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Monsters in their midst

EDMONTON - Matthew McClearn explores the challenges faced by a team of police investigators as they worked to solve a series of murders in the forests and fields outside Edmonton.  (Globe & Mail)    


Human remains ID'd  

LEDUC - The RCMP recovered the human remains of Delores Brower on April 19, 2015 from a rural property near Leduc. Police were notified of the discovery by the landowner. Today, the RCMP announced that they now know that some of the human remains found that day belong to Corrie Renee Ottenbreit of Edmonton.   (Sun Media)  


Serial killer on the loose

EDMONTON - When women working in Edmonton's sex trade began vanishing off city streets and turning up dead in remote areas on a monthly basis, it crippled the industry with fear.  Since 1975, the bodies of at least 30 women, many of them prostitutes, have been found in the Edmonton region. Dozens more are still listed as missing.     

Posturing is the only reason for an inquiry

Federal inquiry was never going to accomplish much

We already know why

Nothing of substance 

Murder not a race issue

Inquiry isn't justified  


Thomas George Svekla

RCMP testimony in the case against accused prostitute killer Thomas Svekla has brought to light previously unknown details about the cases of 13 women investigated by the Project KARE task force.

Locked up indefinitely



Guilty of 2 murders

Joseph Laboucan, an Edmonton man who murdered Nina Courtepatte, 13, in 2005 was found guilty of killing prostitute Ellie May Meyer just two days before the girl was slain.  The Crown read a statement of facts that described how Laboucan and two other people lured Meyer to a farmer's field near Fort Saskatchewan for sex, before she was beaten to death.  (CBC)


Remembrance march

WINNIPEG - Hundreds of people hit the streets of downtown Winnipeg to raise awareness and find comfort in one another at the Annual Women's Memorial March, a nationwide event held on Valentine's Day to honour missing and murdered women.  (CTV)

Thousands march in Vancouver                           Killer preying on prostitutes                                   


When Edmonton police spokesman Jeff Wuite was asked why the service had not reported Theresa Merrie Innes disappearance to the public, he said "We have about 7,000 missing persons files a year, that's why."


Project KARE has issued a missing person alert for:

Maggie Lee Burke

Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her investigation. 


Amber Alyssa Tuccaro

Sept 2012 Human remains in a wooded area south of Edmonton over the weekend has brought a search for a missing woman to an end.  But the search for those responsible for her death still continues, say investigators with Project KARE.  According to detectives, the remains belong to Amber Alyssa Tuccaro, a woman missing since August 2010.   KARE confirms identity  


Shannon Maureen Collins, 29

June 2008  Human remains that were discovered SE of Sherwood Park in June belonged to a 29-year-old woman who lived a "high-risk lifestyle," RCMP said.  Shannon Maureen Collins, from Edmonton, was reported missing to Edmonton police by her family on Sept. 9, several months after the remains had been found.   

Jan 2017  Shawn Wruck was found guilty of second-degree murder in connection with the death of his girlfriend Shannon Collins.  Found guilty     Conviction   Guilty verdict


Brianna Danielle Torvalson, 21

Feb. 2008  RCMP have identified the woman found dead in Strathcona County as Brianna Danielle Torvalson.     


Leanne Lori Benwell, 27

July 2007   Police have identified a missing woman as a dead Edmonton sex trade worker and have launched a homicide investigation.  Leanne Lori Benwell had last been seen on March 12 after visiting her mother and was reported missing in April.      

Bonnie Lynn Jack (Lovie), 37

March 2006   Police added the name Bonnie Lynn Jack to the list of victims. Jack, also known as Bonnie Lynn Loyie, 37, lived a high-risk lifestyle, including involvement in the Vancouver and Edmonton sex trade.   Jack's body was found Tuesday by a couple walking near Township Road 542 and Range Road 225, south of Fort Saskatchewan.    

Thersa Merrie Innes, 36

Aug. 7, 2005   Theresa Merrie Innes was allegedly killed in High Level and her body stuffed into a hockey bag and taken to Fort Saskatchewan.  The 36-year-old mother of two was last seen by officials in High Level on Aug. 7, 2005.  She wasn't reported missing to Edmonton police until March 16.   Thomas George Svekla has been charged with her murder.  

Sheri Lee Hitlz, 44

April 9, 2005   The badly beaten body of Sheri Lee Hiltz was found in a back yard in the 800 block of Surrey Ave, Kamloops.   Pathologists used fingerprints to identify her.   Kamloops Crime stoppers

Ellie May Meyer, 33

May 6, 2005   A farmer tilling his field is discovered her body  just a few kilometres from where three city prostitutes have been found slain and dumped in Strathcona County  just east of Highway 21 and north of Township Road 534. 

A witness in the Nina Louise Courtepatte murder case testified she was told by police that the DNA of Joseph Laboucan had been found on the body of Ellie May Meyer, who disappeared two days before Nina was killed. 

Charlene Marie Gauld, 20

April 16, 2005   Charlene Gauld, a 20-year-old Edmonton prostitute whose body was found in an oilfield near Camrose over the weekend had been burned, RCMP said Monday.  (CBC)


Rene Lynn Gunning, 19

Feb. 18, 2005  Rene Lynn Gunning and Krystle Ann Julia Knott were last seen at West Edmonton Mall on Feb. 18, 2005.  The girls made a connection, and let others know they planned to hitchhike back to Dawson Creek or Fort St. John.   1 skull identified  



Krystle Ann Julia Knott, 16

Feb. 18, 2005   Rene Lynn Gunning and Krystle Ann Julia Knott were last seen at West Edmonton Mall on Feb. 18, 2005.  The girls made a connection, and let others know they planned to hitchhike back to Dawson Creek or Fort St. John.   2nd remains identified

Samantha Tayleen Berg, 19

Jan. 25, 2005   The partially-clothed body of Samantha Berg, 19, was found frozen under snow in an industrial area parking lot on Jan. 25, 2005


Sharene Rae Oswald, 42

Sept. 2004   A positive identification has been made on the human remains discovered last month by local youths southeast of Airdrie.  The skeletal remains of Sharene Rae Oswald, 42, - a Calgary resident originally from Ontario, who also went by the last names of Williamson, Elliott and Pearson – were discovered Feb. 27 in a wooded area two kilometres south of Yankee Valley Road near Range Road 290. 


Corrie Renee Ottenbreit, 27

May 9, 2004   Corrie Ottenbreit was last seen on May 9, 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta. She is described as a 27 year old Caucasian female, 165 cm tall weighing 55 Kgs. She has blue eyes and naturally red hair that was dyed blond at the time she was last seen.

The RCMP recovered the human remains of Delores Brower on April 19, 2015 from a rural property near Leduc.  Some of the human remains found that day belong to Corrie Renee Ottenbreit of Edmonton.  Ottenbreit’s identity was confirmed through DNA analysis of a hair sample she voluntarily provided the Project KARE’s pro-active street team in December 13, 2003, for the sole purpose of assisting police in the event she went missing.  Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.    Human remains ID'd  


Lynn Minia Jackson, 34

June 21, 2004   The woman's skeletal remains were found by local hikers Monday night in a coulee area below the steep Chickadee hiking trail, about seven kilometres northeast of Wetaskiwin, not too far from Forster Nurseries on Range Road 233.     

Rachel Liz Quinney, 19

June 11, 2004   The body of Rachel Quinney, 19, was discovered by a man walking through a grove of trees south of Sherwood Park on the southwest corner of Township Road 540 and Range Road 224.   Rachel worked in the sex trade.   Thomas George Svekla has been charged with her murder.    


Delores Dawn Brower, 33

May 13, 2004   Delores, a missing person, is described as a 33 year old Metis woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5'3' tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds. Delores was last seen on 118 Ave. & 70th St. by Project KARE members on the 13th of May, 2004 at 05:40 am.  At that time, she was hitch-hiking, attempting to get a ride west-bound on the avenue.   Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.   Brower's remains were found outside of Leduc in April 2015.   Remains identified    Remains identified   Body found


Shana Ile LaBatte, 30

March 23, 2004   The body of Shana Ile LaBatte, age 30 years of Kamloops B.C.  body was located at Mission Flats Municipal Park.    Kamloops Crime stoppers   

Denise (Melissa) Heather Hamill, 31

August 1, 2003   The Kamloops RCMP are able to confirm the identification of the decease female who was found in the North Thompson river at Kamloops.  The female is identified as Denise Heather Hamill also known as Melissa Heather Hamill age 31 years, a resident of Kamloops.

Katie "Sylvia" Ballantyne, 40

July 7, 2003   The body of Sylvia Ballantyne was found in a farmer's field near Range Road 235 and Township Road 500 east of Leduc, about 20 km south of Edmonton..  She was last seen in Edmonton, April 27, and was reported missing a week later.  Her body was too decomposed to provide a cause of death.    Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.

Debbie Darlene, 29

April 12, 2003   The skull of Debbie Darlene (Lake) was found near Micquelon Lake, approximately 70km southeast of Edmonton.  A DNA match confirmed it was her August 28, 2003.   RCMP searched the area at the time but were unable to find the rest of her body. Without a body, experts have been unable to determine how she died.   Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.

Melissa Munch, 20

Jan. 12, 2003  Melissa Munch's body was found in a field south of Highway 16, west of Range Road 220 in Strathcona County.  Her body was frozen and the cause of death has never been released.  Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.

Monique Pitre, 30,

Jan. 8, 2003 Monique Pitre's body was spotted by a Fort Saskatchewan area farmer south of Township Road 540 and Range Road 222.  Her body was frozen and the cause of death has not been released but there was trauma to her entire body.   Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.

Edna Bernard, 28

Sept. 23, 2002  The burned body of Edna Bernard is found in a field east of Leduc, near Rollyview Road and Range Road 245, north of Highway 623.   Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.

Kelly Dawn Reilly, 24

Jan. 27, 2001  The body of Kelly Dawn Reilly was found behind a gravel operation near secondary Highway 633 and Range Road 264 near Villeneuve, 25 km northwest of Edmonton.

Joyce Anne Hewitt, 22

Oct. 19, 1997  The body of Joyce Hewitt is found in Sherwood Park, near 17th Street and 89th Avenue.  The circumstances of her death were not available.

Cara (Caralyn) Aubrey King, 22

Sept. 1, 1997 The body of Cara King was found in a canola field near Highway 214 and Highway 16, in Sherwood Park.

Jessica Cardinal, 24

June 14, 1997  The body of Jessica Cardinal is found in an alley behind a commercial building at 9325-111th Avenue. Edmonton.  Her body is discovered behind a discarded shelving unit. 

Joanne Ghostkeeper, 24

Dec. 25, 1996  Joanne Ghostkeeper is found strangled in her Edmonton apartment at 11925-34th Street East. Police have no suspect in her death.

Elaine Ross, 25 

Feb. 11, 1993  The partially decomposed body of Elaine Ross is found stuffed under a bed in a motel room on 183rd Street near Stony Plain Road, Edmonton. Autopsy results were inconclusive and a cause of death is unknown.

Jennifer Janz, 16

Aug 1991   Janz's body was found in a shallow grave on Aug. 13, 1991, one month after she was reported missing.


Jennifer Joyes, 17

Joyes was reported missing Aug. 30, 1991. She was discovered murdered and buried in a shallow grave on Oct. 6, 1991, just two kilometres south of where Janz had been buried.  Both had reportedly been attempting to escape life on the streets. 


Lorraine Wray, 46

Dec. 21, 1990   Lorraine Wray, a masseuse and mother of one, is found strangled in the bathroom of her Edmonton business, West End Studio, at 15526 Stony Plain Road. Several autopsies were performed, leading investigators to determine "manual strangulation" as the cause of death.

Mavis Mason, 29 

Oct. 25, 1990   Mavis Mason is found stabbed to death on a rural road west of Edmonton.

Bernadette Lynda Ahenakew, 22

Oct. 25, 1989  Bernadette Ahenakew, the mother of three, is found in a ditch on a rural road near Sherwood Park. No cause of death is determined and police believe she was probably killed the day before she was found.    Thomas Svekla is a suspect in her homicide investigation.

Georgette Flint, 20

Sept. 13, 1988  Georgette Flint, 20, is found dead in Elk Island National Park. No cause of death is determined.

Melodie Joy Riegel, 21

Sept. 21, 1986   The body of Melodie Joy Riegel is found on a hotel-room bed. She was last seen entering the hotel with a client.

Gail Gardinal, 21

1983   The skeletal remains of Gail Cardinal are found 10 kilometres south of Fort Saskatchewan. No cause was determined in her death.


Vancouver Eastside Missing Women   


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