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Big Brother surveillance

Big Brother

Mass surveillance scandal


Greed and Corruption

General Digital Crimes


Surveillance still a secret

OTTAWA - After investigating for over a year, the RCMP and the CSIS are still unable to publicly identify those who have deployed electronic espionage devices in the national capital.  So the mystery remains unsolved: who deployed those IMSI catchers in the national capital?  (CBC)


IMSI catcher

No need for warrant

2017 FC 1047   .pdf  

2017 FC 1048   .pdf  

Nov 28 2017 summary   .pdf

Subscriber info denied 

Case not made for Bill

Analysis of Bill C-59   .pdf

Bill C-59 

Bulk data collection

CSIS broke law

Spies illegally retained metadata

Warrants for journalists not hard to get      


CSE agency expands

RCMP illegally snooped

2016 FC 1105   .pdf

Use of surveillance devices

Gone Opaque    .pdf


CSIS purging some data 

Cell Site Simulator


Spying on cellphones

Investigation into spying

Cellphone surveillance suspended

Cops confirm using IMSI-catcher

Spying also at Montreal airport   

Local police spying

Intercepted messages of the Montreal mafia

Salvatore Montagna

Blackberry hack

Messages tell the story of the hit

Shady, secretive system

Public Safety Canada

Surveillance on journalists

Reporting questioned

CSIS metadata

Security issues at new DND HQ 

CSIS head argues data collected legally

After trust has eroded  

CSIS has complied   SIRC

Bill will create easily muzzled watchdog

Bill C-22 

Blackberry taps      BlackBerry  

War, what is it good for

Arrests without a crime

Section 810.011 of the Criminal Code

Kevin Omar Mohamed  

Trudeau agrees to share info with US

Halt not hindering  

CSIS leak

Agency shared data for years

SIRC annual report 2015-2016 

Feds failed

Privacy Commissioner report 2015-2016

Bill was not properly evaluated 

Bill C-51 passes

Bill C-51 might hurt, not help

Charter Challenges against Bill C-51 

Bar association denounces bill 

Agencies sharing

Big data analytics


Privacy watchdog not a witness

Committee hears monologues

National risk forecast

Do not track    'Do Not Track'

Bill a setback for human rights  

Emails to government

Domestic emails in security sweep

Anti-terror law promoted

Bill questions remain

FINTRAC looks to banks to monitor clients'

CSIS got taxpayer info from CRA

CSE broke the law  

CSIS highlights threats

Bill C-51 rushed to committee

C-51 is an anti-privacy bill 

Review or oversight    

Privacy ruling


Terror hampering work on other files

Without a warrant 

OCSEC 2014-2015 annual report

Country left in the dark     

Ottawa defends spy agency

Defend our Freedom day of protests 

Absurdity of anti-terror laws

Bill C-51 a bad idea

US war on vagueness

Anti-petroleum movement a threat

Designated target

Audit of - targeting   .pdf 

Clearly excessive

Therrien's statement

RCMP gray area

Appointed oversight, isn't

Oversight needless red tape

Bill C-51 assessment

Are you already violating the new bill?

Backward-looking new law

Harper names current threat

Opinion changes

Weak opposition


CSE Commissioner on metadata activity

New privacy watchdog, isn't 

You might be a terrorist, eh




Canadian spying has weakest oversight

Dangerous legislation

Tunnel vision   

Military wants to be


Agencies use data stolen by foreign hackers

Appointed oversight, isn't

Oversight needless red tape

Bill C-51 assessment

We gather your info to protect you

Spying on spy watchdogs

New tool 

Ask why anything was said

'Mockery of public accountability' 

IP profiling & mission impacts   .pdf

'Drowning in data'

Spy agency defends role

CSE tracks downloads daily

Collection of metadata  

CSEC's policy arm rises to prominence 

CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track

Greed and Corruption Copyright 

Jaw-dropping amount

Data collection review

US tech firms routinely denying request

State surveillance 

CSEC work with CSIS, RCMP   

Government of [Censored]

Ottawa is ‘creeping’ your Facebook   

Alliance of big busybody 

Canada global surveillance dragnet

Canadian government spies on millions

Bill is constitutional

Telecoms refuse to release info

Telecoms follow rules

Bad timing for mass surveillance bill 

Act opens loophole

Government buries trademark in budget

Expansion of warrantless disclosure 

On liberty

Collection of metadata  

Spies lie  

What are we going to do?

PIPEDA request    

Steven Blaney

Caesar's wife and the government 

RCMP drops some probes 

Legal advice

Ethical concerns at spy agency

Ottawa admits to tracking protests  

TekSavvy, Rogers break silence

Governments have permanent access

Warrantless requests for data

Telus got 103,500 official requests

Don't keep records of requests

Spies have security issues  

CSE new facility   

Nothing illegal about spying

Inside Canada's spy palace      

Inside the Landmark file


Spies, guard dogs duck oversight

Metadata like telephone book

How Levitation works

CSE quit sharing some metadata

Five Eyes look for counter narrative


OCSEC 2013-2014 annual report  

Net threats    

Data collection safeguards inadequate

Info routinely given to police

Five Eyes data sharing

Rogue IMSI catchers

WASHINGTON - The DHS says it has observed 'anomalous activity' consistent with the use of so-called stingrays.  DHS said it did not know who was using them.   (BBC)

US arrests company owner   Phantom Secure

US alleges man laundered cash  

US police scam  

Report declassified

FISA Court

2016 Cert FISC Memo   .pdf


Secret origins of evidence

How the government hides secret surveillance

NSA monitored bank transfers

SWIFT     The Shadow Brokers 

Shadow Brokers dump

NSA hack

NSA explains how to keep them out


Tables turned 

Safe Harbour replacement

Safe Harbou

EU-US Privacy Shield

Equation Group

WikiLeaks: Vault 8

WikiLeaks Vault 7: Hive

WikiLeaks Vault 7: Grasshopper 


NSA sued over surveillance

NSA mass surveillance targeted

US sued over upstream surveillance      

Case 1:15-cv-00662-RDB   .pdf

China says accusations 'groundless'

Scapegoats, data mules & victims   

White House seeks legal immunity for firms

How would you know?

Concerns about taking phones to US

Law Enforcement Disclosure Report

More NSA spying documents

US Freedom Act, isn't

Freedom on the Net still declining 2015 

No way to feel safe 

Snowden digital surveillance archive

Corporations targeted

Industrial espionage

New Zealand spies on neighbors

House Committee on Rules

White House's late changes to NSA bill
US of secrets  

Government spies work in exchanges

DOJ drops case 

F-35 plans intentionally leaked?

F-35 blueprints hacked by China

Governments want a backdoor

Use of strong encryption

Obama's hypocritical stance

Give US your data

Executive orders 13489+

More documents released

Digital arms race

Twitter sues US

FBI informants   

248 people target of data collecting 

FISC BR 14-96 Primary Order Permitting

Annual statistics for calendar year 2013

Spying 'grave political error'

Spy spying

Spy got orders from the US  

NSA's war on internet security

Core secrets

'Head in the sand' approach

Government agents directly involved

Illusion of Justice

World without investigative journalism

Soviet Criminal Act v US Patriot Act

Automatic police access


Police snooping scandal  

New leaker

Secret terrorist-tracking system


2nd spy suspect

Germany ask top spy to leave 

You are the target

Oversight board defends spying



Class action lawsuit

NSA performed warrantless searches

US must win back trust  

EU court strikes down US 'Safe Harbor'

European Court of Justice

Safe Harbor

C-362/14   .pdf

Max Schrems

US spy treaty invalid

Data stored on US servers unsafe

Ruling leaves US companies in legal limbo    

NSA monitored calls of world leaders

Foreign trade barriers   .pdf

US wants access to more info

Snoops winning

UK to be legally Big Brother

Investigatory Powers Bill 

Investigatory powers bill key points

Tech firms forced to help spies

UK approves mass surveillance

Mass surveillance not justified

Battle over data retention 

European Court of Justice

EU court rejects data retention law

EU scraps data collection law

Rule of law on the Internet   .pdf  


OTTAWA - A 22-page 'Operational Procedures for Cyber Defence' document obtained by The Globe speaks to just how CSEC can log, store and study volumes of electronic communications that touch government computer networks - including the 'private communications' of Canadians not themselves thought to be hackers.   (Globe & Mail) 


National Research Council

Chinese cyberattack 

NSA infiltrates China servers

The NSA has infiltrated servers in the headquarters of Chinese telecommunications and internet giant Huawei Technologies Co, obtaining sensitive information and monitoring the communications of top executives.  (Reuters)  

US 'hacking any facility

Company defends independence

China wants explanation 

Wrongdoing, ethics breaches

Spy software targeted Canada

Le Monde report    

NSA's malware


NSA has been hijacking botnets 

TURBINE: a brain for malware 

Barely a whimper

LONDON - The Investigatory Powers Act, passed legalizes a whole range of tools for snooping and hacking by the security services unmatched by any other country in western Europe or even the US.  (Guardian UK)

Agencies unlawfully collected data

Code-named Karma Police

GCHQ tracking all Internet users

Immunity from laws

Computer Misuse Act

Codes hacked 

Gemalto  SIM

Spies stole keys to the castle

UK admits unlawful monitoring    

ISPs take GCHQ to court

GCHQ mass surveillance was unlawful

GCHQ sanctions spying

Mass surveillance 'permitted by law' 

Your webcam is spying on you

Spies intercepted webcam images


Another conspiracy theory is true

What kind of fool am I    

UK stored journalists' emails 

Project Optic Nerve


Charles Farr 

Encryption here to stay

OTTAWA - As Canadian police push for more power in the online world, documents suggest privacy-protecting encryption software is here to stay.  (Toronto Star)

Security green paper, 2016

Part 1  RCMP digital roadblocks

Part 2 RCMP boss

Part 3 Oversight

Part 4 privacy encryption

Part 5 Taxpayers would pay

Cellphone passwords

CSE's toolbox revealed

Documents reveal hacking tactics

Spying app

Digital roadblocks

10 cases   

Top Mountie lobbying PM

Angry Birds

CSES helping Brits tame those Angry Birds

Rovios site hacked

Canada-US data sharing system 

Industrial espionage

NSA files decoded 

Anti-spying software

Latest CIA release

WikiLeaks released new CIA documents, showing it developed malware to infect 'factory fresh' iPhones, while the anti-secrecy organization claimed it has been bugging them since 2008.  (Epoch Times)

Vault 7: Dark matter

Vault 7: Marble Framework  

Hacking tool 

CIA spy files released

CIA hacking tools revealed

CIA can hack almost anything

Watched by the weeping angels

FBI hunts for WikiLeaks source

What to know about dump  

FBI paid hackers to crack iPhone

FBI-Apple encryption dispute

Snowden says FBI claim is bullshit

FBI claim in iphone case fraudulent



Obama expands surveillance powers

EO 12333-raw sigint availability

Obama opens warrantless data

Warrant canary


Reddit transparency report 

SIDtoday files

US passes CISA with flaws    CISA  

Surveillance operation

NSA to stop using calling records

NSA bugs tech hardware en route 

File breach  

Mass call tracking began in 1992 

FBI accessing NSA data

Copyright Modernization Act

FBI hacked iPhone

FBI agrees to unlock another iPhone 

NSA hacked   

NSA hacking tools revealed

ThinThread   Trailblazer Project

Science Applications International Corporation


US Senate mass surveillance

Freedom Act

Senate approves US Freedom Act  

Patriot Act snooping powers

Review of FBI's use of Section 215   .pdf  

NSA phone surveillance illegal

Case 14-42   ACLU v Clapp 

NSA phone surveillance not authorized

NSA data collection illegal

Spying is illegal

Author tries to distance himself

NSA's failure

NSA 'reforms'

Series of surveillance reforms

NSA collects millions of text messages daily

Covert chips

Failure of 'no-spy' deal

Privacy tools  

State of deception 

Panel urges end to data spying

Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight

US clueless on extent of NSA leaks

NSA review to leave spying unchanged 

Tracking allies is necessary

Jim Sensenbrenner

Patriot Act   

Replace NSA with CSEC

OTTAWA - The Canadian government is trying to profit from the NSA spy scandal south of the border by luring frustrated American web titans such as Google and Facebook into storing sensitive banks of personal information outside the US.  (Toronto Star)

Checks and controls   .pdf 

Planet netsweeper


Citizen Lab 

Mass surveillance illegal

CSEC should be the subject of investigation


Bill Robinson blog

NSA surveillance lawful

Judge falls for big lie

TAO hacking unit

Dropout Jeep 

More transparent

NSA contractor charged

BALTIMORE - Harold Martin, 51, was arrested by the FBI in August, prosecutors said. He reportedly worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency.  Booz Allen Hamilton, a major intelligence community contractor, said that one of its employees had been arrested.  (Baltimore Sun)

US v Harold T Marin III

Contractor busted 

Glenn Greenwald 

FBI raids home

Still spinning justifications

Rulings released to justify surveillance

IC on the record

Classified information in the US

Year of pushback against security empires

Agencies duping courts

Bulk data vital

LONDON - David Anderson, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, concluded that laws giving MI5, MI6 and GCHQ the right to gather large volumes of data from members of the public had a 'clear operational purpose'.   (Guardian UK)        

Bulk powers review   .pdf

How UK used powers to stop terror

Privacy and Security   .pdf    

UK laws need overhaul 



Panel report

Panel recommends changes

Chairman sees problems

Panel urges new curbs on surveillance      

GCHQ targeted

You are the product

If you're concerned about companies learning too much about you, you might want to consider ditching your credit and debit cards - and your phone, too.   (Global)  

Privacy commissioner warning 

Laws trailing in the dust

Smart devices

Internet of things implications  .pdf 

Smart cars share info

The connected car 

Alarm on smart meter data

Ways to cut down on you being the product

Spy merchants

Surveillance capitalism

Inside the war against data pirates 

Value of terms and conditions

Who's watching little brother?   .pdf

Smart devices spying

Internet of things a threat

Tool shows who's tracking you online


Your headphones are spying on you   Bose

Is your fitness trackers spying on you?

Every step you fake 

Smart TV spying

Your smart TV is spying on you

Samsung warns customers

Samsung Smart TV 

Telecoms selling your data

TORONTO - A joint venture between Rogers, Telus and Bell has been selling the real-time location of its subscribers to third parties - as long as they have your consent, the company says.  EnStream makes money, in part, by charging companies a fee to provide a user's location.  (CBC) 

Service could track you too 

Location exposed


Data breach

Tracking firm leaked location data 

Class action

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook data sharing 

I'm sorry Zuckerberg tells Congress

Facebook scandal goes beyond

Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal  

Facebook moves 1.5B users out of reach of EU law

Facebook seeks facial recognition consent

Facebook reveals internal rulebook 

New privacy rules

General Data Protection Regulation

Facebook, Google targeted

What Facebook tracks about you

Stalker apps

Spyware used in intimate partner violence   .pdf 

More than 600 apps have access to your data

AT&T spying for profit

Hemisphere     AT&T

DEA and AT&T database  

Spying on you

US FTC warning 


Data access surveillance product marketed

Social media used to track protesters

Social media cuts off surveillance data 

Gmail read by third-party 

Google will stop scanning personal emails 

Google eavesdropping tool

Google's Chrome

Spying on you

FIPA report    .pdf

Five Eyes membership questioned

WASHINGTON - The New Zealand government's relationship with China has come under the spotlight after a former CIA analyst in the US said the nation's participation in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance needs to be reconsidered.  Giving testimony to the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Peter Mattis said Jacinda Ardern's Labour party had accepted money from donors with links to the Chinese Communist party, while former prime minister Bill English had routinely briefed a National MP who was revealed to have worked at an institution that trained Chinese spies.   (Guardian UK)

CSIS warns of Chinese interference in New Zealand

Germany halts treason inquiry into journalists

'Steady path' of growth

Edward Snowden

Russian hackers


Target Tokyo

CIA leak suspect

CIA top-secret information to WikiLeaks 

US spied on officials and companies 

Fading data

Data-mining unconstitutional

Snowden's open letter

What the Apple FBI fight is about

China's database of Americans

Facts behind 60 minutes flawed report

Code cracked

Internal document

Pinpoint targets for hacking 

Spin questioned

Economic outlook update 2014   .pdf

CSIS lost court ruling in July

Watchdogs warns 

Police power laws need evidence

Empty chairs at spy watchdog

Intelligence agenda a cause for worry  

Tech firms try to distance themselves 

NSA spies online games

Spy agencies working together

CIA paying AT&T

Secrecy second to none  

Data center links tapped

Intelligence chiefs testify

Keith Alexander   James Clapper

Senate committee looks at spying

Canadian surveillance info coming

Spy palace' damaged by fire

Personal data shared

CSIS accused

Lax policies

Exploiting use of games 

Canada set up spy posts for NSA

It's not just the NSA

Malware for surveillance

Tracking cellphone locations

How NSA is tracking people right now

Pen register/trap and trace   .pdf  

NSA document on summit surveillance

Woman refused US entry

US has access to Canadian health records

Revelations mount

US spied during G20 

Hotel reservations

'Personal vulnerabilities' to be exploited

What now for the surveillance state?

Canada involved in US spying efforts

Walls that spy

Intentions is spy goal

Allies spy on US leaders too

Canadian embassies eavesdrop  

Spy chiefs fed questions in advance 

Bureaucrats know best 

Drift toward despotism

Case for NSA reform

Credibility issues

How CSEC became a spying giant

CSEC document on Brazil

Busting surveillance excuses 

Australian spy agency offered to share data

Australia's Asia spy network

Australia's massive spy apparatus

60M calls in Spain

Spanish newspaper

Security lapse at EU leaders summit

Another crime boss, or terrorist?

Uproar in Europe

Germany summons US ambassador

Merkel hits out over spying scandal

NSA 'spied on French diplomats'

How NSA spy France

NSA in France  

Five Eyes

CSEC's 'Olympia'   

Slides reveal espionage tool

CSEC sued

BC Civil Liberties Association  

NSA 'spied on French diplomats'

Diplomacy was tapped


Declassified documents

'Disreputable if not outright illegal'

Moves to shield data from US

US Patriot Act

Spy Files

Spy Files 3  

NSA spying in France

Mexico condemns NSA spying 

NSA conducting industrial espionage

NSA monitored calls of leaders

CSEC worst than NSA

US spying 'may harm terror fight'

Merkel's phone bugged since 2002

PM urges committee to investigate Guardian


Collecting connections

Contact lists

Top-secret documents  

Great personal data grab

Mass surveillance making people less safe

Video clips posted by the WikiLeaks   

Sam Adams Award

Spies met with energy firms

NSA shares raw data

More NSA business spying

How NSA spies on smartphones

NSA has encryption codes  

'Black budget' summary

Inside the 2013 'Black budget'

Spying on the UN

In the name of national security

NY Times asked to destroy documents

Guardian told to destroy NSA files 

NSA gathered US e-mails

IC on the Record

October 2011 judgment

Spying on the ministry

US spied on presidents  

Which countries are we spying on?

Inside Canada's billion dollar spy palace  

Insider threats

1995 whistleblower warned about CSEC

Nothing 'illegal' about CSEC spying

Results of spying

More on spying to come

CSEC needs MPs oversight

Spying on 'threats

CSEC and 'foreign intelligence' 

1 or 2 terror plots foiled  

NSA paid tech costs

Surveillance, before he was president

NSA files revelations

How US spies on EU and UN

UK actions threaten press freedom 

Society of total surveillance 

Robert Decary

2012-2013 Annual Report

Court is limited

NSA broke privacy rules

NSA statement

NSA violated its own rules

NSA loophole allows warrantless search

Obama cancels meetings

Damaged Goods

Congress denied access to info about NSA

US House votes to continue

New Miranda rights

EU ranked as 'key priority'

Surveillance equates protest to terrorism

Groklaw shuts down


Documents unsealed

Lavabit shuts down amid secret court battle


Warning against US based companies

US directs agents to cover up program  

Beware the secret patriot act

Snowden is not the story

Twitter information requests  

Insider threats

US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

XKeyscore: NSA tool


NSA secret funding for GCHQ

Inside the GCHQ 

Telecoms passing details to GCHQ 

US releases some documents  

Declassified government documents

Guardian: The NSA files

Increase the odds NSA keeps your data

House hearing 

Tech demand spying openness

'Act of aggression'

'Key partners'

US privacy group challenging NSA/FBI

Rules that allow NSA to use US data

Yahoo wins court battle

NSA spying in South America

NSA looking for 'commercial secrets'

NSA scandal stirs regional tensions, again

Legal challenge

NSA and its willing helpers

EU-US trade talks open

Snowden manhunt

UK blocks espionage talks

Whistleblower not a spy

Bugging threaten EU-US trade pact

Trade pact terrorist  

How US is bugging allies

Bugging threaten EU-US trade pact  

Trade pact terrorist

Exhibit A: NSA procedures document

Project Tempora

Report reveals companies are hacking

Legal travel without a passport

Charges first step

Broken security clearance system

GCHQ taps fiber-optic cables

Reporters on a plane

Whistleblower in Airport transit zone

Why the US hasn't nabbed Snowden

Am I a traitor?

Stellar Wind

You're not paranoid


Director says attacks have been stopped

US spied on EU offices

'Network hygiene'

Ecuador decries 'blackmail' over Snowden 

Whistleblower charged

Gag orders

Canadian program went awry 

Big data's got your number

7 ways you're being watched  

Top secret rules

Terror target: G20 finance ministers

Google ask secret court to lift gag

Washington's obsession with leakers

FBI admits to surveillance drone use

Spymasters say 50 terror plots stopped

Britain spied on G20 members

FBI will get the messenger

MacKay issued secret directives 

3 branches of government blunt legality 

Canada's spying agency


Obama defends surveillance

Welcome to our future

Data mining

UK gathering intelligence via NSA

Car-tracking devices concerns

No one seems to care

You are the product

MacKay in 2011  

Whistleblower 'defending liberty'

Canada conducting its own surveillance

US surveillance architecture

Convenience beats encryption  

NSA call database  

NSA electronic surveillance program

NSA warrantless surveillance controversy

Mass surveillance

Tor project

More revelations to come

Few havens for leaker

Canada has tracked data for years

Americans should thank Snowden

MacKay in 2011

Spotlight on big brother

'Just the tip of the iceberg'

Blanket court order

Warrantless surveillance controversy


Internet is a surveillance state

Geographic information system 

Personal data from your smartphone

Government’s ability to search iPhones

'Big data' scores 

Tracking people


FBI wants back door to all software

FBI's secret letters

Patriot Act

TDSB sic police on blogger   TDSB

Google transparency report: Canada

Boundless informant text

Canadians should be demanding answers 

Inside the Matrix     

NSA whistleblower

Canadians part of US surveillance 

Anonymous leaks NSA documents

Sweep has been going on for years

Based on hunches

We'll spy on you through your dishwasher

Get a password

Police can search cellphone without warrant

Australia backs down

Shelves net filters as election looms

Stephen Conroy 

Cyber attacks against AU 

Censors 'alarming'

Google transparency reports

Transparency report Canada

Canada tied for 51st  

Global RTI rankings

Google refuses censor request

"RC' information?

Global Network Initiative

Failure to launch

Censorship filters coming

Reggie Walton

Rosemary M Collyer

Raymond J Dearie

Claire Eagan

Martin LC Feldman

Delays to firewall

AU Internet debate

Australia's internet filtering


Australia to implement net censorship

Internet censorship in Australia

Internet censorship

Courts deal body blow to filter

Thomas Hogan

Mary A McLaughlin

Michael W Mosman

F Dennis Saylor IV

Susan Webber Wright

James Zagel   



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