(This column was published in the North Shore News on Nov. 14, 2001)


G-20 protesters will be stupid and violent

By Leo Knight

IN a few days the finance ministers of the so-called G-20 nations will be convening in Ottawa for talks on the global economy in the wake of Sept. 11.


Also coming along for the meetings are the ubiquitous anarchists, the ill-educated urban terrorists who created the riots at the Battle in Seattle, Washington DC, Quebec City, APEC in Vancouver, the Riot at the Hyatt and most recently, at Genoa, Italy.


Curiously enough, these nut bars didn't show up at the recently held APEC meetings in Shanghai. Evidently, their Marxist idealism did not quite jive with the Maoist government's penchant for eliminating protest with tanks and real bullets. Their tough talk about taking on tanks while only armed with a "shank" is just that - talk.


The so-called "Black Bloc" will be there in numbers. They are the real violent group who show up at these events and actually create the violence. I get a real pain in the neck when I hear them called "students" or "demonstrators" or something equally benign.


They are urban terrorists and nothing less. Their cause is not entirely dissimilar to Osama bin Laden's. They want to permanently end our Western, capitalist society. In their pointy little heads they believe that everyone would live happily ever after if we were all returned to the Stone Age and shared the result of our hunts.


These geniuses have planned to be in Ottawa and are also planning how to disrupt the G-8 conference set for next summer in Kananaskis, Alberta. I have long been saying publicly that these people are thugs and not "protesters." They deliberately plan their acts of violence and come equipped with weapons.


It was the same at the APEC conference in Vancouver in 1997 as it was in Quebec City last year and so it will be in Ottawa this week. And we don't need to spend millions of dollars in another national navel-gaze holding a quasi-judicial enquiry designed to apportion blame.


For evidence of what I am saying, let's check one of the anarchist's discussion groups on the Internet. These are their words, complete with spelling and grammatical errors exactly as they appear on the board:


"If we have enough people, we will be able to break the police lines. We should have enough people, therefor we should plan for breaking the police lines, and then once doing so, advancing as much as possible from there. Causing enough disorganization within the law enforcements security operation will most likely deam the area 'out of control', thus canceling the meetings.


"However, this CANNOT be acomplished unless we have gear to protect ourselves. All of our comrades need gas masks, goggles, we need alot of sheilds. We need to be able to hold our ground and not move back when tear gas and rubber bullets start going off. I strongly recomend gas masks and shields. Shields will allow you to advance despite any projectiles being fired at you. Gas masks will ensure that we can keep gong despite any amounts of tear gas fired."


Or from this genius: "I am comming from los angeles. I cannot bring any materials on to the plane, but when I get to Ottawa (i'm taking a bus there from NYC), I want to hurry up and make some sheilds, and other good things. i'll get there around 8:30-9am in the morning."


Evidently the leftist claptrap they get from teachers today neglects to actually teach them to read, write and spell correctly.


Or this: "However, there will probably be a fence present to protect the areas where the delegates will be meeting. So I think we should first of all think in terms of grappling hooks, boltcutters etc. maybe hiding them around the city in the time prior to N17.


"We should take down the fence in multiple areas so that when we enter we know we have a way out and are not stuck inside at the mercy of the army of cops.


"I think we should expect at least 2,500-3,000 cops present. Plus the use of tear gas, plastic and rubber bullets, horses, dogs, and the whole-nine-yars, (hopefully short of live ammunition)."


And so, yet again, we will watch as these idiots openly flaunt the rules of a civilized society and yet again, we will quibble about whether the police used too much force to try and control these thugs.


Free speech is laudable and a noble ideal worth fighting for. What these idiots do is pre-planned criminal behaviour and nothing more notable than that. It's high time we stop taking them seriously and start treating them like the criminals they really are.


Personally, I'll be cheering for the boys in blue.






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