Gaétan Delisle, RCMP Staff-Sergeant and Staff Relations Representative with C Division, invites you to a press conference.



Thursday, July 30, 2009, 10 a.m.



Mr. Delisle denounces the fact that RCMP supervisors are ordered by management to refuse to cover RCMP members’ travel expenses.



Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Saint-Charles Hall

900 René Lévesque Blvd. W., Montreal




Frederic Serre

Information officer

Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association

Cell: (514) 688-5948


Gaétan Delisle

Staff-Sergeant, RCMP

Cell: (514) 916-4542




RCMP supervisors are being threatened by management, senior officer claims


Rank-and-file members used as pawns in conflict between management and commissioner


MONTREAL, JULY 30, 2009 -- RCMP Divisional Representative Gaétan Delisle of C Division is denouncing the fact that RCMP supervisors are being ordered by senior management to refuse members’ travel expenses – a situation that is fuelling conflict among the ranks and which could spark internal formal complaints, resulting in the waste of taxpayers’ money.


C Division’s interim commander has instructed all senior officers to advise his supervisors not to conform to a decision made by RCMP Commissioner William Elliott on May 16, 2008, in which he reiterates that all RCMP members are entitled to have their meal and travel expenses covered, as per the guidelines established by the Treasury Board. Regulation 74 of the RCMP Act clearly stipulates that members who travel while carrying out their duties are entitled to be paid for their travel expenses, according to the policies of the Treasury Board in all travel-related matters.


“It is unacceptable that senior management would order its supervisors not to apply a decision made by RCMP commissioner Elliott,” said Delisle. “Even worse, senior management is now insisting on maintaining its order, despite two decisions recently made by an arbitrator.”


Management’s decision has sparked a great deal of dissatisfaction among C Division’s rank-and-file members, who are only asking to be treated in a fair and just manner while doing their jobs, said Delisle, adding: “Let’s not forget that the current commissioner is a civilian who was appointed by the prime minister.”


“The members are sick and tired of being treated like this and of being used as pawns in the battle between senior management and the commissioner,” said Delisle. “The only solution for our members is to file complaints against their supervisors’ decisions. This situation only creates more conflicts. Let’s not forget that the process of filing a complaint costs more than $5,000 to Canadian taxpayers. We should also not forget that this money comes out of the RCMP’s budget, whose first goal is to fight crime.”


“This is nothing but a waste of taxpayers’ money,” added Delisle. 


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