Biker Massacre


Saturday April 8, 2006



Shedden massacre  

Guilty verdicts for all

LONDON, ON - Wayne Kellestine, accused of orchestrating the plan to kill his fellow bikers, was found guilty of eight counts of first-degree murder. So were his co-defendants Dwight Mushey and Michael Sandham, a former Winnipeg-area police officer turned biker.  Frank Mather, a friend of Kellestine, and Marcelo Aravena, a prospect in the Winnipeg Bandidos, were both convicted of one count of manslaughter and seven counts of first-degree murder.  Brett Gardiner, an associate of the Winnipeg Bandidos, was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter and six counts of first-degree murder.  

Bikers fire lawyers

Macabre details

Bandidos MC


10-years ago


Pro fighter begged for his life

Sounded like popcorn

Gunshots, then witness entered barn

'Major changes'

Tensions simmered emails reveal

Biker laughed

Accused a monster  

Property searched

Illness nearly saved victim

Trial shifts away from grisly photos

Small town tries to forget

'El Presidente' ousted bikers

Mass murder nothing new in Canada

'There might be some problems'

Bandido lawyers seek reduced charges

Accused invited bikers to his farm


THE DEAD: No Surrender Crew

Jamie 'Goldberg' Flanz, 37, of Keswick, a Bandidos prospect. A friend says Flanz became mixed up with the wrong people, and was tight with patched member Paul Sinopoli. The friend last saw him at 5:30 p.m. Friday leaving home in his Infiniti FX3 wagon. The friend later recognized the vehicle in media reports from the scene, and recognized the man in the open rear hatch of the wagon as Sinopoli. Flanz, who once worked as a bouncer in a strip club, was investigated by Durham police in December, after the body of another friend was found in a wooded area of Pickering.

George 'Pony' Jessome, 52, full-patch member of the Bandidos. Thought to be a lesser player, the tow-truck driver had cruised Toronto highways for the past several decades looking for accidents. "He lived on the Gardiner Expressway, picking up fish," said one towing source. The Newfoundland native had been with Superior Towing for 10 years and was living in a truck. "The guy's been working the highway all his life," said a source. "He's a good worker, wouldn't harm a fly, but he would show up at accident and ... play tough. Try to intimidate."

George 'Crash' Kriarakis, 28, of Toronto, a full patch member of the Bandidos. According to sources, he was a tow truck driver, too.

John 'Boxer' Muscedere, 48, of Chatham, full patch Bandidos member.  Believed to be the Canadian president. He's been riding since he was 16 and was a former member of the Loners Motorcycle Club. In 1999, when the local chapter's new clubhouse was causing a stir, he told a Chatham reporter: "We're Loners. We get along with everybody." He said he joined for the camaraderie and that his father was helping to fortify the clubhouse. Wayne Kellestine, then president of the Loners chapter near Dover, was also facing weapons and murder conspiracy charges.   

Luis Manny 'Chopper' Raposo, 41, of Toronto, full patch member. Raposo had been in trouble with the law in both Quebec and Ontario. He is referred to in court documents as a low-level member of the Bandidos, and may have been an enforcer.  He is listed as the administrator of the chapter's website. His father says he left the house Friday night, saying he would be out for a couple of hours. He was separated, living at home, unemployed and had recently worked as a truck driver. His Volkswagen was found at the scene.

Francesco 'Bam Bam' Salerno, 43, of Oakville. Frank "Bam Bam" Salerno was a full patch member of the Toronto chapter of the Bandidos. Salerno was a founder of the chapter and reportedly a past president. He worked as a Toronto tow truck driver, according to sources.

Paul 'Big Paulie' Sinopoli, 30, of Sutton, Ont., full patch member of the Bandidos. His body was discovered lying in the open hatch of Flanz's Infiniti. 

Michael 'Little Mikey' Trotta, 31, of Milton, associate of the Bandidos. Little is known about his past.



Marcello Aravena, 32, of Winnipeg a Bandidos prospect


Brett 'Beau' Gardiner, 24, of Calgary, no fixed address. No known gang affiliation.

Wayne "Weiner" Kellestine, 59, of Dutton-Dunwich, full patch Bandidos member.  Former leader of the Annihilators and the St. Thomas chapter of the Loners, he has a long criminal record and has been the subject of biker assassination plots. The bodies of eight fellow Bandidos members and associates were found Saturday 22 kilometres west of his farmhouse.

Frank 'Frankie' Mather, 35, of Dutton-Dunwich, no fixed address. No known gang affiliation.

Dwight 'Big D' Mushey, 36, of Winnipeg


Michael 'Taz' Sandham, 39, of Winnipeg a former police officer

Wayne (Taz) Sandham


A common-law couple - Eric Niessen, 47, and Kerry Morris, 49, of Monkton, Ont. - was charged with being accessories after the fact.


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