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Video appearance

VANCOUVER - Serial killer Robert Pickton appeared in court by video for a civil case involving the families of several of his victims.   (CP)

Brother denies knowing


Can't remember alleged assault     


Civil suit

VANCOUVER - Serial killer Robert Pickton continues to deny responsibility for the years he spent hunting sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, filing statements of defence in a series of lawsuits against him.   (CBC)  

Poised to settle

VANCOUVER - The Province of BC and the City of Vancouver are poised to settle a lawsuit with 13 children whose mothers' DNA was found on serial killer Robert Pickton's farm, with each child receiving $50,000 plus legal costs.    


Update on recommendations

VANCOUVER - Nearly a year after a retired judge called for sweeping change to prevent another Robert Pickton, the BC government has yet to implement the vast majority of his recommendations, with work started on only half of them.    (CP)

Status report   .pdf  

Inquiry report released

Inquiry was a waste of time

Inquiry to use study forums

File destroyed

Inquiry a long way from conclusion

Survivor decides not to testify  

Pose as a lawyer

Kent Institution

Lawyers appointed

Another 3 sue

Missing women inquiry report

Report fails to state the obvious

Wally & the Angry Men

Bias led to indifference, failure

BC Missing Women Investigation

Another inquiry payday

Families feel cheated

Inquiry wraps

Extra 4 months  

'Hunting' in 2000  

Public warning unnecessary

'Just hookers'   

Brass ignored serial killer theory  

Rush inquiry set to fail

Witness testifying

Cop slams investigators 

Serial killer only explanation

Missed opportunities  

Cops 'dropped the ball' 

Cop stopped watching Pickton   

Kim Rossmo  

Rossmo's formula   

Student was right

Leadership failures  

Missing Women Inquiry exhibits

RCMP 'ignored' Pickton  

Funding for lawyers


VPD recommends new guidelines

DTES ripe for another Pickton  

Killings have stopped, violence has not 

DTES still a mess despite $1M a day funding

Inquiry shifts format  

Pickton not the sole suspect    

Cops don't care about DTES?

Pickton was VPD suspect  

Would not have saved lives

Resources better spent

Wally Oppal 

VPD Missing Women Report

Exhibit 34 - DC Evans reports  .pdf

Investigation summary report  .pdf

Investigation review   .pdf   


Tipsters split reward

VANCOUVER - The $100,000 reward - made up of $70,000 from the province and $30,000 from the Vancouver Police Department - will be divided between 6 people who have provided information leading to the conviction of Robert Pickton. 

Pickton escaped 1997 charge

Crown stays 20 remaining murder charges

2009 BCCA 299

Woman escaped  

'I'm a legend'  

It wouldn't matter

Prison interview

'I had one more planned'

Transcripts released  

A few basic truths  

A broken justice system 

Court rejects appeal

Pickton transcripts   .pdf    


No parole for 25 years

VANCOUVER - Robert William Pickton will not be eligible for parole for 25 years after his conviction on 6 second-degree murder charges.    (CBC)


Life, no chance of parole for 25 years

Pickton verdict deplored


I was put on Earth to rid people of their 'evil ways'

VANCOUVER - The Sun published excerpts from letters Robert (Willie) Pickton sent from prison. We couldn't print everything for fear of influencing the jury. Now we can. His shocking words provide a glimpse into what may have motivated the serial killer.   (Vancouver Sun)

Jury didn't hear whole story about Pickton: author

Property may be sold to pay cost of defence

Guilty on 6 counts of second-degree murder

Murder definition in Canada

Judge appointed to hear Pickton case

Law requires more common sense

Pickton facing 12 new murder charges

Of dentistry and the legal system

Anti-meat ad hints at pig farm horrors

Dr. Kendall's announcement

Human remains may have gotten in meat

Police provide few details

New evidence leads to sixth murder charge

VPD warned about pig farm property

Crown won't appeal quashed Pickton charge

Province slaps mortgage on Pickton's farm

Canadian publication ban

Police build barricades around BC pig farm

BC judge bans publication of 1997 warrant

Pickton charged with murder of 7th woman

Pickton charged with four more murders

Owner of pig farm charged with murder


Another woman's DNA found

VANCOUVER - Jacqueline (Jackie) Murdock is the 30th woman on the official police list of 65 missing women to be linked through DNA testing to the Robert (Willie) Pickton serial killer investigation.  Her sister Daphne Pierre said police asked her not to tell anyone about the development until the conclusion of Pickton's first trial, which ended over a week ago with the former Port Coquitlam pig farmer being convicted on six counts of second-degree murder.  (Vancouver Sun)

Pickton is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of:
    Sereena Abotsway    Heather Bottomley

     Heather Chinnock

   Jennifer Furminger

    Inga Hall

    Helen Hallmark

   Tanya Holyk

   Sherry Irving

   Patricia Johnson

   Andrea Joesbury

    Jacqueline McDonell

    Georgina Papin

   Diane Rock

   Mona Wilson

   Brenda Wolfe

On May 25,2005 he was charged with first degree murder of: 

   Andrea Borhaven    Wendy Crawford

   Sarah de Vries

   Tiffany Drew

   Cara Ellis     Cynthia (Cindy) Feliks

   Marnie Lee Frey

   Angela Jardine

   Debra Lynne Jones

   Kerry Koshi
   Diana Melnick  

Police release sketch

A new composite sketch of Jane Doe has been created for BCs Missing Women Task Force  (Vancouver Province)   MORE:  RCMP seek help  

DNA samples from 30 people have been identified from his farm.

   Dawn Crew    Yvonne Boen


3 more unidentified women 

Pictures from Vancouver's Missing Women web site

Poster of Vancouver Missing Women  .pdf

Missing/Murdered Native Women

Police solve a missing woman mystery

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