(This column was published in the North Shore News on Aug. 22, 2001)


Liberals create new propaganda machine

By Leo Knight

WE have, it seems, become a nation of lemmings.


This country has been saddled with what might arguably be the most corrupt government in our nation's history and, amazingly enough, the prime minister has been hitting record numbers in the polls.


Record high numbers that is. Truly amazing.


For all the stink surrounding the allegation of corruption connected with the Aubèrge Grand Mère in Shawinigan, Jean Chrétien still maintains his popularity. For all the finger pointing and screams of interference by the PMO in the shutting down of Project Sidewinder, "da leetle man from Shawinigan" sheds it like water off a duck's back.


And we take it.


The Liberal government of Chrétien is less about governance and all about lining their pockets and those of their friends, especially those real good friends who happen to donate a lot of money to the Liberal cause.


OK, so there's nothing new in all of this. Modern day Liberalism has been doing this since they anointed themselves the natural governing party in Canada.


It's not new that the Libs want nothing else from us, as citizens, but more taxes to stuff barrels in which they have their snouts buried. To accomplish this great mission in life, it is important they do two things: 1) deflect all the reality contained in the allegations which keep surfacing in spite of the imploding Opposition; 2) to provide the country with as much disinformation as possible.


In order to achieve item number one, they need to ensure they are up to speed with item number two. This summer, lost among the infighting within the Alliance and the dog days of indifference, the federal government created a new information arm, a new department to emulate the great propaganda machinery of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union in its heyday.


With an initial budget of $100 million, (and that's only for a start,) the new Canadian Information Service (CIS for short - it was originally called the Canadian Information Agency until some bright light realized the acronym might have some adverse connotations) was announced amid little fanfare.


The CIS is apparently supposed to be in charge of all government advertising and information made available to the public.


Lost in this is any sort of explanation why the government is involved in advertising at all. Let's face it, the only time the government should be advertising anything is to warn the public of impending danger or other such important newsflash. Whenever I hear the words, "brought to you by the Government of Canada" following a soppy, flag-waving, oh-aren't-we-all-warm-and-wonderful, I want to hurl. I get infuriated at the waste of taxpayer money.


Unfortunately, government advertising has become nothing more than party propaganda designed to assist the government in power to re-election. A party political message without having to spend their own "hard-earned" dollars. They can usurp taxpayer dollars to ensure their place at the trough.


The military is an embarrassing joke in this country. The federal police force has to throw nickels around like manhole covers, so depleted are their budgets. Corrections Canada can't afford to house the criminal element.


And Chrétien is spending $100 million on a new department designed to ensure the perpetuity of the frickin' Liberal party. Jean Chrétien has legitimized propaganda in this country at a level to make Josef Goebbels proud.


And nary a word of protest is uttered.


We have, it seems, become a nation of lemmings.






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