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BC in Chinese fraud case

BEIJING - China says Wu Xiaohui, the former chairman of Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group defrauded mom-and-pop retail investors of more than $10B and the company used that money to buy trophy assets overseas, including prime office towers in downtown Vancouver and a major BC seniors' care company.  (PostMedia)  

Arrest won't affect sale

Anbang Insurance

Feds approve sale

Firm expelled

US was consulted

Norsat   Hytera

Misinformed media   Lu Shaye  

Canada to be persuaded

Liberals waive security review

US rebukes Canada over takeover    

Rush to sell raises questions 

Acquisition raises questions

Seniors sector consolidation    

Corporate hacking deal


Criminal 'godfather'

BEIJING - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) behaved like a criminal "godfather" in China, dispensing some 3B yuan ($488M) in bribes since 2007.   (Telegraph UK)  PREVIOUS:   Bribery charges

   Murder, money and spies

For more than 2 years, Epoch Times has been investigating the shadowy organizations behind the Chinese regime's cyberattacks. (Epoch Times)   MORE:   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  

Deported to Canada

VANCOUVER - Kevin Garratt, the Canadian held for 2 years in China on charges of spying and stealing state secrets, is back home in Vancouver after a judge ordered his deportation.   (CBC)  

Canadian freed

High-stakes campaign

Canadian charged with spying

China denies spy charge is retribution

China accuses detained Canadian 


Military infrastructure completed

SOUTH CHINA SEA - The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative said the work on Fiery Cross, Subi and Mischief Reefs in the Spratly Islands included naval, air, radar and defensive facilities.  (Newsweek)

Island fortresses 

China's big 3 near completion

Great wall of sand

Before and after reefs

South China Sea ruling

Case #2013-19

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)

Now to get the ruling enforced

South China Sea

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

Senkaku Islands dispute

Sail past

China's man made islands

Missiles deployed


China says US passage 'illegal'

Beijing 'not frightened to fight a war'

China's propaganda

Double blow for China    

China pulls out of UN process

Another military warning


Gift to littoral nations

Great walls of sand

Shangri-La Dialogue

Creating the very ground itself

Mobile artillery on reclaimed island

Sending in oil rigs

Another drilling rig

Heat rises in Japan

Expanded SK air defence zone

Overlapping air defence zones

China jets scrambled

ADIZ East China Sea

Threat of war 


2007 Chinese anti-satellite missile test  

China claims 'right' to air defence zone

China Dream

Military drills

Philippines offers up China claimed oil

US warns China

China puts India oil block up for auction

China to establish garrison

China call in US diplomat

Naval arms race

From bad to worst

US airlines 'to observe China rules'

'Air-defence zone'

Water fight

ASAT missile defense   ASAT

US-China military standoff over space missiles 

Not even warning labels

OTTAWA - Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told Parliament that Ottawa will not block Huawei from doing business in Canada and insisted steps have been taken to protect Canadians from possible foreign espionage.  (Globe & Mail)

Canadian money and research 

Big Brother surveillance   

China stifled US spying

China's reply: Story full of narcissism

Chinese-Canadian detained

Falun Gong


Chinese national pleads guilty

Su Bin plea agreement  .pdf

BC resident pleads guilty

Charged with hacking  

Accused of hacking

Chinese spy programs

Politician disagrees with report

Trying to pass secrets to China

China's silent war on the US

China spy  

China's political warfare in US    


Stealing Apple information 

Chinese agents

China reached a student

Ex-CIA officer charged

CIA China mole arrested 

Undersea cable data

Chinese operatives active at US universities

Not even warning labels

Hauwei phone warning  



Chinese hackers installed malware



Death sentence

US hacker indictment is flawed  


Spies overwhelm   

'Totally groundless' 

Spy software pre-installed

PC security concerns


Huawei info turned over to FBI

Fighting military a daily task

China's neighborhood bullying increases  

Xi heads internet security group 

Chinese telecoms are a security threat

China telecoms should be banned   

Canada 'at risk'

Concerns being monitored

Report heavy on rhetoric, light on substance 

Canadian security move

Unscrupulous US cyber spying

US Navy officer charged

US Naval officer accused

Navy officer accused  

Theodore H. Moran

Director of National Intelligence

China squeeze on US media 

Hackers 'steal' plans for AU spy HQ

US Air Force using counterfeit electronic parts

Fake parts

Chinese have hacked Washington institutions

Canada slow to learn about cyberattack 

Cisco ends ZTE partnership


China controlling more of US economy

US charges 5 Chinese military hackers 

Chinese military officials charged

2M monitor web in China

Chinese hacking team caught


US weapons compromised

Hackers access US weapon systems

Exposing China's cyber espionage units

White House warns

Security fears

How telecom systems can be compromised 

Scientist sentenced

China's hacking base

Chinese military linked to hacking operation

Report ties cyber attacks to Chinese military

How wars start

Charges against military

PLA Unit 61398   

Non-renewable resources

China rejects US accusations

Telecom tied to spy ministry

Huawei bid blocked 


Ontario linked to Chinese firm

Protocol agreement on maritime transport  .pdf

Dow AgroSciences

Hunan Normal University

China Mobile 

Think tank serves as spy arm


Why Was GMail China's Target?   

China's hacker army 

US-China Security Review Commission 

Massive 5-year hack  

Data theft

China a victim

Finger pointed at 'cooking, hairdressing' school

New ear of cyber espionage  

EU probes Chinese 'soft loans' ploy

Asian energy investors move beyond oil sands


Hackers target energy multinationals  

University of Calgary

China warns, again

China hits back

Dalai Lama     

Global cyber attack

Cyberwar declared

China pulls plug on hacker website


RSA Security network hacked    

UK raise concern over Huawei  

Huawei reacts to Chinese military link    

Namibia bribe claim

China closer to modern militaries

China military 'closing key gaps'    

Flattops come with benefits  

'Re-education through labour'

Chinese women 'face labour camp'

China 'yet to approve protests'

China steps up service disruptions

Shadows in the Cloud

Spy ring based in China

Military tries to downplay damage 

Bombardier Regina  

Canada a target  

Forensic code clues   Stuxnet 

China's web of censors  

Tanks watch over media centre

China's army of censors

Google challenges China

Google's about turn in China

Don't bet on it

Jacques Rogge

International Olympic Committee

Geologist sentenced 

Futuristic police state unveiled

House of Commons hacked

Hacker attack  

Spying arrest

Selling secrets to China


Huawei opens R&D centre in Ottawa

Rio spied for 6 years: China

Teck clinches deals on BC coal shipments

Canada Port Authorities

China's 'hijacking' of US data flow

PLA officers urge economic punch against US

Internet censorship in China 

IOC rebuts censorship deal accusations  

Censorship ok but hey no drugs 

Bribes forced China to overpay

Executives handed lengthy jail terms

Rio Tinto espionage case  

What is trial about?

Stern Hu

China's hackers stealing US defence secrets

Beijing Olympics

Pressure brings delay 

Who framed Google China

Internet censorship: who controls what

Filter software 'not compulsory'

Internet censorship  

China cracks down on 'vulgar' websites

Hiding in plain site

China to censor text messages 

Web censorship at Olympics

China warns of hijack threat

Coal in Canada

Import licenses may be cancelled

Beijing accuses Rio of spying

Rio Tinto

Why China detains Rio's mining executives

China accuses Rio Tinto of espionage

Green Dam censorware system

Green Dam Youth Escort

Stories China's media could not write

China launches crackdown

Corruption up

Chinese yuan

Officials waste half their budget 

Tech firms help governments censor Internet

Spy jailed  

Private firm raises concerns

VFS Global

Chinese spying on Canberra

Australian intelligence

Hope royal commission

China denies trying to obtain US space tech

China's spies, unfair policies threaten

Hackers launch attack on US military Labs

Chinese at the center of cyber attack

US arrests 4 'Chinese spies'

Spy 'slept' in US for 2 decades

World faces "cyber cold war" threat

Exposed cyber attacks tip of the iceberg

China denies spying

Open Net Initiative

China clings to control  .pdf  

China's surveillance network

DSD document part 1   part 2   part 3  

Spies 'infiltrated US power grid'

China's global cyber-espionage network

Tracking GhostNet


Widening the door for PRC spying


Cyber warfare a growing threat

Official charged with spying 

Unlikely scene of spy case 

Noshir Gowadia 

Chinese spies arrested

Friends rallying to defend DIA spy

Ex-DIA analyst admits passing secrets

Defense contractor held in spy case

China curbs foreign TV channels

Chinese defector warns Canadians of spys

China has 1,000 spies in Canada

China envoy alleges spy network

China defector accuses Australia

Chinese defector details espionage agenda

Refugee process abused by criminals

3500 Chinese spy companies identified

In Canada, Spies R Us

China spying on us: CSIS

FBI spy chief asks private sector for help

Ex-envoy warns of Chinese spies

Isle man gave China stealth tech, feds say

EU trade official accused of leaking secrets

Chinese woman gets 18 months

Chinese hackers targeted Whitehall

Canadian connection in spy plot

China's latest boom industry: spying

US charges arms dealer

US charges pair as China spies

Three charged in alleged spy plot

Making waves, carefully, on the air in China

China broadens espionage operations

Chinese secret agent pleads guilty

Case patterns the Chinese style of espionage

The Wild West of American intelligence

China building advanced arms

WASHINGTON - China is rapidly building space weapons and other advanced arms infused with artificial intelligence capabilities as part of Beijing's bid for military dominance, according to a congressionally sponsored study (US-China Economic and Security Review Commission).  (Free Beacon) 

China's advanced weapons systems  .pdf 

DOD report

Pentagon says China using cyberattacks

China denies US accusations

China points finger at US

Employment of China's armed forces

China lays bare its military might

Economic focuses on its military might  

China readies military space station

China Military   People's Liberation Army

Military balance 2009  

Another secret submarine base

China's Jianggezhuang submarine base

China Military Power Report 2009   .pdf 

ChiCom carrier killer    

'Carrier-killer' could reshape sea combat


Military getting stronger

Military still expanding


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