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Officer shooting

WHITECOURT - 'A confrontation occurred as the officers approached the vehicle, which resulted in officers discharging their firearms. The man was struck and sustained significant injuries.'  The 31-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.  (Edmonton Journal)   MORE:   Witnesses wanted    ASIRT investigating   Suspect found dead  


Man shot by police ID'd 

GLEICHEN - Family members have identified Cavin Poucette, 26, as the victim of Thursday morning's shooting.   ASIRT is investigating the actions of the RCMP members.   (CTV)   MORE:   Family mourns man shot   Officer involved shooting   ASIRT investigating  


Fatally injured

WHITEFISH LAKE FN - A male is dead after being fatally injured by an RCMP officer at a residence at Whitefish Lake First Nation.  (Edmonton Journal)  MORE:   Confrontation with RCMP 


Off-duty Mountie killed

EDSON - The cyclist, who has been identified as Const Austin MacDougall, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Justin Lyle Jensen, 35, of Yellowhead County has been charged with impaired driving causing death and refusing to comply with the demand of a peace officer.  (CTV)  MORE:   Mountie dies    Mountie killed   Mountie from Aldergrove killed  


Police shooting

MORLEY - Ralph Stephens, 27, was fatally shot as police executed a warrant for first-degree murder charges in the death of Lorenzo Bearspaw, also 27, who was reported missing on Jan 3 by a family member.     (CBC)   MORE:   Suspect shot   Man killed during investigation   Man opened fire on police  


Officer charged

BOW ISLAND - Const. Elliot Teed of the Bow Island RCMP detachment faces one count of sexual assault and two counts of breach of trust stemming from the incident on Feb. 12, 2015.  (CBC)


Justified shooting

EDSONAB's police watchdog has determined a Mountie didn't do anything wrong when he shot a man in the head who fired a rifle at 2 officers on Dec 1, 2015 near Edson.  RCMP went to a home to arrest Mickell Clayton Bailey, 19, the lone suspect in the murders of a man, woman and teenage girl found in a rural Alberta home a few days prior.  (Global)   REPORT:   ASIRT investigation   .pdf      

Wrongful conviction lawsuit

MEDICINE HAT - Connie Oakes is suing members of the Medicine Hat Police Service and a Crown prosecutor after her second degree murder conviction was appealed and stayed.    (CTV)  


Driver charged

DEVON - RCMP have laid charges against Brent Allen Tchir, 53, in connection to a collision that left an RCMP officer in hospital.  Police said, has been charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle+.   (CTV) 


Ryan retires

EDMONTON - As Marianne Ryan looked out on a crowd of 300 officers gathered at RCMP headquarters in Edmonton to mark her last day as the top officer in the province, she made an appeal.  'The greatest honour that you could pay me going forward is to be kind and respectful to each other,' she said.   (CBC)   MORE:   Shean new commanding officer   Marianne Ryan  


Sheriff sues accused for $4M

CAMROSE - An Alberta sheriff has launched a $4M lawsuit against a woman who was convicted of assaulting him during a traffic stop 2 years ago.   (CBC)


Officer involved shooting

LETHBRIDGE - Following a confrontation, the suspect was shot by one of the responding officers.  ASIRT has now confirmed the teen, 17, took the knife from behind the butcher counter while in the grocery store.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   ASIRT called   


Officer charged

CARLYLE - RCMP said Ronald Patrick Makar was arrested at the Wood Buffalo RCMP detachment in AB, where he works.   (CTV)    



MA-ME-O BEACH - Months after a man was shot and killed by RCMP, as officers tried to pull over a driver in the Ma-Me-O Beach area, police have laid charges against 3 men.    (CTV)       


Province cancels funding

FORT MACLEOD - The province is calling it a difficult decision but announced that it has cancelled funding for a $122M police training college in southern Alberta.  (CTV) 

Defamation lawsuit

CALGARY - While it was it was completely within Insp. Cal Wiltshire's power to order the removal of CPS Det. Leigh Elizabeth Happner as lead search warrant instructor with the ASLET program, the suit claims he chose not to - instead casting aspersions on her integrity with 'baseless and false information' to her superiors.  (Post Media)

Female officer quits

Review unearths claims

Officer avoids penalty

Public pain

Widespread dissatisfaction

Workplace review CPS 2013

Calgary top cop on the defense, again

Formal complaints filed 

13 file complaints

Members file complaints 

Councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart had resigned 

CPS rocked by scandals

Officer resigns

Officer publicly quits

Bullied and harassed

City, police admit there is a problem

Bullied and harassed 

Review unearths claims

Rift on police commission

Chief's Facebook letter defends force

Police union vote

CALGARY - A majority of the members of Calgary's police union have voted in favour of allowing its president to continue to lead them while he faces charges of assault with a weapon and perjury.  The charges against Les Kaminski stem from an arrest in 2008 involving a man who was later acquitted, in part because a judge did not believe Kaminski and another officer were credible or reliable witnesses.   (CBC) 


Perjury charged dropped against union boss  

Union president charged

2 officers charged

Credibility questioned

President under investigation 

ASIRT investigation

EDMONTON - ASIRT released the results of their investigation into what happened on June 8, 2015.  That evening, Const Dan Woodall was among a number of officers who went to a west Edmonton home to arrest Norman Raddatz. Woodall was one of 2 officers shot when Raddatz opened fire. ASIRT's investigation found officers acted lawfully and reasonably as they attempted to arrest Raddatz.   (CTV)

Dan Woodall

ASIRT Woodall investigation  .pdf  

Police cleared  

We can all do something 

Historical murder conference

Secret murder

Move against access 

Officer shooting

Guilty plea from man shot by police 

Online help taking criminals off the streets

Photo radar under review

Paper terrorism

ASIRT investigating


Mountie charged

Mountie charged  

EPS cleared in taser death

EPS officer Fald charged 

Officer Bouwmeester facing assault charge 

In custody death

Attempted arrest

Friends identify suspect killed

ASIRT investigate

Officer stole from crime scene

Police shooting

Sayler faces more charges

Officer facing charges 

Savin identified

Police shooting

Locked and loaded

Man with firearm shot

Officer involved shooting

Facing charges    

In custody death

EPS to roll out body cameras

Mental health concerns


Drives up costs 

Crown should handle bail hearings

Alberta bail review   .pdf   

Bail review    

Check on mental illness help    OIPRD 

Charges after officers assaulted

Guilty 'of not using enough force'

Police shooting

ASIRT called in

Officer dismissed

Shooting deemed justified

ASIRT investigating

Officer shot

Police involved shooting 

In custody death

Assault charges


Police dismissals

26 months

Cops don't want to be lawyers

Crown need to attend bail hearings

Fundraiser for officers’' families  

In custody death

10 years

New guidelines

Look inside crime fighting

The Squad causing controversy 


Officer fired   

Man with a knife charged officers

No criminal charges  

ASIRT investigating 


Firing upheld

EPS calls for more ASIRT funding

Anti-violence plan  

Long term to tackling violent crime 

Homicide rate addressed

Edmonton on track toward record 

Police shooting

Use of lethal force under scrutiny 

Shooting justified

4 charged


Retired officer drowns

Police dog injured   

Police Chief steps down

Chief 'got the message'

'Speed on Green' tickets

Cop gets job back

Rob Furlong

Cop guilty

Tasered man dies

Assault charge

Injured man has died 

Going public 

Uniform updated  

Officer fired 

3 youths charged   

Dangerous driving

Judges throws out charges

Man dead after standoff


Contract renewed  

Ordered to re-investigate 

Chief ordered to probe takedown

Conditional sentence

Officers cleared 

Constable pleads guilty

Chief wrong . . .again

Man shot by police

Officer dragged by vehicle

Officer acquitted

Officer charged with assault

McCallum found not guilty

Police held to a higher standard

Officer to be tried for alleged fraud

Fraud mastermind jailed

Drug raid ruling upheld

Man shot by police

Man shot

Mike Boyd

Police Chief steps down 

Cop killer back behind bars

Cop killer released

Murder charge laid

Wife died of gunshot wounds

Policing shooting  

Full statement from Prosecutor  

Walking With the Devil

Court order not to own guns  

Police shooting in hostage situation

Not guilty

Trouble in Paradise 

Police shooting

CALGARY - Police said they were responding to reports of a break-in at a home on the 100-block of Penbrooke Close SE.  An officer shot a woman, who was declared dead at the scene.  A man was found to have been stabbed.  (CBC)

Female intruder shot

Officer involved shooting

More than 1 officer fired

Downside of creating nameless victims

Charges stayed 

Privacy Act

Officer stable

Officer injured

Man dies in hospital

Police shooting

Officer not guilty of neglect

Police shooting  

Police shooting

Police shooting

Othen gets 90 day sentence

Massart cleared

Officers acted reasonably

3 cops convicted

3 guilty of corruption 

Operation Cold Start

Reasonable response

Officer faces child porn charges

Child porn charges

Officer charged

ASIRT news release  .pdf

CPS use of force under scrutiny

Officer thankful 


Police shooting 

CPS member domestic charge

Officer Derrick not guilty

CPS Othen convicted

3 cops face charges

Officer involved shooting

Officer involved shooting

Suspect shot by police 

Shooting justified

Shooting determined to be lawful and justified  .pdf

Former officer charged with kidnapping 

Police shooting

ASIRT investigating

Police shooting

Criminal charges laid

Officer Phillips charged

Woman killed  

Woman shot by police  

Symptom of deeper issue  

Charges stayed 

Calgary Police #1  

Police shooting


Officer recovering

Officer hurt in mall attack

Officer charged with assault

Officer charged in domestic incident

2 unrelated officer involved shootings

Accused officer retires

Suspect shot  

New details  

Corruption investigation

Alleged misconduct

Officer involved shooting

Police incident

ASIRT investigates

Council approves plan

Sanjai Prasad identified

Criminal past   

Traffic fine revenue

No special treatment

Police shooting

Police shooting

Officers charged

Quest to root out sources

Chief clarifies memo

Criminal investigation

Officer wouldn't be charged

Deputy Chief under investigation


Promoted while under investigation

ASIRT investigation

Police shooting

Officer involved shooting

Members charged


Gunman killed after standoff

Suspect fatally shot 

Cop car collisions

Unmarked police cars in crashes 

Officer involved shooting

Officer involved shooting 

Observe, record, report

Be a Good Witness

Police shooting

Stepping down 

Extra security demands

Alison Redford

Ticketing as funding

Officer will not face charges


Attacker shot by police

Video of police involved shooting     

Police cleared

Shooting justified

Roger Chaffin

New chief

New chief  


Watchdog investigating

Calgary-Cross provincial electoral district

Cop charged

ASIRT investigating allegations

Police shooting victim  

Serious charges

CPS in violation of privacy act

LERB Decisions: Killian

Review Board shares shame 

Photo radar victims

Police notebooks

Police seek notebooks

Police shooting

Police shooting

Suicide by cop

NCR ruling

Arrest made 

Case hits close to home   

Officer charged

3 charged

Officers cleared

Officer charged

Officer identified 

Officer overpowered 

Known to officers

Stench won't go away

Botched raid battle

Shooting inquiry complete

Police sued

Police fail to investigate

See no evil, hear no evil

More charges

Officer justified

Pomp and circumstance

Long goodbye has worn thin

Officer cleared 

Officer charged

Cop sentenced

Prior incident 

Man shot and killed by police


CPS vs. Shah

Jack's last gasp

Jack's Folly

Calgary's strongman

Alberta Solicitor General

Chief goes to court

Police held to higher standard

Held to a higher standard

All bluster and spin

Judge orders documents released

Stampeding free speech

Police Censorship in Canada

Life in a police province  

Officer cleared

Shooting victim ID'd  

Unrevising History

King is Dead. Long Live the King

Commission needs transparency

Website attacking police boss

Police Chief furious over attack

Travesty of Justice plays out

Time to go for Chief under fire

Loyalty missing in leadership

Chief Jack ain't done yet

$5,000 to chief doesn't end fight

Police chief silences website critics

A commission in need of repair

Alderman won't back Durrant

Not guilty

WETASKIWIN - Sawyer Robison was facing attempted murder, assault causing bodily harm and weapons-related charges.  Constables Sheldon Shah and Sidney Gaudette were wounded while trying to search a farmhouse near Killam in February 2012.  Robison's defence lawyer has argued that it was Robison's uncle who shot the officers before killing himself.  

Found not guilty

Officers cleared

To protect and serve you

Suspect arrested

Arrest made

Police shooting

Man shot     

8 years

Uncle shot himself 

Youth, 14, charged

CALGARY - A teenager has been charged with maiming a police animal after a Calgary police dog was stabbed multiple times in the head over the weekend.  A 6-year-old German Shepherd named Jester was hurt early Sunday trying to catch the youth outside a Calgary school where officers were responding to a break-in.  (CTV)


Police dog going to be fine

Handler and city sued

Police dogs deserve protection

Police dog stabbed

EPS canine unit    


Assault charge

PEACE RIVER - RCMP said Corporal Mark Potts of Peace Regional RCMP Detachment had been charged with assault causing bodily harm.  The allegation said Cpl. Potts assaulted a prisoner while transporting him from Manning, AB, to Peace River.   (CTV) 

Woman dies in police custody

MASKWACIS - Police were investigating a domestic abuse report and say a 35-year-old woman was arrested and taken into custody around 11pm Sunday.  She was found unresponsive in her cell at about 3:30am Monday.    (CBC)   MORE:   Woman found dead in cell    


MEDICINE HAT - ASIRT has cleared RCMP officers of any wrongdoing in the fatal chase that ended in the deaths of 2 people.  PREVIOUS:   Police pursuit death    

Police shooting

GRANDE CACHE - A suspected impaired driver who was shot and wounded by Alberta Mounties has been identified as a regular character on the reality TV show Mantracker.  (CP) 

No charges

COLD LAKE - There will be no charges laid in a 2013 RCMP officer-involved shooting on Cold Lake First Nations.  (Sun Media)  

Mountie punched

SLAVE LAKE - A 39-year-old High Prairie, AB, man is in custody after an RCMP officer was attacked and his cruiser stolen in Slave Lake.  (CBC)      

ASIRT investigating

WHITECOURT - RCMP officers in Whitecourt were conducting a traffic stop just after 10pm when a driver sped away, hitting 2 marked police vehicles in the process.  (CBC) 

Police involved shooting

MORINVILLE - ASIRT have been called in to investigate after a man was fatal shoot by a RCMP member in Morinville.  (CTV)   MORE:   Police shooting 

Arrest made

SPIRIT RIVER - RCMP have charged Leonard Berry, 62, after a Mountie was injured in an alleged attack during a traffic stop. 

A wife's point of view  

Officer hurt

Suspect surrenders   

Review critical of RCMP

HIGH RIVER - A civilian review which has just been released paints a grim picture of the actions of the High River RCMP during the 2013 flooding.   (CTV)

Investigation into RCMP's response to 2013 flood in High River

2013 AB floods

Gun grab sparks probe

RCMP returns most guns  

Found NCR

Hundreds gather

Fallen police officer

Murder charge


Suspect perishes

RED DEER - Officers were called to a parking lot in north Red Deer at approximately 11:30am Friday following reports of erratic driving.  At around 1:30pm, the suspect vehicle collided with a tree following a crash involving a civilian vehicle.  The suspect, an adult male, was pronounced dead at the scene.  (CTV)

Crash while fleeing police 

RCMP cleared

Officers cleared

ASIRT officers' actions justified  .pdf 

ASIRT investigating

Imminent danger

'Excessive' force 


No charges

DRIFTPILE - A police officer who shot and killed a man last November will not face criminal charges.   (CTV)  MORE:   Driftpile 1st Nation    

Man shot by police

VEGREVILLE - A man was shot by Vegreville RCMP during a reported bank robbery on Christmas day.  (CBC)   Officers hurt in standoff


Officers cleared

ONOWAY - 7 months after Darby Mahon, 49, was fatally shot by RCMP officers in Onoway, AB, the ASIRT has found the officers’ actions were justified.   (CTV)  

Man shot by police  

Police shooting


GRANDE PRAIRIE - A simple traffic stop rapidly turned into a serious altercation that left a combative man Tasered by police and under guard in hospital.  Officers later found a sawed-off shotgun in the man's bag.   (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:   Suspect dies   Armed robbery suspect shot      

Gang crackdown

PORT OF SPAIN - Dwayne Gibbs, a former Edmonton Police Services superintendent who took the commissioner job a year ago in Trinidad and Tobago, has had to deal with imposing sweeping curfews as it takes on drug gangs.  Gibbs's second in command is Jack Ewatski, the former chief of police in Winnipeg.  (CBC)

New technology

The Prince Albert Police Service will be the first in North America to try cutting-edge technology for first responders.  Officers will use the Building Tactical Information System, which shows building layouts and floor plans on smartphones and tablets.  (CBC)  

Police shooting    

Mountie charged

Tim Goodwin's Letter

CALGARY - Whistleblower Tim Goodwin in a letter to Solicitor General Forsyth points out that the practice of conveniently ignoring problems for reasons of political expediency is an issue that should be properly addressed before further tragedy and unnecessary death occurs.   (Sept. 23, 2004)


Watchdog 'forgot' drunk report

Independent review sought 

Deputy Chief's memo

Cops accuse chief of ignoring racism


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