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Dictator is a candidate

CARACAS - President Nicolas Maduro placed himself 'at the disposal' of Venezuela's PSUV party and the Great Patriotic Pole coalition as a candidate for re-election in the nationwide balloting that would be held in April.   (LAHT)

Election rubberstamps Maduro  

Sham election  

Why election boycotts are a bad idea   .pdf 

Democratic and credible elections impossible

Opposition approves indictment of Maduro

Capo de Capos new head of assembly

Diosdado Cabello      PSUV

National Constituent Assembly

Cabello denies $800M in assets frozen in US  

UN report: Venezuela - dismal human rights situation

US Treasury target   

Corruption in Venezuela  

Restructure foreign debt

Food riots

Execs arrested


Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan presidential election 2018

2014-2017 protests

Crisis in Venezuela


Canada sanctions 14 more

Current Canadian sanctions

Running out of water

Transport system collapses 

Latin America's richest nation continues to fall apart

Subway system can't afford to print tickets  


Mass exodus 

Thousands flee daily

Workers quitting a stampede  

Opposition in a rigged election   Henri Falcon

A candidate soldiers on

In default   Corpoelec  

4th hike in minimum wage this year

95% pay hike 

3 zeros gone


PDVSA to pay China's Sinopec   

China's Sinopec sues PDVSA

PDVSA gets another default from S&P

Latest magic thinking

Maduro creates Petro   cryptocurrency  

No strategy

Execs arrested   Citgo

S&P cuts more bonds to default   

Payment stuck by sanctions

Former top oil officials arrested   

General to run state oil company  


Crystallex International Corporation

Judgment in Canada


Solution for inflation

Shortages in subsidized food system

Possible ICC probe 

Lootings flare after Perez massacre  

Rebel cop killed  

EU sanctions 7 officials  

Ex-PDVSA officials charged

DoJ press release

Venezuela loses right to vote at UN 

Wannabe dictator ban opposition

Maduro bans opposition parties

More details on settlement


US Federal registers judgment for Rusoro

Another judgment against   Rusoro  

Rating agencies declare default


Debt restructuring

Beginning of end-game 

Commission named to re-negotiate debt


Money printing, production plunge hyperinflation

Tomorrow will be ugly


Venezuela sanctions  


Executions, forced disappearances 

Latest dictatorship step

AG removed

Constitutional Assembly 

Mine dispute settlement

IIO complaint

Vladimir Padrino Lopez   Nestor Reverol

Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez    

US sanctions more

Diosdado Cabello

Next Cuba


How a rich country collapsed

Civil war coming 


Sham election

Supreme Court  

Maduro appointments control the courts  

Luisa Ortega      

Maduro claims victory

Getting the vote    Smartmatic

AG links Maduro to Odebrecht

Fugitive says she has proof of corruption 

Opposition's unlikely ally 

White House announces new sanctions

Parliament repudiates Constitutional Assembly

Assembly declares itself all-powerful

Constituent Assembly unanimously approved Maduro

Growing dictatorship

Companies under siege

Dark times signal bright future for OC  

Goldman Sachs funding Maduro

Irresponsible deal 

Did Goldman just sell 'Hunger Bonds'?

Lloyd Blankfein 

Electoral authoritarianism

Opposition leaders taken away   SEBIN

Assembly a 'new coup d'etat'

Maduro seeks to expand his militias 

2016 person of the year   OCCRP

TSJ voids Parliament vote   TSJ  



Constitutional crisis 

Henrique Capriles

Court blocks probe 

US Treasury press release

US sanctions    

Venezuelans indicted  

US indicts 

Nestor Reverol     

Canadian company closer to $1.4B award

PDVSA profit disappears

Venezuela uses Chinese bank    

Venezuela fails to make court ordered payments 

Rafael Ramirez

Missing $400B

Worse than living in a war

Oil shock and economic catastrophe

Organized Crime Observatory

Nicolas Maduro   Cilia Flores


Venezuelans guilty in PDVSA bribery

PDVSA officials plead guilty in $1B bribe

Venezuelan parliamentary election 2015


28,479 homicides in 2016

State of emergency is constitutional

Maduro's allies stack Supreme Court  

Government staged coup

Into dictatorship 

Vladimir Padrino Lopez

Venezuela becoming the capital of OC

Life is undervalued and death overpriced 

Report issued (.pdf in Spanish)

Designated drug kingpin

Treasury designated

Venezuela 'supplies half of Britain's cocaine'


Hugo Chavez

Maletinazo (the suitcase scandal)


List of criminal organizations



Prime Time Crime

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