Alleged mastermind of lavish mansion casino raided by police met twice with Justin Trudeau


The news that emerged last week about Wei Wei was attention-grabbing to say the least. Police announced the Toronto-area real estate developer had been charged after officers raided a lavish, well-armed and illegal casino that was uniquely located inside a sprawling mansion. (National Post)

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  1. If i received 1 million dollars from a high ranking member of the Chinese communist party who was caught running an illegal casino in Canada and had an assault rifle on the premises jail would be coming up in my future. I guess with the rising drug problems in Canada and the lack of action by the Liberal government that Trudeau has the Hells angels endorsement in the next election as well. The illegal cannabis sold here is being laced with methamphetamines and in Edmonton the Royal Alexander Hospital is overflowing with so many meth (mentally ill) patients that they are having a new building built to house them all. Lets not forget all the Opioid deaths that are occurring. Maintaining the status quo is foremost on the criminals minds and there is definitely a connection to mainland china regarding that. I wonder if Trudeau gets any undocumented donations for all his looking the other way on these matters.


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