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Catholic Church abuses




Child sex doll?

ST JOHN'S - There's a trial going on in Newfoundland that centres on the contents of a long, rectangular box.  Inside the box is an unassembled child sex doll, shipped from Japan.  So far, the only ones to see it are the police, officials with the CBSA and an expert who has only seen pictures of it.  Child porn cases usually include images of kids being sexually exploited. You have actual victims.  But the Kenneth Harrisson case raises the question of whether an inanimate object constitutes child porn.  (CBC)


Military slow to act

OTTAWA - Canadian soldiers aired concerns about the sexual abuse of children in Afghanistan by Afghan personnel according to a new report that concludes the military failed to effectively deal with the issue.  The inquiry was launched in 2008 in response to stories in the Toronto Star that told how Canadian soldiers knew of sexual abuse of young boys but had been told by their commanders to ignore the assaults.  (Toronto Star)

Child sex abuse rampant   Bacha bazi   Guilty of ignoring childsex scandal  


Failings put children at risk

LONDON - Children in London are being put at risk because of 'serious failings' in the way the Met Police deals with child sexual abuse, inspectors have found.  HM Inspectorate of Constabulary found 75% of cases were dealt with 'inadequately' or needing improvement.  It said there was an 'indefensible' lack of leadership in child protection.   (BBC)  REPORT:  Child protection inspection   Child protection failings

Victims come forward

Operation Hydrant


UK football sex abuse claims 

Child abuse inquiry pays
Lowell Goddard
Fiona Woolf
Elizabeth Butler-Sloss  

Child abuse centre

Victims 'humiliated'

India: Child Sex Abuse Shielded by Silence

Child abuse victims

Operation Pallial Report   .pdf  

North Wales child abuse scandal

Operation Pallial

Internet watch report

Internet Watch Foundation

2011 annual IWF report   .pdf  

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Child abuse probe


'Perversion files'

PORTLAND - Decades of confidential sexual abuse allegations from within the Boy Scouts of America spilled into public view later today when more than 1,200 of the organization’s “perversion files” were released by order of the Oregon Supreme Court.  The files will offer the public an unprecedented look at how suspected molestations were handled by one of the nation’s leading youth organizations from the early 1960s through 1985.   (LA Times)  

LA Times: Inside the 'perversion files' 

Scouts Canada files could be made public

Scouts didn't report all abuse

Scouts to be 'safest possible'

Scouts releases  

Scouts Canada

Sex-abuse files under review     

Scouting sex abuse cases 


Verdict leaves Scouts vulnerable  

Boy Scout ineligible volunteer files 1965-1985

Boy Scouts of America

CEO leaves

Scout leaders quietly removed  

Scouts Canada apologizes

'Confidential list’  

Scouts failed to stop sexual predator  

Settlements kept secret  

Man sues scouts 

'Perversion files'


4 years and $53M

CORNWALL, Ont. - Rumours that have swirled around this eastern Ontario city for years that children were abused at the hands of a pedophile ring were neither put to rest nor given credence Tuesday by a $53-million public inquiry report four years in the making.   The Cornwall inquiry's official mandate was to examine institutional responses to historical claims of sexual abuse, but the sensational allegation that fuelled it went unresolved in the more than 1600-page report.  (CP)

McGuinty questions inquiry's price tag  

Perry Dunlop   

Timeline: Cornwall inquiry

Cornwall under 'cloud'


Class action settlement

TORONTO - Lawyers representing the plaintiffs say the $8M settlement with the province must still be approved by courts.  The class action included former students of the W Ross Macdonald School for the Blind in Brantford, ON.  Allegations contained in the statement of claim contended students attending the school from the early 1950s to the late 2000s were subjected to psychological degradation, physical violence and sexual abuse.  (CP) 

Class action lawsuit

Abuse case goes to court

No charges

Inquiry not opposed

Throw away children  

Judge accepts affidavits

New allegations  

Home for colored children

Tentative deal

Breaking the silence on abuse   

Bishop's College School

Court accepts settlement  


Another death, another law

Their names, breezy and alive, conjure the girls they used to be before they collided with horror.   There was Megan Kanka, the 7-year-old from New Jersey. Her rape and murder at the hands of a neighbor who - unknown to her parents - was a sex offender inspired Megan's Law.  That statute led to electronic lists of offenders' addresses.  There was Jessica Lunsford, the 9-year-old from Florida. Her rape and murder 150 yards from her home led to Jessica's Law, which banned predators from living near where children congregate.  There was Amber Hagerman, the 9-year-old from Texas. Her abduction and murder led to the creation of Amber Alerts, advising the public about missing children.  (LA Times)  PREVIOUS:  Murder of Chelsea King

'Fatal flaw’

USDJ Guidelines for issuing AMBER alerts

AMBER Alert  


Dark net child porn website

FRANKFURT - German police have uncovered an underground website for child pornography with nearly 90,000 users and arrested the suspected operator of the platform. The 'Elysium' platform, built as a forum, has existed since the end of 2016 and was only accessible via the so-called Dark net.  (Independent UK)

Child sex bust

Project Raphael  

Child exploitation arrests

Operation ICE storm 3

Child porn arrests

Child porn investigation

Arrests made in 'massive' child porn probe

Charged Persons - April_2016   .pdf 

Operation Hydrant update

Homes searched

Police search homes

Lord Bramall witch hunt is outrageous

Father claims covered up

Westminster paedophile dossier

Elm Guest House child abuse scandal

Hunting paedophiles

Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal 

300 suspects

300 new suspects

1400 child abuse suspects   

18 inquiries

Inside the 18 abuse inquiries     

Value of 'national security'

Global child porn network exposed

Canadians among charged  

British police smash online paedophile ring

Global pedophile ring busted

Inquiry launched  

Butler-Sloss abuse cover-up

Inquiry head quits

Judge bows to conflict of interest claims


Warning 'there were too many'  

Police operation nets 660

NCA press release

Suspected paedophiles arrested     

Child porn ring broken up

Homeland busts child porn ring

No council officers will face disciplinary action

Evidence ignored by police and council

Fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers

Rotherham sex grooming case

Security breaks child porn laws

Rapiscan Systems

Watchdog oks see-through scanners 

170 arrested

Child porn bust

ICE press release     

Virtual sting

Sex abuse scandal

Inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

'Avatar child' catches online predators

Terres des Hommes   

Search engines to make it harder

13,000 search terms with child porn

GCHQ will tackle child abuse images

UK mandatory 'porn' filters

How to buy parental-control software

Bogeymen: The next generation   

2013 International child pornography investigation 


OTTAWA - A splashy news conference touted Canada's membership in a global alliance against child sex abuse, but an internal document says the move was merely "symbolic" and places no obligations on the federal government.  (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Declaration of the Global Alliance against child sexual abuse online   Rob Nicholson    Police-reported sexual offences against children and youth in Canada, 2012


Neighbour fined

ABBOTSFORD - An Abbotsford woman has been ordered to pay her neighbour more than $65,000 after suggesting on Facebook that he was a pedophile.   (Global)  

Defamatory Facebook post costs

Damage done by post cannot be overstated

Framed by a PC virus

Fake police posters


Brain differences in pedophiles

Researchers at the sexual medicine department at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) have publicized specific findings about the brains of pedophiles.  Doctors have now identified a number of signs that can point to a successful diagnosis.  (Deutsche Welle)

Wi-Fi cloaks a new breed of intruder

The Trojan Horse: A viral defense?

The case of the Trojan Wookiee

Sex offender website operating


Molesters often strike again

Child prison abuse

BERRIMAH - The ABC's Four Corners report (Australia's shame) revealing the shocking mistreatment of children in the Northern Territory Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre has claimed its first political victim.  John Elferink has been sacked as NT Corrections Minister.  The shocking footage showed indigenous offenders as young as 13 being stripped naked, tear-gassed and held in solitary confinement for weeks at the centre in 2014 and 2015.  (New Daily)   MORE:   Evidence of torture of children 

Did not report

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses

Royal Commission Child Sexual Abuse

AU royal commission

Raising age didn't protect those at risk  

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Child abuse study

2012 Canadian Community Health Survey

New law didn't work 

Bill C-268

Orphanages in 'children for sale' racket

Child sex-trafficking study reveals misperceptions

University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children

FBI 'sex tour' site lured predators

Action on Cambodia sex tourists


Abuse allegations

OTTAWA - A Canadian Orthodox archbishop has stepped down amid allegations of sexual misconduct involving pre-teen boys.  The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) says in a news release that Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa, the head of the church's Canadian archdiocese, asked for and was granted, a three-month leave.  MORE:   Seraphim Storheim 

Gymnasts allege sexual exploitation

No one knows exactly how many children have been sexually exploited in America's gyms over the past 20 years. But an IndyStar-USA TODAY Network review of hundreds of police files and court cases across the country provides for the first time a measure of just how pervasive the problem is.  At least 368 gymnasts have alleged some form of sexual abuse at the hands of their coaches, gym owners and other adults working in gymnastics.  (IndyStar) 

Former coach facing new charges 

14 months

New charges

Teacher pleads guilty 

Teacher facing charges

Coach arrested

Coach pleads guilty

Pleads guilty

Guilty of sex offences

Coach found guilty

Coach charged

Coach faces sex charges

Coach charged    

Suspended sentence

Charge dropped against teacher

Teacher accused of sex with student

Teacher sex scandals: Double standard? 

Women as sexual abusers  

7 years 

Coach pleads guilty 

Ski coach found guilty


Soccer coach arrested

Coach found guilty 

Coach charged

Dance teacher charged


Teacher gets jail for sex with 15-year-old

Teacher accused

Teacher charged with 36 sex offences  

Sexual assault cases


Coach forced players to have sex

6 years

Strike two for female predator

Tennis coach jailed for molesting girl

When Ms. teacher goes after male pupil

Schools need programs to stop sex abuse


Former teacher denies sexually assaulting students

Court orders new trial

VANCOUVER - BC's highest court has overturned a Victoria girl's convictions for distributing sexual images of a teenage rival because of Constitutional concerns over Canada's child pornography laws and how they apply to teenage 'sexting.'   The BC Court of Appeal says there may be no more compelling objective than preventing harm to children, but the anti-porn legislation may be too broad and grossly disproportionate when applied to youth.   (PostMedia)   JUDGMENT:   2016 BCCA 0476    8 months' probation

14-year-old charged with child porn

Teen faces child porn charges

Girl shared images  

Teens accused

Teens prosecuted for naked selfies

Victims, offenders or bad law


Conditional discharges

Teens get conditional discharges

6 male teens charged 

Teen charged with child porn

Sexting teen found guilty

'Child porn' case

Students face child porn charges

Teen to be tried on child porn charge

Teen faces child porn charges

Teens charged with child porn 


Sexting overblown

Teens plead guilty

More harm than good

DA refuses to prosecute

Dateline NBC

Former DA kills self after sex sting operation


Chronological age

Biological age

Psychological age

What is your true age?

Teens charged with distributing child porn   

10 teens charged

Teens child porn charges are 'extreme' 

14-year-old charged with child porn

14-year-old girl charged with child porn

Teen charged

Sexting warning

The O'Reilly Factor

Perverted justice

Bill C-22 comes into effect

SCC sends internet predator to prison 

Selfies growing in child porn  

Sextortion spike



Teachers sacked

KENYA - More than 1,000 teachers have been sacked in Kenya for sexually abusing girls over the past two years, the authorities say.  Senior government official Ahmed Hussein told the BBC that most of the victims were aged between 12 and 15.  He said a nationwide confidential helpline set up to help victims had revealed that the problem was much more widespread than previously thought.  Most of the cases have occurred in rural primary schools.  (BBC)   MORE:  Teachers sent home for sex abuse   Sex abuse in schools


Whistleblower faces jail

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - A British teacher is facing up to six months in jail after being convicted of defamation for comments she made in exposing pedophiles at a children's charity in Ethiopia 10 years ago.  Jill Campbell and her husband Gary Campbell compiled evidence in 1999 that helped convict the director of an Ethiopian orphanage run by the Swiss charity Terre Des Hommes-Lausanne. The charity acknowledged the abuse took place, but brought a successful defamation case against the Campbells for their claims that the charity's senior staff covered up the scandal.  (AP)


Girls under 15 married

One girl under the age of 15 is married every 7 seconds, according to a new report by Save the Children.  The study says girls as young as 10 are forced to marry much older men in countries including Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia.   (BBC)   REPORT:   Every Last Girl   .pdf   MORE:   UN Day of the Girl Child   Bangladesh's 'wedding buster'   


Chad to tighten charity controls

CHAD is to review the credentials of all aid agencies operating following an alleged child-trafficking scandal. Six French aid workers remain in custody in N'Djamena awaiting trial after they tried to fly out 103 children for adoption in Europe.   (BBC)   PREVIOUS: 7 freed in Chad child row    French held over Darfur 'adoptions'  


Fact Sheet: Operation Predator

Guardian Special Report: Child Protection

Pedophilia is sexual contact with a child who has not yet reached puberty.

Sexual relations with older adolescents past puberty is accurately termed "hebophilia" or "ephebophilia."

Table of worldwide ages of consent

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