Vancouver fentanyl sentence a joke


In the past few years we have been inundated with information telling us we are in an opioid crisis that is causing hundreds of sudden deaths across the country. The bulk of which, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada is caused by fentanyl which amounts to about 82% of all opioid overdoses according to their latest statistics. (True North News)

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  1. Doesn’t matter what crime you commit in Canada…as soon as you are read your rights, our system treats you like the victim, and sweeps the REAL victims of crime, rights and privileges, under the rug.

    He had a LIFETIME ban on firearms!!…Fool is once, shame on you. Fool us multiple times, shame on our judges and laws.

    I don’t care if jail doesn’t rehabilitate these incurable cancers to least keep them locked up for everyone else’s personal safety.

    Now with this stupid judgement, it will be unjust and unfair to lock up any other poor, down on their luck, addicted death dealers, for any longer…


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