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Asian triads and Sidewinder

Greed and Corruption

Sponsorship Scandal

Raid on Ministerial Offices


First Nations



RED DEER - The Friends of the Michener Centre claim 5 of the 41 people forced from their homes have died in the last 4 months.  (CBC)


Giving up status

OTTAWA -  It has no application fees, takes an average of 14 days to process and applicants have a success rate as high as 97%.  Ottawa's new program that allows immigrants to voluntarily give up their permanent resident status has attracted a lot of interest since its inception in November 2014, despite a lack of any publicity.   (Toronto Star) 


Lack of data

A new report by a Swedish think-tank on the often murky arms business revealed sales of weapons and military services by the world’s biggest producers reached $411B in 2010.  But conspicuous by its absence in the 2010 SIPRI top 100 arms-producing and weapons services list was any data on Chinese arms manufacturers.   (AFP)   MORE:  Canadian CAE on 2010 list   

Travelers need clearance

OTTAWA - Canada is one step closer to forcing visitors from almost every country in the world to obtain authorization before flying into the country.  (Global)  MORE:   Fee for new electronic application     Canada Gazette Vol 147, No 49   pdf   Beyond the Border   Our passport no shield



TORONTO - With a staggering 71,000 fewer students than the province says it has room for, the Toronto District School Board faces having to close the rough equivalent of 171 schools now that Queen’s Park no longer will help pay to keep under-used schools open.  (Toronto Star)  


Canada #1

LONDON - Policies that promote gender equality, safeguards against violence and exploitation and access to healthcare make Canada the best place to be a woman.   (Reuters)   REPORT:  Court rules women can be paid less  



Call for change

EDMONTON - In the last 2 years of her life an Alberta teen tried to kill herself at least 10 times.  The eventual suicide of the 17-year-old is renewing calls for change on how young people struggling with mental illness are treated in the province.   (CBC)

17-year-old Catherine  .pdf    

Children died under care

Child, Youth and Family Services

Review of death

596 more deaths


Results of a bad law  

Concerns about policies

7-year-old Jack: review   .pdf    


Court challenge

VANCOUVER - 2 people who were forced to receive injection medications and electroconvulsive therapy while involuntarily detained for mental-health reasons are challenging the constitutional validity of forced psychiatric treatments.  (Globe & Mail) 

After NCR

NCR study

Mental health workers on frontlines

Addresses myths about NCR  .pdf  

National trajectory project     

Dealing with mentally ill

Cases continue to climb

Mental health decision on hold

Epidemic grips the streets 

Mental health survey

Forces mental health survey, 2013

Cap on involuntary detention

Mental illness help


Slipping through cracks

Inquiry rules

Growing legal liability

Workplace bully, victim & witnesses

Exploring how adults hide & search

Needs unmet  

Punish for private conversations

Overwhelming demand

Here 24/7   

TPS postpone standard

Coverage of mental health week     

Tempo: police interactions 


Crisis intervention teams

Too many mental patients

Mental health act arrests  

Mental health standard

Spotting psychopaths in the workplace 

Psychological in the workplace 

Psychopathy and the CEO

Criminal minds are different  

Candidate for the Couch

Is your boss a 'corporate psycho'?

Robert Hare's website

Do you need to be a psychopath

Psychopathic traits leadership  


$4B per year strategy

Mental health, 2012

1 in 10 had mental problems  

Mentally illness struggles 

Saskatoon mental health police 

Mental health care needed  

Tapping into the brains

Ease mental health conflicts

How police respond

Review ordered

Psy assessment wanted

Mentally ill offenders failed

Policing and the mentally ill

Hospital did not err  

Mental disorders share links

Commission hires marketing


US sanctions entities

WASHINGTON - The State Department unveiled sanctions against 13 people and three firms implicated in the nuclear proliferation network set up by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.   (AFP)

Abdul Qadeer Khan

Rogue scientist released

North Korea weapons of mass destruction

Blueprint found on computers

Khan-duh fallout


Intent to renegotiate NAFTA

WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump's administration has notified Congress of its intent to start renegotiating the NAFTA.  In a letter sent (.pdf) to Republican and Democrat Congress and Senate leaders, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said that the president 'intends to initiate negotiations with Canada and Mexico regarding modernization' of NAFTA.   (CTV)

US NAFTA objectives

Summary of objectives   .pdf 

5 NAFTA key issues

Impacting unimpaired

'North Americanist'

The North American Army

Harper could stop the North American Union

North American Competitiveness Council


Canada, US, Mexico talks


Spies pillage our economy

Canada, says Michel Juneau-Katsuya is becoming an increasingly popular destination for corporate and economic spies because of our lax laws and knowledge-based economy.  (Sun Media)    

Pierre Blais is an ex-Solicitor General and an ex-President of the Queen's Privy Council which would seem to make this ruling more than unusual. – Chris

Al Jazeera: Spy Cables

Guardian: Spy cables

Telegraph: Spy Cables 

Russian spy in Canada

Trading pipe dreams    

Gazprom    RosUkrEnergo

Paul William Hampel


What was an Russian spy doing

Sequel to old cloak-and-dagger story

I spy... a Russian

Canada's effort to turf spies

Spies, lies and fantasies


Insight into the world of spies 


Canadian Rangers program review

OTTAWA - The Canadian Forces ombudsman will conduct a full review of the Canadian Rangers program following stories about deaths among members of the military's northern patrol units.  CBC News reported earlier this year that 49 Canadian Rangers and Junior Rangers have died since January 2011. (CBC) 

Russia claims Arctic 

Russia re-submits claim 

Territorial claims in the Arctic  

UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

Arctic report

'Titanic blunder'

Denmark claims North Pole

MMG promises jobs galore

MMG Corridor project    


Canada's only icebreaker out

CCGS Amundsen  

Titanic blunder   .pdf 

Double acting ship


Death raises questions

Soldier dies  

Canada's Northern Strategy

Geopolitics of the far north

200-mile Arctic territorial limit

Arctic hunt turns up Franklin relics

Danish's scoffs at Arctic claim

Race for Arctic seabed is on

PM starts fight for North

Arctic boundaries  .pdf

Canadian Rangers   

Groups outside Nunavut want a say

Arctic Council

Warning over Arctic agenda

Delisle timeline

Arctic shipping routes opening up

Diplomatic thaw at hand over Arctic

Arctic border hot spots

Canada in show of strength

Canadian Rangers Project

Laying claim to 'internal' waters

Canada flexes muscles over arctic

Canada sends navy to Arctic north

Wikipedia: Hans Island



Link between fracking, earthquakes

VANCOUVER - New research has confirmed the link between fracturing in the oil and gas fields of Western Canada and flurries of earthquakes that have been shaking the region.  (Globe & Mail) 


Fracking chemicals a concern

Protections struggling to keep up

Commissioners farewell audit 

Scott Vaughan 

Study   .pdf

ON smacked by US lawsuit




Mountain Pine beetle in BC


WWF stand on BC forest’s


Ordered released

Ordering the immediate release of immigration detainee Ricardo Scotland, who has spent the last 10 months in maximum-security jail despite not having any criminal charges or convictions, Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Morgan was unequivocal in his condemnation of federal immigration authorities.   (Toronto Star)

Detention Kafkaesque 

Legal but not always applied perfectly

2017 FC 710 

Children in detention

Invisible Citizens   .pdf

Canadian kids held 

Border security

Failure of appointment standards

Fraudulent immigration scheme

Defining people smuggling

2015 SCC 59

2015 SCC 58


2 missing teens in Canada

First Global

Migrants in shipping container

Doors are not wide open

Indefinite detention under fire

Immigration detention   

Caught green handed

Connected to SK backed megamall  

Lawyers argue in court 

Deported to China  

Found not guilty 

Found guilty 

3 not guilty, 1 mistrial

MV Sun Sea timeline

MV Sun Sea incident 

Legal black hole

Deaths expose legal black hole

Human smuggling law 'overbroad'  



Children detented

No life for a child 

Reforms Canada introduced in 2012

Assessment of the limits on appeal rights

Attempt to deny citizenship 

Michael Mvogo

Canada no longer hospitable

Identity confirmed

After 6 years


Leaves sanctuary

8 months for fraud

The Canada experiment  

Can't be deported

Paper lives 

Revoking citizenship

Feds were warned about citizenship law 

Feds still support birth tourism

Oversight criticism


Deported to Jamaica


Anti-radicalization office

Royal rejection

2014 Ontario court decision

Abdillah decision

US border agents stopped Canadian journalist from entry while helping themselves to his phone info


Secret deal

Michel Coulombe

Steven Blaney

Biometric data collection

167-page omnibus budget bill

Migrant workers sues 

Temporary foreign workers  

Biometric tests

CBSA deaths in detention

The Unwanted   



Canada wants leader banned 

Get out deadline

BC freezes worker-immigration program

Liberals move to reassure Canadians

Kicked out of Canada

Deaf 'medically inadmissible' teen can enter

Investor's cases dismissed 

Immigration fraud

Immigration fraud

Foreign worker overhaul

Passport fraud

Cheapest places to buy citizenship 

Contravening values of our society

'Tremendous success'

New citizenship rules

Belhassen Trabelsi

Court upholds oath

'Lost Canadian' court challenge 



Refugee claims sanctuary

We are Jose  

Employees disciplined     

Granted refugee status  

Dual citizens

Oath is constitutional

Canadian without citizenship dies

Last chance in battle

A man that takes an Oath seriously

Charles Roach 

Declare oath unconstitutional

Chretien got cold feet over oath

Immigration guide warnings

146-page document

Salvadoran Civil War

Granted asylum 

Immigration consultant charged

Facing fraud charges

Consultant charged

There's no disguising this  

Disguise fools security  

Disguised man  

Highlighting marriage fraud

CIC fraud prevention month

Toews approved TV show

Raids as reality TV

Canada's Front Line

12 citizenships revoked

Immigration fraud charges 


Citizenship judge charged

China's new gold mine

Immigration backlog down 40%

New power to minister  

Convicted of fraud

Immigration raid

Iranian regime members in Canada

Meaning back in citizenship

Need to live here to be a citizen

Police smash global crime ring  

4 years


Still collecting

Take away automatic citizenship  

'Huge burden’   

From one extreme to the other


Immigration officer admits scam

2 charged

Home prompts questions

'Passport babies' 

Refugee claimants 

Immigration scam

Officials admit failure

$18.5M+ tab

Payoff open to scams

We see you

Not wanted

Sailors were from Georgia  

Survivors to face questioning 


Rivera ordered to leave

Resister speaks out 

Booming business 

RCMP charge first suspect    

Marriage fraud

Faking it

Millionaires want to come

Wanted by the CBSA  

32 more  

Canada to oust foreign criminals  

Annual report 2009-2010

Canadian passport  

2011 SCC 30

Man arrested at border

Illegal work experience doesn't count

Arrest made

Canada's isolation from reality

Cautionary Tale

Ottawa to clamp down on 'trampolining'

Citizenship operational guideline

2009 refugees and stateless persons

List of countries by population  

List of countries by GDP (PPP)

International manhunt underway  

Cash for paperwork

Criminals escaping deportation

Killer's release sparks concern

Killer's secret hearing

Murderer on the run

Another publication ban     


Working illegally

Refugee claims

Marriages of convenience

Blue Blindfold   UK Blue blindfold

Tamils want evidence

Politics decides who is a refugee   

Migrant security concerns

Smugglers owed  

Boat migrants could file refugee bids

Vessel seized  

People smuggler crewed Tamil boat

Refugees go home

’They want some certainty’

Bogus asylum seekers

Tamils ride their luck

CBSA finally names wanted

Media may be used to nab criminals

Immigration fraudsters battle detection

Immigration scam

Asylum-seeker numbers fall   

RCMP review immigration cases

Rules for immigration consultants

Espionage behind break-in

Canada accepts the most

Tamil Tigers allegedly on migrant ship

Tab could hit millions


Chain migration 

List of resisters who were deported

Canada and Iraq War Resisters 


US 'to quiz Sri Lanka army chief'

Tamil Tigers  

Canadian Tamil Congress

'Students' scamming their way in

Ottawa curbs bids asylum via the US 

Exit strategy

Canada toughens its visa demands

Creating an illegal workforce

Jeremy Hinzman

Job program fuels fraud fears

'Phantom' residents to lose status

Government at work

Catch 22  

Lost Canadians website

Laws at work  

Only about 42,000 missing

Human mobility and development

Canada seen as global leader

People smugglers are watching

Citizenship law kicks in  

New citizenship rules

EU pressures Canada to scrap visa

Citizenship and immigration Canada

House arrest Canada is committed

Not keeping track of illegal migrants

Deserter to be deported

First to be deported


Asylum seekers rush the border

Canadian by choice


Psychopathy and the CEO

The incidence of psychopathy in the business world is 4 times that of the general population, according to a recent report.  (Toronto Star)

Criminal minds are different

Candidate for the Couch

Is your boss a 'corporate psycho'?

Robert Hare's website

Tapping into the brains

How to spot a psychopath

Drop in citizenship

OTTAWA - The percentage of immigrants who become citizens has been dropping dramatically in recent years - from 79% to 26% among people who arrived between 2000 and 2008.  (Toronto Star)  

Cell Phone Gun Information

If you get asked to test your cell phone at the airport, this is the reason. Beneath the digital phone face is a .22 caliber handgun capable of firing four rounds in rapid succession using the standard telephone keypad.


Missing in plain sight

Rhena Bliss's story of how she was reunited with her family offers a glimmer of hope to countless families who have lost loved ones to the streets. But it also illustrates the many gaps in how missing-person cases are handled.  And there are a lot of missing persons - 20,871 adults and 41,342 children in Canada in 2014, the most recent year for which detailed data are available.  About 85% of those reported missing are found within a week, almost always alive. But in a small minority of cases - which is still a large absolute number - the mystery is never solved.  (Globe & Mail)  

Right to go missing

BC provincial court decision

BC’s missing Persons Act

Reported missing people

Damsels in distress

Missing women grab headlines

FBI: National Crime Center (NCIC)


Modern slavery

Nearly 46M people across the globe are living in modern slavery, a system of exploitation that governments and businesses must do more to end, according to the Walk Free Foundation.   (Bloomberg)

Government response indicators for Canada

6,500 slaves in Canada 

How to tackle slavery

1 per hour


2012 Delhi gang rape case

Women in India

India's census

Aborted female fetuses increases

China: Too many men

Overabundance of Rogue Males

How did 100M women disappear?

Desperate mothers

Assam's missing women

China's sex ratio imbalance

Population Action International

Surplus males  

China's gender imbalance

Boys with 'warrior gene'

More young men than young women

China warned of imbalanced sex ratio

Family policy shadowed by violations

China grapples with 'missing girls' 

State adopts infants' cause  

Grim motives behind infant killings 

Warning over Asia's surplus men'

China Running Out Of Women

Wars 'robbing youths of school'

Angry young men with nothing to do 

The Timor vision goes up in smoke

East Timor a symbol of upheaval

Emergency rule for E Timor leader

Past lead to fractured present

Troubling questions

Missing Women   .pdf 



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