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4 RCMP Officers dead

Alberta Police

Toronto Police

BC Police


RCMP Harassment

Aggressive police questioning

OSHAWA - Participants in a psychological study at the UOIT accused another person of stealing a cellphone after being subjected to aggressive and coercive interrogations about the sham crime.  The study, accepted by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, examined the effect of a popular and increasingly controversial style of police interviewing commonly known as the Reid technique.  (Toronto Star)     


Graves located

CHARLOTTETOWN - The RCMP Veterans' Association of PEI maintains 100 headstones in 45 graveyards across the province.  (CBC)


2 officers charged

BATHURST - Michel Vienneau, 51, was fired on in his vehicle near the Bathurst train station on Jan 12.  Police say Const Patrick Bulger, 38, and Const. Mathieu Boudreau, 26, each face charges of manslaughter with a weapon.  (CTV)   MORE:   Manslaughter charges laid against 2 officers    2 officers charged 


Officers charged

HAMILTON - 7 members of the high-profile Hamilton police ACTION team that polices downtown Hamilton have been arrested and 5 charged as part of a probe into falsified tickets.   (CBC)


Creating a cash cow 

OTTAWA - Police would have the option of ticketing people for a range of minor offences - instead of laying criminal charges - under a plan that could yield significant savings for the cash-strapped justice system.   (CP)   To serve and collect


Lawyers can't help

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police officers under investigation by a civilian watchdog are not allowed to have a lawyer help them prepare their notes.  (CP)  JUDGMENT:   2013 SCC 71 


Military police investigated

OTTAWA - Military police were used to investigate how CTV obtained information Gen. Walt Natynczyk’s use of government VIP aircraft for trips to fundraising dinners, sporting events, and a Caribbean island.   (CTV)   MORE:   Walter Natynczyk    


Torture info ok

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has quietly given Canada's national police force and the federal border agency the authority to use and share information that was likely extracted through torture.  (CP)   PREVIOUS:  CSIS can use torture into 


Police routinely violate privacy

A new report says many Canadians, especially in Alberta, are having their privacy rights violated because police are releasing non-criminal information in routine police checks.  (CBC)   REPORT:  Cops revealing too much   Necessity of background checks   Background check


Officer charged

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE - RCMP say a constable with Dakota Ojibway Police Service is facing a number of charges.   (CTV)  


3 charged

LA LOCHE - RCMP say Deano LaPrise, Randall LaPrise and Fabian LaPrise are charged with assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, arson, participating in a riot, obstruction and mischief.   (CTV) PREVIOUS:   Mob storms hospital 


2600 drivers fined

MONTREAL - The SAAQ says too many drivers are failing to respect the province's "move-over" law.  (CTV)  

Lack of funds

MONTREAL - Criminal groups are moving into Indigenous communities because of a vacuum in policing services, a Quebec government inquiry heard.   (CBC)    More funding   Funding to improve FN policing 


Fatal collision

MARKHAM - The SIU is looking into a Markham collision after an unmarked police car struck and killed a male pedestrian.  (Toronto Star) 


New screening measures

OTTAWA - Numbers obtained by CBC News show that in the first month after the CPIC database was introduced at primary inspection points, it flagged 1,800 cases in which travelers had outstanding warrants against them.   (CBC)


Another police float

VANCOUVER - Black Lives Matter Vancouver is asking police to voluntarily withdraw their float from the upcoming Pride Parade, as a 'show of solidarity and understanding' that officer involvement in the march creates an unsafe atmosphere for some communities.   (CP)     Cop lives don't matter


Officer fired

FREDERICTON - Arbitrator Cedric Haines ruled that Const Cherie Campbell be fired for shoplifting $20 worth of cosmetics in Maine and for attempting to seek favourable treatment from a fellow police officer.  (CBC)


 'Contempt of cop'

CAMROSE - 'Disrespect - sometimes called 'contempt of cop' - is another common cause for excessive, or disproportionate force,' researcher John Kleinig wrote in a 2014 research article about use of force in policing. (CBC) 


Police want more snooping power

OTTAWA - Canada's police chiefs want legal authority to seize mail in transit to stem the flow of illicit drugs, fake medicine and weapons through the postal system.   (CP)  Latest warrantless access scheme   CACP


Canadian surplus military gear

OTTAWA - As the debate over the militarization of police continues in the US, new data reveals surplus military equipment in Canada is more likely to end up in a museum than with a municipality.  (Toronto Star)    


Police killings

SAO PAULO - Brazilian police killed more than 11,000 people between 2009 and 2013 for an average of 6 killings a day, a public safety NGO said.  PREVIOUS:   Violent crime costs  



PEEL - Iole Pasquale, 80, fell to the ground and was rushed to Credit Valley Hospital for treatment of a fractured hip after the Aug. 28 incident. (CityNews)  MORE:   Police facing lawsuit   Officer didn't break the law


Stopping crimes

Police technology is getting closer and closer to being able to stop crimes before they occur. Science fiction films like Minority Report no longer seem quite so far-fetched.    (CTV) 


Cross border policing

The Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act now makes it possible for American officers to cross the border into Canada where, as the act states, they have "the same power to enforce an act of Parliament as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police."  (CBC)  Project Shiprider    


Must speak both languages

FREDERICTON - The New Brunswick Court of Appeal has ruled that police officers must follow the province's Official Languages Act when they arrest people.  (CBC)   JUDGMENT:  2011 -1201 RvLosier  .pdf  

Public should be told

TORONTO - If a police officer kills someone, the public should be told how and why.  Well, it is apparently a conclusion so obvious that to reach it in Ontario took a massive public outcry, which created a crisis, which led to a 7-month study involving 17 public consultations, 1,500 interviews and 130 private meetings. Even the most rudimentary principles of public trust and openness escape those who most need to understand them.   (Toronto Star)

Privacy Act and public interest 

Police don't think you need to know 

Long road ahead

Rebuilding police respect

Report of the oversight review

Oversight changes


Oversight changes

Should police officers be identified?  

Using privacy incorrectly

A person that dies shouldn't be anonymous

Police creating a troubling precedent 

'Nameless' murder victims

Let's start naming names

RCMP fined

MONCTON - The RCMP has been ordered to pay $550,000 for failing to provide its members with proper equipment and training in the wake of a fatal 2014 shooting rampage in Moncton, NB.   (CP) 

Guilty of violation

RCMP railed to provide equipment, training

Convicted in Absentia  

I can't admit that

Summary week 5  

You are not a leader 

RCMP showed due diligence

No one in command 

RCMP pleads not guilty

Shooting report  

ManNeil review: Moncton Shooting

RCMP response to MacNeil Report


Monument to honour fallen 

Mounties should be better armed

2014 Moncton shootings


Ross     Gevaudan     Larche

Evidence released

Labour code charges

RCMP charged with labour violations

Details of charges

Mountie sues force    

Defensive internal memo 

Always had a 'kit' ready

Bourque was sleep-deprived

RCMP funeral

Funeral procession

Sea of red  

Internal probe  

Cops outgunned    


Police dog will return to service 

75 years

75 years without parole

Guilty plea

Contract policing

Communities across Canada that lack their own police depend on Mounties as the cheaper option. But with forces facing heavy caseloads, staffing crunches and looming unionization, critics wonder if the tradeoff is worth it.  (Globe & Mail)  


Spending millions for officers to direct traffic on OT 

Unregulated field

Use of private security for policing: summary 

Police officer's job


Retooled witness protection program

Federal witness protection program

Witness protection 2nd report

Officer shortages

Pension shortfall

Senior officers’ bonuses

'Safety State' of tomorrow

Spotlight on retention pay

Reining in policing costs

Role models take raises

Police to get more cash for doing job  

Police costs rising 

Suspended with pay made Sunshine list 

Building a new public safety model   .pdf  

Crime rate falls, costs climb

Funding for 5 years 

Salaries 92% of Police budget

Funding renewed

Policing Canada in 2015

Flexibility, partnerships key

Policing in the 21st century   .pdf    

Policing costs

Soaring policing costs     

Things to know about  policing

Police cost more than running town

Local police costs

Police force cuts budget

Too many add-ons

$800M in OT

Swelling police budgets

Large pay raise


Federal funding expires

Police bracing for cuts

Forces brace for cuts

Police costs are unsustainable

Police costs  

Surge in private security

Firefighters turn up the heat

Firefighters fan the flames of fear

Firefighters cheer budget

Failure of arbitrators

Arbitrator awards 11.59% raise


Witness protection budget

Exploding cost 

OPP has cost issues

25,000 more cases

The RCMP is set to dramatically expand its review of closed sexual assault cases.  The decision comes after an examination of 2,225 files from 2016 where Mountie investigators had concluded the complainants' allegations were unfounded.   (CBC)


Sexual assault cases

Police to reform sex-assault probes

Police dismiss 1 in 5 claims as baseless 

Police reported crime 2016

OTTAWA - The police-reported Crime Severity Index, which measures the volume and severity of crime, increased 1% in 2016 over the previous year. This marked the second consecutive rise in the index following 11 years of declines.  (Stat Can)Police-reported crime stats, 2015

Trafficking in persons in Canada, 2014 

Police-reported crime statistics, 2014

When police pull you over 

Use of force report

Crime rate drops

Crime rate lowest since 1972

What's behind crime stats?

Crime prevention goal

Mapping crime across Canada

Homicide rate highest in Winnipeg

Crime rate for women surge

Police clearance rates 2010

Police resources in Canada 2010

Police resources in Canada 2009 

Police resources in Canada 2008

Police diversity

Red serge protest

Red serge 

Firearms and violent crime 2012  

Reported crime statistics 2012

Police report 2011

Reported crime statistics, 2011

Calgary has fewer police per capita

Stats tables

Ottawa police to submit race

Settlement questioned  

Racial profiling

Thinking like the 'bad guys'

David Skillicorn

Why statistics don’t add up    .pdf  

'Weighted clearance rate'

Police reported serious assaults

'Experts' skeptical

Canadian crime stats don't add up

How To Lie With Statistics  

Guidance Software

Secrecy to be reviewed

TORONTO - Justice Michael Tulloch's review is examining current policies surrounding what information the province's police watchdogs keep secret - including the names of those killed by police.   (Toronto Star) 


Death never made public

How to victimize murder victims

Personal name



How to cover up a murder

Self-serving and weak

Police obtained Bb's decryption key

Stringray phone tracker

IMSI catcher

Commissioner to investigate

Surveillance systems used by VPD?

Police silence

Police promise no random surveillance

Pivot files appeal   

Just in time guilty pleas

No authorization from regulators


Next commissioner

REGINA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has named Brenda Lucki as Canada's first permanent female commissioner of the RCMP.   (CTV)

Woman leader 

RCMP should be divided

Force 2.0  .pdf     Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Database taking longer

Policing legal cases

Union files


Witness protection oversight

RCMP witness protection program 2017

Report calls for new watchdog

Watchdog will not enhance accountability

Paulson retiring

Exit interview 

Bob Paulson

Small steps

Application changes

Easing entrance requirements

Recruiting - cause and effect 

Way more than money   

National Police Federation  

Top cop warns Mounties

Stripe campaign grows

'Pink duct tape

Pay protest

QC Mounties attempt to form own union    

New cyber unit

RCMP plan to tackle cybercrime

Facing disciplinary action

Key services not cut

RCMP act changes  


Dissident blog silenced   

Worth Considering  

RCMP changes investigations

Hit 'record'

Woman sues RCMP  

Doomed to failure

Auxiliary no longer allowed in police cars


Body worn video

Not up to standards

Competition in Canada


RCMP union

2015 SCC 1  

Mounties have right to bargain

Transparency gag

RCMP corruption 

Senate to probe alleged muzzling 

New dismissal process 

Leaked letter 

Draft code of conduct

Upset at airing problems in public

Worth Considering

Failure to track

Whistleblower targeted

Medical opinion used

Prior approval

Feds must know 

RCMP disciplinary cases

Paulson out of touch

Dissident blog silenced

Harper's security detail

How it went bad

Hazardous duty

National Division

Toews denies

Email exposes lousy leadership

Emails reveal tension    

Mounties disciplinary report

Commissioner not 'muzzled'

Vic Toews  

RCMP needs approval  

Public Safety

RCMP battles bulge  

RCMP banks on e-learning

Commissioner apologizes

Boss to repay $912 for guard

PMO stand up for protector   

Overhaul of job descriptions

North policing agreement

About 40,000 work for the RCMP 

Leadership can be strengthened

More exits

Commissioner humiliated workers

Mountie tells MPs of 'abuse' 

Elliott urges return to tradition

RCMP must modernize

RCMP shakes up top management

RCMP needs open leadership    

RCMP must reinstate cadet

Zaccardelli blames US

Zaccardelli rides into sunset

Root out 'dark-hearted behaviour'

Paulson new RCMP commissioner

Paulson vows accountability

Elliott bears 'some responsibility' 

Key role with Interpol

Sky Marshal

RCMP survey

Elliott on RCMP culture remake

RCMP brass need oversight   

RCMP to get new oversight

RCMP needs more independence  

RCMP workplace assessment

Departures aren't because of me   

RCMP facing its problems

RCMP is adrift without a saviour

Police deaths report

TORONTO - Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dube released the product of his investigation into how the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services trains and directs police on use of force. The report makes 22 recommendations.  (Toronto Star)   

Council of Canadian Academies

Taser usage declines

Warning of more bad news

Ottawa wins appeal to block union 

Paulson asks for patience

'Bad apples'

Dziekanski taser incident  

William Elliott          

Police told to aim Tasers lower

New guide lines

Changing the culture

Latest fad de-escalation 

Taser a contributing factor 

Deaths 'extremely rare' 

Officer gets warning from BC boss

Mountie keeps job 

Tasers save lives

Man tasered 

Matter of life and death  

Cops can't fix it alone  

Effects of energy weapons   .pdf   

Post mortem inconclusive

RCMP pulls 1,600 Tasers from use

Braidwood (taser) inquiry

Taser International 

NS Energy Device Report   .pdf  

Don't ban Tasers   

Regimental funeral

EDMONTON - A regimental funeral and celebration of life is being held for Const. Daniel Woodall, who was shot and killed June 8 while trying to serve an arrest warrant.  (CTV)

Regimental funeral

Funeral to honour slain officer

Officer dies

Reviews of shooting

Suspect dead

Honour the fallen 2015

Funeral procession



Memorial service draws thousands  

Self-inflicted gunshot 

Gunman identified

Police file for hate crimes

Edmontonians thank police

Suspect died in house fire

Officer shot dead in Canada  

Fallen officers honoured

RCMP memorial service     

Fallen remembered

Police memorial 2012

No jail time

No jail for quadriplegic teen  

Criminal record of shooter   

2014 Honour Roll

Watchdog clears RCMP

Fallen memorialized

Off-duty officer killed   

Investigation results

Speed and road conditions  

Murder charge restored

Officer killed  

National memorial pays tribute

RCMP memorial honours 3

No charges

Officers memorial

Teen found guilty

Teen guilty

Teen guilty     

Police who died honoured  

3 names added to memorial

Ceremony of Remembrance

Last Sunday of September

National memorial service

Sea of officers  

Details emerge

Officer finally honoured

Police officer's killer gets life

Officer dies

OPP officer death

Fallen Mountie remembered

Memorial service

Police Memorial 2013

Ceremony honours fallen 

Man killed in police gunfight

Officer shot, another person killed

Officer shot     

Family & friends honour Mountie

Fallen Alberta officers honoured

Manitoba remembers fallen officers

Officer dies  

Off-duty officer dies

Man in the snowplow

Police announce charges  

Peace Arch ceremony

Fallen officer gets police sendoff

Police chief suspended

MONTREAL - Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux announced the immediate suspension of Montreal police chief Philippe Pichet for up to a year, pending a further investigation that could lead to his reinstatement or his dismissal.   (PostMedia) 

Report findings  

Key findings  

New era in policing

Time for a major reform     

Chief inspector removed

Officer suspended

Relieved of duties 

Police shooting

BEI investigating

Officer charged with manslaughter

Man shot by police

Police spying

Annual anti-police brutality protest

Annual march against police 


Police shooting

Courthouse shooting  

From smoke break to shooting   

Police shooting video

Video raises questions

Family suing

Quebec City officer acquitted 

Police shooting in Danforn Lake

Police custody death in Waskaganish

Car hit by police vehicle

Officer guilty

Officer convicted of manslaughter 


In custody death

Montreal's crime stats

$15M in OT

SPVM stats 2016  .pdf


Commander relieved of duties

Chief suspends another commander 

Change will take a decade


Culture of rivalries

SQ overloaded in investigation 

Abuse of power allegations

Deputy director relieved of duties

Ordered to face new trial

Police shooting

Man shot dead by police 


Watchdog investigates

Police shooting

Police shoot screwdriver-wielding man

Distressed man facing eviction  

Man shot with rubber bullet dies

Deadly car crash

New $91M luxury Quebec jail

Officer killed in crash

Officer ID'd

Gentle giant  

Police shoot taxi driver

Coroner names man who died

Man dies during police operation

Standoff ends in death

Standoff ends in death

BEI investigating

High-level police corruption  

Call for patience

Conversations intercepted

Police inquiry

Province launches inquiry

Administrative review

Internal affairs investigations

Whistleblowers were silenced

Police accused 

Officer found dead

No charges

No charges against SQ officers



Probe into death of officer

Police shooting 

Shootout with police

Confrontation with police 

Rawdon man shot by police

Officer injured

Officer injured 

Police shooting 

Cleared of wrongdoing

Police shooting

Apparent police shooting 

Police chase death

Police shooting

Officer killed in line of duty

Shooter shot himself

Officers arrested

Montebello police shooting

Suicidal man shot


Police director suspended

SQ director investigated  

Officer killed

Standoff ends in gunfire

Police shooting 


Officer fired

Officer arrested again

Officer rearrested

Officer accused of fraud    

Lac-Simon FN police shooting

Police shooting

Officers arrested

4 arrested 

Police shooting

Police shooting

Police shoot man 

No charges

Police shooting

Police shooting

Officer shoots while being dragged  

Search for suspects

New bureau

Bureau ready to investigate

Cop charged with assault

Officer charged Drolet death

2 officers suspended 


Police shooting

Officers found guilty

Police shooting

Gambling crackdown underway

Officer identified

Disturbing pattern

Independent investigator

Law professor to oversee

Officers suspended

8 officers suspended    

Domestic assault 

Officer charged

Death investigation wraps up

Police shoot man   

Charges against officer 

Gangsterism, bookmaking    

Facing charges     

Teen suing

Officer charged

Cyclist dies 

Cyclist ID'd

Not required to speak English

Bill 101   CRARR

Anne-Marie   Pierre Karl Peladeau 

Police brotherhood offices

Pig's head found

Pig's head seen as direct threat    

Fined for stopping police 

Retired cops to be charged

Officer facing manslaughter charge

Officer charged

Officer facing charges

Officer accused     

Officer arrested

Racial profiling

Police chase

Officer to be disciplined

Armed with cameras

Tasered man dies

Man dead

Man identified

Shooting renews calls for reforms 

Man shot by police

Police shooting

8 years

Cop was justified anyway

No charges   

Police shooting

Robber shot

Theft killed     

Compromising photograph


Guilty plea  

Ex-cop pleads guilty  

March against police brutality

Police hand out 288 fines  


Officer to be disciplined  

War declared on SQ 

Neglect of duty

THUNDER BAY - An OIPRD review of the Thunder Bay Police Service's investigation into the death of an Indigenous man in 2015 found 'substantial' deficiencies that are being considered 'neglect of duty.'    (CBC) 

Zero conviction rate

SIU in Ottawa

Police oversight review in Ottawa

Police oversight review   

Oversight agencies blasted

SIU annual report 2015-16   .pdf  

Speed up investigations

Policy to not tell public 

Try to save a life, be investigated

Police are not above the law    

Social justice warriors stifling free speech

Turning street protests into political influence  

2 officers charged

SIU news release

SIU investigation

Officer charged

Police shooting

Man dies

Police shooting 

Cop to finally lose pay

Quit or be fired 

Tasered man dies in North Bay

SIU clears Hamilton police 

Thunder Bay Chief’s charges dismissed

Durham officer faces internal charges

OPP officer acted within limits in arrest  

No charges after Nipigon shooting  

Calling for calm in Timmins

Timmins in custody death

Timmins police shooting  

Review of SIU 

15-TFD-140   .pdf

Appointed praised

Secrecy for the sake of secrecy 

Cop arrested

Overdose death

Drug squad officer died  

SIU to probe death 

SIU investigating

Fatal crash  

Watchdog misses target

Officer remembered 

Officer dies in crash 

Police shootings

SIU probe

Timmins officer-involved shooting  

Police shooting in Morrisburg

SIU probing 

SIU probing

SIU investigating 

Police shooting in Mississauga

Police shooting 

Family identifies teen

SIU hasn't named teen

Youth suspect dies 

SIU investigating death

Cops assaulted suspect

How charges against police can reverberate 

17 seconds

Officer identified

SIU investigating

SIU clears officer

Officer acted as he was trained to 

Trucking company owner jailed

Dave Dennie

Company owner charged in officer's death  

SIU charges civilian

2nd man charged

Charges stayed

SIU investigating

Police shooting

Cashier trying to take gun away

Slapping a police horse

3rd cop arrested

Not guilty


Man, 25, shot by police

SIU investigating

Man threatened to blow up bank  

Brantford police sued

Man sues Guelph police

Found not guilty

Futility of police ticketing

Thunder Bay police chief charged

Officers walk

Officer charged

Officer found dead

OPP mourn loss

Standoff death

Man found dead    

SIU investigating fall

Axe wielding man

Arrest made

Family of man shot by police criticize delay  

Victim sues police

Suzan Zreik 

Cop charged

Fatal shooting   

Charges reduced 

No charges

Police shooting

Officer fired

No charges

Police cleared in death of man tasered in bathtub 

Officer charged with manslaughter 

No consequences

Inquest into death of Beaver

Cop pleas to 2 charges

Detective claimed OT  

Detective faces charges

Union officials charged

Former OPP union leaders charged 

OPP union mess

Investigation targeting top association

SIU called in

Man hit by pickup truck

Traffic stop death  

Who was Samuel Maloney

They're going to shoot you

Cop shot with a crossbow 

SIU investigating  

Police cleared

2 officers, civilian shot

2 cops wounded 

Sex, drugs and misconduct

Scandal casts shadow on cop 

SIU investigating

Officer charged

Officer not charged

Police involved shooting

SIU investigating 

SIU investigating

Police in Thunder Bay


How SIU decides

Police shooting

Police shooting


SIU investigating

Officer charged

Watchdog releases name 

Nipigon police shooting

Fatal shooting    

North Bay SIU probe 

Found guilty


In custody death

Officer pleads guilty to fraud

SIU investigate

Family suing police 

OPP union announces reform 

Police and crown sued

Oldest unsolved murder

Cop found guilty

Police chase death

Officer cleared  

Disciplined for serious misconduct

Cop secretly made porn

Dozens busted for drunk driving

Using position for personal gain

Bad behaviour won't be tolerated 

Drug cops lied

Judge blasts police officers

OPP union announces reform 

Police who lie

Police force review

5 years

Cop jailed

Death investigated by SIU

Police involved shooting 

Ontario road deaths 2015 

Baker family sues police

Cop alleges betrayal 

Cops off the hook

Officers cleared  

Officer suspended

OPP union mess 

Investigation targeting top association

AG orders probe

SCC throws out $4M coke seizure

SIU investigations

Charges dropped   Julian Fantino

Officer charged 

Cops sue police

Police shooting

2 officers wounded

SIU investigates   

Officers shot

Officers shot

Suicidal man with firearms

Cops identified  

Suspects facing charges

Officer cleared

Shooting justified 

Officer, civilian shot         

Chief blasts officers

SIU report 

SIU 2014-2015 annual report   .pdf 

SIU 2013-2014 annual report   .pdf

Police shooting

2 officers charged

Officers charged

2 more OPP cops arrested

Officer faces charges

2 charged  

In custody death

SIU investigation

Reasonable force

Civilian, officer shot

Search for gunman

Police shooting

OTTAWA - A 25-year-old man with a weapon was shot and killed by an Ottawa police officer after a stabbing at the Island Park Metro.   (CBC)

SIU investigating  

Chief declines to investigate

No evidence of wrongdoing

5 injured in training blast

Mayor defends police chief

Charles Bordeleau



Let the SIU do their investigation


Officers taunted, videotaped

Another part of the story

Pumping up the numbers

Man taken to hospital following arrest

Dueling wristbands

Police divided on wristband support  

United we stand 

Cop charged

Cops ordered to pay 

Cash calls

New police chief

Officer shot responding to party
Officer shot
Eric Czapnik
Kevin Gregson

Man dies after arrest


Another lawsuit

Police still defending shooting

Officer dismissed

Accused admits killing officer

Video of final minutes

Officers charged

No charges

Aggressive escaped cows

Officer charged

No charges

Vern White

Chief assigns officer to review

2 for 1

Suspended Mountie charged

Attempted murder charge

Officer cleared in shooting death

Officer remembered

Funeral draws hundreds    

Accused killer faces sex charges

OPP clears Ottawa police 

Officers charged

SIU press release 

Gambling house

'Bright light'

Surveillance now includes audio 

Police cleared in fatal shooting

Man shot by police dies in hospital

Officer killed

Area high school grad killed

Officer killed

Shooter found dead

Cop killed in standoff

Officer shot     

Police shooting

NORTH BATTLEFORD - RCMP reported receiving a call from a man, saying he had been chased and shot at from a vehicle on Saturday just before 9pm.  RCMP said shots were fired 'in response to the driver's actions.'  Brydon Bryce Whitstone, 22, of Onion Lake Cree Nation died on the way to the hospital.   (CBC) 

Man killed

RCMP shooting

Report one-sided

Human Rights Watch

Behind the badge: ICE

Behind the badge: Air 1

Behind the badge: Canine unit 

Fleeing man drowns 

Police shooting

Regina police to investigate

Police shooting

Shots fired 

Police shooting

Officer involved shooting 

Stolen vehicle crash

One dead  

Cause of death


1 year

Jailed for false report 

North SK crime rate highest

Deceased ID'd

Standoff death

Found dead   

In custody death 

Use of force investigated

Man drowns while fleeing officers

Mounties shot at

Mountie found guilty 

Officer found guilty


Officer not guilty

Mountie killed

Officer discharged

Officer charged


Man shot by RCMP

Police shooting after standoff  

In custody death

Police-reported crime in North, 2013  

Mountie charged

Drug trafficking

Officer found not guilty

Arrests made

Attempted murder charge   

Woman dies in RCMP cell  

Spitting myth

In-custody death

Cop charged

Buried explosives

Charges laid

RCMP memorial service

Spiritwood Incident

Seizure of clothing questioned

WINNIPEG - The report into the death of Christopher Chastellaine says he was arrested after he was caught on camera spitting on the worker in 2014.  The report says 6 officers helped take the man down onto the floor, handcuffed him and put a hood over his head so he couldn't spit at them. He became unresponsive and died a few days later.  (CP) 

Not at fault after suspect jumps from window 

Suspect dead

Police shooting

Suspect identified   

Police shooting

Police shooting

IIU called in 

Found guilty


In custody death    

Officer cleared

Officer facing charges

No charges

No charges

IIU bulletin 2017-046-2  .pdf 

No charges in police shooting

No charges

No charges

IIU bulletin 2017-027-2   .pdf 

Lake MB FN suspect shot

Man dies after use of force arrest

Police shooting

Police shooting 

Shot man identified

Suspect dies   

Lab unsuitable 

CAO got $200K for helping    

Officer involved shooting

Police shooting

Police shooting

Cop did nothing wrong

Officer charged

Officer charged

IIU press release  .pdf

Officer won't face charges

Officer-involved shooting

Man killed was suicidal

Family identifies man in fatal shooting 

Suspect arrested  

Arrest in cop-dragging hit-and-run  

ASIRT to investigate shooting

Driver drags officer   

No charges


Police shooting

Charges laid

Officer charged

Officer wounded

Son died in custody

Linked to robberies  

Armoured vehicle

Armoured vehicle keeps people safe

Police investigation unit


Unit to oversee MB police 

Dad hands over reins to son

Secret commission

Construction firm raid

Criminal probe

Child porn charge

Man shot at baseball tournament

Shot man was wanted 

HQ costs go up, yet again  

Ex-mayor never accepted payment

Mountie took prisoner home

Taman Inquiry  

Inquest into death

11 files

RCMP member hunting on the job

More doesn't mean less

Officer charged 

In custody death

RCMP not to blame

Report clears RCMP  

Pepper-sprayed man died

Guilty plea

Police chief stepping down

Keith McCaskill 

Police shooting

Officers put on administrative leave

Officer charged

RCMP office set on fire

Arson suspected

Officers not guilty

Inquest called 


Wise up Winnipeg


New police chief

Officers acquitted

Ex-officer jailed

Former officer to sentenced  

Second-in-command testifies  

Mountie identified 

MEMRAMCOOK - Const Francis Deschenes, the 35-year-old Mountie who was killed night when he pulled over to help change a flat tire on the Trans-Canada Highway near Memramcook, NB, had a history of going above and beyond to help others.  (CBC) 

RCMP statement

Officer killed

Fatal collision  

Cleared in Waycobah FN 

Use of force

Inquiry report on death of Don Dunphy   .pdf  

Shooting death inquiry


Inquiry: death of Donald Dunphy 

Inquiry - why police shot Dunphy 

Chief facing allegations

Chief under investigation

Police storage audit

Guilty plea

In custody death

Police cleared

No charges

Former Mountie head to US prison

Officer charged

Police employees charged

Reasonable force

Kennebecasis Regional Police Force

Police justified

Officers not responsible 

Bridgewater police chief charged

Police chief charged 


Consent is a complex issue

Charges thrown out

Police cleared

SiRT file #2016-024   .pdf 

No charges in Webb tasering

No charges

3 officers suspended

RCMP investigation  

Photo gets social media love

Photo inspired memes

Internet meme 

RCMP member facing charges

Officer accused 

Officer charged

Appropriate force

Officer charged

SIRT investigating

Officer cleared

Officer cleared

Cop charged 

Chiefs staging 'power grab'

No charges recommended

No charges

Ex-Mountie charged

Cop charged

Off-duty officer charged    

Officer in hospital

Mountie cleared    

That's just who I am

Ordered dismissed

Not officers fault

Unanswered questions

Police shooting   

Officer charged

Volunteer firefighter identified

Shooting confounds residents

Police shooting

Man shot

Police chief retires

Bill Reid

Man found dead   

SIRT clears Mounties


RCMP shoot man carrying weapon

Police shooting

Police shoot man at mall

Teen could face weapons charges  

Officer charged

Cop facing more charges

RCMP cleared 

New NS top cop

Brian Brennan

Alphonse MacNeil 

New commanding officer

Knife wielding man

Police shooting 

No charges

Police road stop death

Police used reasonable force

Officer injured 

Police shooting

Community mourns man  


Police cleared 

Police cleared

Stabbing killed man

Sheriffs warned

Police identify man

Valley View Villa  

No charges

Fast arrest made

Police will not face charges

No charges

Officer stabbed

Attempted murder charge

Traffic violators

No blunders 

1st cyberbullying unit

Officer charged

Cop charged

Charge dropped

20 year contract

RCMP settles

Officer charged

Officer with head injury

Deputy police chief suspended

Drug convictions quashed

Officer sues sports editor

Officer accused

Police shooting

Police involved shooting  

Missing social fund money

Police cleared

Head-scratcher for RCMP  

RCMP didn't ignore allegations  

R. v. Ryan

Standoff ends 

Commission releases report    

RCMP made errors  

Officer charged


Obstruction charges

Lawyer to lead unit

Police shooting

UMIUJAQ - A police shooting in the Inuit community of Umiujaq has left a 22-year-old man dead.   (APTN)

BEI investigating 

In custody death

Suicide by cop

Confrontation with RCMP    

26 hour standoff

Investigating police shooting

Man dies  

Standoff death

Man turned gun on himself 

Not ready for primetime

7 years

Disbanding request

Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service

Indigenous policing issues

Inquest recommendations

Gjoa Haven police shooting

RCMP shooting

RCMP wounds suspect  

Man charged

'Living death' sentence

RCMP killed armed man

Death accidental

Inquest into death in custody

Changes after inquest

RCMP stops participating in show   

Police shooting

Death ruled accidental

MAYO - A coroner’s jury in Yukon has ruled the drowning death of RCMP Const. Michael Potvin was accidental.   (CBC)   

Jail death report


Mental health issues

Police shooting

Allegedly wielding axe 

US police shootings

WASHINGTON - Police fatally shot 987 people last year, or two dozen more than they killed in 2016, according to an ongoing Washington Post database project that tracks the fatal shootings.  The number of police officers feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2017 stood at 46.   (Washington Post) 

Baltimore 2017 homicides 343  

Chicago homicides fall   Costa Rica 603

Detroit 267   LA County 621

New Orleans 157   New York 290  

Mindsets and behaviors  .pdf

Police job harder

Pew Research Center

Behind the badge 

Pattern of excessive force

Chicago Police Department

Investigation of the CPD   .pdf 


2016 US law enforcement officers fatalities   .pdf

By the numbers 

FBI 2016 crime statistics

Police shelve body cameras

Screening efforts

Secret Service

Homeland Security Inspector General  


TSA should limit fundingNation suckered

US uniform crime report

FBI's big report on crime

80-year-old definition of rape

Mayor rejects ruling

Scheindlin   Bloomberg   Kelly

Baltimore Police Department

Emanuel administration's 

Debunking one-sided statistics

Police shooting deaths

Justice department announces

DoJ press release  

Police video dump

Hundreds of police files released  

Chicago police accountability task force

Police misconduct

Federal investigation

Chicago Police Department

Lynch has announced 

Loretta Lynch 

Military equipment to police

Restricting military gear

Obama's ban a 'publicity stunt'

Recommendations pursuant to EO 13688   .pdf   

Executive Order 13688   .pdf   

FBI: protecting in the 21st Century   .pdf  

Stop-and-frisk ruling

Stop-and-frisk violates constitution

New York City's stop-and-frisk

08 Civ. 1034 (SAS) Part 1   .pdf

08 Civ. 1034 (SAS) Part 2   .pdf

Beggar not homeless

Story behind the photo

Act of kindness


US police shootings

Killings by law enforcement officers in the US, 2015

List of US police officers killed

Executive order

Militarization of police 

Ambushes increase

Minority Report scheme

LONDON - Known as Predictive policing, computer algorithms combine crime statistics and criminal behaviour models to produce 'predictive areas' where burglars and muggers are likely to target.  (Daily Mail)

Body Cameras study published


UK police figures

Corruption scandal


Officers could face prosecution    

UK police pay to start lower  

What are the police for?

Police to receive 10,000 Tasers

Police to be armed with stun guns

Ian Blair

Police forces 'no longer working'

Consumer Focus  

Experiences with the police   .pdf 

Politician 'sceptical'

Reporting crime is a waste of time

Making the victim count   .pdf  

Crime stats fiddling

Inspectorate of Constabulary

UK Statistics Authority 

Rotten core   

Justice Secretary attacks police

Hypocrite Straw  

Jack Straw  

GBH with intent

Police miscount serious violence

Police 'bogged down by red tape'

Part 1   Part 2  .pdf

Infiltrated by criminals

100,000 crime reports ditched

Police quit jobs over bad bosses

Violent crime under-reported

Assets recovery agency scrapped

Seeks way to make criminals pay

Assets Recovery Agency

Serious Organised Crime Agency

Agency 'to target brutal crime'

Serious Organised Crime Agency

Home Office backs police pursuits

Policeman's blog

BBC: The Lawrence inquiry

Wikipedia: Stephen Lawrence

Warning over criminals in forces

Officer pleads guilty

OTTAWA - An Ottawa Police officer has pleaded guilty to discreditable conduct for writing racist comments on Facebook following the death of Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook.  Sgt. Chris Hrnchiar apologized Tuesday morning for leaving the comments on an Ottawa Citizen story about Pootoogook's death in Sept.  (CTV)

Officer charged

Annie Pootoogook

Officer charged

Suspicious elements in death

Artist lived in fear

Artist found dead         

30 Year Analysis of Police Delivery and Costing

Canadian police officer training Iraqi police recruits

List of killings by law enforcement officers in Canada

Memorial Ribbon Society

Prime Time Crime

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