Bill Owens photographed the Hells Angels at Altamont then hid for 49 years

"Two Angel with their pool cues beat a naked guy to the ground. Then they kicked him with their boots. He was bloodied and had teeth knocked out. He crawled under the stage to get away from it, still naked. Somebody told me he stayed under there for the rest of the concert, which ran from day into night. I've always wondered how he got home with no clothes on. You see four other photographers in the shot but nobody was able to capture the beating because it happened so fast. I'd photographed enough riots that year to know not to get too close, and what lens to use on what camera.

When Bill Owens got his pictures of the violence at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival published in Rolling Stone, he would not let his name appear on the photo credit. Owens had been threatened and he feared retribution from the same Hells Angels he’d photographed swinging pool cues in front of the concert stage on Dec. 6, 1969. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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