuana production in the US (2006)

Cannabis drug on sale in Canada

Nine Strikes - You're Out…Sort Of 

Prime Time Crime

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