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Global meltdown

Canadian regulated trade  

Buying Canadian

OTTAWA - The trade war is instilling a newfound sense of patriotism in Canada's consumers, with a number of social media threads calling on users to support domestic products and industries, and avoid anything made in the US.  But in today's globalized economy, buying Canadian is often a tricky proposition, experts warn.  Supply chains often resemble 'spiderwebs, where there are all these interconnected lines.'  (Global)

US approach will outlive Trump

List of Canadian countermeasure tariffs

Collateral damage has already arrived in Canada



Notice of intent to impose countermeasures

EU suspension of concessions on US goods   .pdf

Strategic tariff retaliation strategy

Canadian tariff targets

Trade war erupts 

Canada leads G7

G7 fossil fuel subsidy scorecard   .pdf

US interested in your investments

System is broken

Saputo Inc

US cheese stockpile hits all-time high

Dairy industry is stumbling block to NAFTA deal

New US tariffs

US Trade targeting list  .pdf    

US tariffs on China

White House exempts allies from tariffs  

China's response - People's war

Trump's tariffs will affect US   

Cars, trucks and beer prices to go up  

Imminent tit-for-tat trade war  

US already the most protectionist

Trump repeats Nixon's folly 

Trump signs tariffs

Allies retaliate

EU countermeasures

EU takes case against US to WTO

Mexican tariffs hit back at US

Consumers the losers

NAFTA talks have fallen through the floor  

G7 now G6+1

Sanctioning Trump himself might work

Cheez-it crackers from $74.57

Cheez-it crackers from $13.62  

Prepare for the worst  

Ottawa makes plans to retaliate

Trump's trade twitters debunked

Trump's false claims  

Trump gets it backwards  

Middle path

Next up Telecoms?

Doing things we ought to be doing

Milking Trump

Canada spins back

US allies line up for exemptions 

End of NAFTA

Trump boasts that he made up trade facts

Softwood tariff

QC vows to protect industry

Trump - blame Canada

Blame Canada was a spoof  

US protectionism

US newspapers hit

Executive order-buy US and hire US

Consumers paying for 2 Gov't supported wrongs

Order promoting agriculture and rural prosperity


Lumber tariff   

Canada US softwood lumber dispute


Trade deal takes effect

BRUSSELS - A landmark free trade deal linking the EU and Canada went into effect.  The pact affects 510M European consumers and 35M Canadians and even provisionally, eliminated customs duties between Europe and Canada on 98% of products.  (AFP) 

CETA comes into force

What you need to know

Trade deal cost Canadians

Grown in Canada, made in US

With the US out a deal could be made

Trade in services agreement    

Canada to join ATT

Bill C-47 

Basic trade deal

Core elements agreement   

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Text of the TPP

TPP text released

Bill C-30

Trade deal gets approval

Trudeau signs CETA

EU Canada sign trade deal    

CETA battle not over

Cheese producers say competition will cost  

Belgium reaches deal

Belgians reach agreement on trade deal

Belgium's conditions

5 holes in trade deal


Leak statement of final CETA draft

EP approves CETA

European Parliament

'Internet trap'

TPP letters side deals

New Zealand releases text of TPP agreement 

Canadian version posted online

$350M for dairy industry

Critics cry foul

Rules on intellectual property bad for Canada 

'We've been outfoxed'  

China now biggest US trading partner

Canada a leader in surrendering its sovereignty

Canada doesn't have a choice

TPP doesn't kill supply management

Bureaucratic nightmare

Canadian FIPAs

Canadians face restrictions

US summary of the TPP agreement    

TPP to ease foreign takeovers

TPP chapter leaked

Leak confirms worst fears

Backtracking on pledge to provide TPP text

TPP agreement

10 questions

Election shifts attention

TPP unlikely to lower costs

TPP rigged for Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and the TPP 

Big Pharma's lobbying might

Heels dug in   

New Zealand puts dairy scheme to shame

US subsidy programs  

Latest TiSA leak   

TPP Intellectual Property Rights

CIBC on free trade deals .pdf 

Copyright extremism

Study by Paul J Healdy

Easier to find books first published in the 1880s

Laws by trade agreement - health care

Pharmaceutical products and medical devices

Follow the money

How little it cost to fast track TPP bill

Backdoor regulations

Stop the Trap

US proposes copyright plan to TPP partners  

Free trade agreements of Canada

Trans-Pacific Partnership intellectual property rights chapter   .pdf  

July Trade in Services Agreement

Trade pack text leaked

Chinese currency hub

Canada-China agreement highlights

Canada-China deal worth $2.5B

China invest $42B in Pakistan

Harper raises range of concerns

Laws by treaty 

Canada-China investment treaty  

Trade deal threatened

Consolidated CETA text   .pdf

On the way to parallel justice

Leaked pact shows Canada caved



Trade in Service Agreement (TiSA)

Secret draft of world trade agreement

Secret report urges use of treaty

APEC China 2014

EU trade deal released

Consolidated CETA text

Leaders celebrate trade deal

Opposition from Germany

Pact prompt scrutiny

Canada EU trade pact

Canada has an international trade meeting

Canada not the only country to use treaties

Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership


Law by treaties in spotlight

US slams retaliating with WTO

WASHINGTON - The US announced 5 parallel WTO complaints Monday against Canada, the EU, China, Mexico and Turkey.  In a statement the US claimed that Mr. Trump's tariffs 'are justified' but the retaliation of the other countries is 'completely without justification.'  (Globe & Mail)

Trump files WTO against retaliatory tariffs

China files WTO complaint over Trump's tariffs

IMF warns Trump  

Latest escalation

US tariffs coming on $200B

China trade surplus with US hits record high

Tariffs kick in

China retaliates with tariffs

China responds  

Retaliatory tariffs on 128 US products 

Next threat

Consumers are the losers  

China retaliates with their own list  

China fires back

China to impose tariffs on $50B of US imports

Wise men build bridges but fools build walls

Trump announces China tariffs

Tariffs on Chinese

Trade war expands

US debt to China is $1.19T

National debt of the US

Turkey, India impose retaliatory tariffs

US goods hit by EU tariffs   .pdf

EU launches WTO case against China

China shrugs off trade protection

US vs everyone

EU Japan trade deal


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