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(Prime Time Crime exclusive Feb. 22, 2010)

Useful Idiots

By Bob Cooper



From melting snow, technical glitches, & nasty Brit reporters, some are saying that VANOC had a bad first week.   Compared to being a member of Vancouver’s loony left, VANOC’s had a day at the beach.  Amazing, considering the amount of time, resources, & money that Moscow poured into puppet groups here over decades.  Joe Stalin would be crying in his Stoli right now if he was here to see what they’d made of it.

Pivot’s John Richardson announced a campaign to supply the homeless with bright red tents so they could have a little urban campout (on un-ceded native land, mind you) to protest homelessness but was upstaged when the Salvation Army, who, unlike Richardson, actually do something about homelessness, told the media they had 20 spare beds and why would the homeless sleep outside?

Then you have his fellow standard-bearer, David Eby, of the BC Criminal Liberties Association.  He still has the stink of the Van Hubbard case and “Cell Phone Boy” all over him but he’s undeterred.  That is, until he’s forced to admit that he cancelled the deployment of BCCLA ‘Independent Observers’ just before last Saturday’s protest march that saw masked violent thugs assaulting cops & journalists, menacing ordinary citizens, and damaging everything in their path.  The actions of these dolts, contrasted with the restraint shown by the VPD Crowd Control Unit, cost the anti-Olympic movement the PR battle in about 10 minutes.  Favorite chant?  “The whole world is watching.”  You bet it is.  That some of the demonstrators carried bags of vinegar only added to an irony no doubt lost on them.

When pressed, Eby admitted he’d pulled the observers in response to a last minute request from the Olympic Resistance Network, causing some to question the word ‘Independent’ and wonder whether he’d have been as accommodating if the same request had come from Deputy Chief Sweeney.  Questioned further, Eby’s first bogus excuse was that ORN felt that the observers may have been infiltrated by the police.  He then claimed that he was reluctant to put them into a dangerous situation.  Firstly, they’d supposedly been trained for this.  Secondly, how did he know the situation was going to become dangerous?  Well, we don’t know, you see, because, despite the glaringly obvious nature of the question, none of the reporters bothered to ask it. 

No matter, for Eby it just got worse as he apparently went on to criticize the more violent elements of the movement earning him a valuable lesson on the Left’s view of freedom of speech.  Any lip service they pay to the concept is far overshadowed by the shrill cries of Solidarity Forever.  And don’t you forget it.  A couple of nights later, as he was about to address an anti-Olympic forum, he received a pie in the face and went on to be booed off the stage like Ricky Nelson at Madison Square Gardens.

The Soviets used to call sympathizers in Western countries “useful idiots” which said a lot about their attitude toward them.  I think that David Eby is likely feeling rather used right now.  The movement he devoted himself to is badly divided and it’s made him a pariah. ‘The Long March through the institutions’ just took a major stumble and the beauty of it is that the ‘capitalist oppressors’ (CSIS, Police) didn’t have to lift a finger.  They just sat back & watched as the idiots did all the work.

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