Human migration


War on terror

Organized Crime


    Child migrants in Mexico

MEXICO CITY - In 2015, Mexico apprehended more than 35,704 children from the Northern Triangle (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala) an increase of 55%, compared to 2014, and 270% more than in 2013. Only 56 were accepted as refugees.  (Toronto Star)   REPORT:   Closed doors   Mexico torture migrants, citizens  


Death toll rises

SAN ANTONIO - The death toll climbed to 10 in the case of a broiling tractor-trailer found packed with immigrants, federal authorities said Monday as a suspect in the smuggling case awaited a court appearance.  Federal prosecutors said they planned to bring charges against James Mathew Bradley Jr, 60, of Clearwater, Florida.  (AP)    MORE:   Up to 200 people in trailer 


Cycling loophole

STORSKOG - About 5,500 people, most of them Syrians, cycled through the Arctic Circle Storskog crossing in 2015 to take advantage of a loophole in border rules: while Russia does not allow people to cross on foot and Norway does not let in drivers carrying people without documents, bicycles are permitted at both ends.  (Guardian UK)  


India's migrant flood

ASSAM - While Europe faces a massive human refugee flow India's NE region, particularly the state of Assam, is facing flood of asylum seekers from Pakistan and Bangladesh that dwarfs Europe's problems.  The poverty-stricken Assam state, has absorbed 10M refugees on its own over several decades.  (Asia Sentinel) 

Plan to bring in 300,000 migrants

OTTAWA - Between 280,000 and 305,000 new permanent residents will be admitted, a range that's the highest projected level in decades.  (CP)   MORE:   Skilled workers cut   Canada slips to #6   Migrant integration policy index 2015   Canada's refugees by the numbers    25,000th Syrian refugee lands   Treating all fairly


Don't have to issue visas

LUXEMBOURG - The EU's top court (ECJ) said that member states don't have to admit people on humanitarian grounds, even if they are at risk of torture or inhumane treatment.  (Euro News)  JUDGMENT:    EU-C 2017-173



BERLIN - Germany does not know the whereabouts of 130,000 asylum seekers who were registered last year.  Those missing represent about 13% of about 1.1M asylum seekers registered in Germany in 2015.   (BBC)    MORE:   Migrants leave


Slavery and coercion

GENEVA - Impoverished migrant workers in Thailand are sold or lured by false promises and forced to catch and process fish that ends up in global food giant Nestle's supply chains.  (AP)  REPORT:   Cost of a catch   .pdf    

Global displaced

GENEVA - The number of people displaced from their homes across the world due to war and persecution climbed slightly to a record 65.6M last year.   (AP) 

Global trends 2016  

Child migrants

I'm a child  



Uprooted   .pdf

Poor nations shoulder bulk 

10 countries host half of world's refugees

Tackling the global refugee crisis  

Migrant population

Forced displacement 2015   .pdf

Record high


60M displaced people 

Global overview 2015   .pdf

Global refugee numbers still rising

2014 38M displaced people 

UNHCR Global trends 2014   pdf 

Global Trends 2013   .pdf    

World refugees hit 50M

Refugee figures 'highest since WW2'  

World Refugee Day 


EU illegal migrant ruling

LUXEMBOURG - Non-EU migrants illegally entering an EU state in the Schengen zone should not face detention on those grounds, says the European Court of Justice.  Migrants staying illegally should instead be returned to the country from which they came under the so-called Return Directive.  The ruling (.pdf) applies to migrants crossing borders within the passport-free area and on leaving the zone.  (BBC) 

Migrants rescued

48 hours

Migrant Monday

Migration pact stalls  

Migrant deal

Document forgers held     

EU-Turkey deal is 'working'

UN says over 700,000 migrants have arrived

Surge of teenage migrants in Italy 

10 traffickers arrested 

Mafia migrant aid money

EU migrant crisis

Human migration maps

EU migrants crisis by the numbers  

Bodies wash ashore in Libya

Smuggler kill migrants

Migrant boat sinks

Migrant drop  

Hundreds dead

Hundreds die  

Migrant deaths

Mediterranean death toll soars  

Actually the world is staying home

IOM      IOM website

Missing migrant children


Unaccompanied child migrants

Danger every step of the way   .pdf

Death toll rises to 300

Traffickers exploiting refugees in France

EU begin seizing smugglers' boats

EU to get tough  

Migrant crisis and the Mafia trap

Germany seeking 'safe zones' in Syria

Migrants seek new routes into Balkans

1st migrants deported

More migrants drown  

Boat sinking claims 25  

Macedonia police tear gas migrants

Migrants break down fence

1.2M migrants  

People smugglers on trial for toddler's death

Death of Alan Kurdi  

Stranded at border

Trafficking in human beings business model

Another migrant boat sinks

Migrant boat sinking  

No room to bury dead migrants   

Refugee crisis meets the Mafia

Good weather days

Migrant drownings

500 feared dead  

Warm weather

Migrants versus the Mafia

Smugglers making billions

EU plan - throw money

Migrants halted

Still arriving

EU gives Greece deadline on borders

EU to restrict passport free travel 

HMCS Fredericton deployed  

Fake life jackets 

Migrant boats capsize

Trafficked workers in Irish fishing industry

Boat sinks

Migrants heading home

Sweden says rejected would be deported

Asylum worker stabbed

Police flee migrant camp

Denmark clears way to seize valuables

Denmark's plan to deter migrants

EU warns Greece over its borders    

Record number move thru


Jan 2016 migrant arrivals

Macedonia closes border  

Moral crisis  

Crisis of solidarity  

Migrants drown


EU ineptness

Traffickers exploiting

Terrorist caught on migrant boat

Terrorist on migrant boat

14 die trapped inside boat

Slovenia erecting razor wire on border

EU expecting 3M more

Along a Saharan smuggling route    

Sweden doesn't have any more space

Migrants a Mafia honeypot  

4M Syrians  

Hungary seals border 

Lebanon struggles with over 1M

Open their borders

Kos migrant crisis

Situation out of control  

Quota 'unrealizable and nonsense'  

EU pulls welcome mat

Scramble for food   

System collapsing

Hungary scrambles

Italy reactivates border controls

Hungary blocks trains for 2nd day

Protests as migrants keep arriving  

Rush to block migrant influx

50,000 migrants arrived in Italy so far in 2015

What smugglers tell migrants

Deadly journeys worth the risk

EU's Juncker refugee quota plan

Pushing limits, and more on the way

Migrants wouldn't be choosing


Migration crisis a boon for OC 

300,000 have crossed the Mediterranean

International Organization for Migration

EU mission

Asylum Trends 2014  .pdf

Asylum applications 

Adrift in the ocean  

Inside the trade

Rescued or saved?


2015 migrant shipwrecks 


600 criminal complaints

COLOGNE - Gangs attacked groups of foreigners in 4 separate incidents on Sunday in Cologne, the city where dozens of New Year's Eve assaults on women took place, German police have said, as the government warned against letting the incident lead to suspicion of all migrants.    (Guardian UK)  

Attackers were migrants

Migrants go nuts if they see a girl

Impact on EU 

Police chief sent into retirement

Phrasebook found

Germany to deport migrants who break law 

13-year-old made up migrant rape claim

Soccer hooligans attack migrants

Shredding the cords that bind Europe

Doom for Project Europe


Camp in Paris

PARIS - After the Calais migrant camp was evacuated, many migrants who weren't resettled across France descended on Paris.  Hundreds headed to a temporary camp near the Stalingrad Metro station where police estimate between 2,000 and 2,500 have called home in recent days.   (The Local)

Paris camp  

No return to Calais

Police clear migrants living rough on streets    

New camp in Paris    

Calais migrants set fire to shelters  


France promises law and order

Global migration crisis

Police arrest smuggler boss 

Migrants storm tunnel

Massive invasion

Calais jungle  

Children elbowed out of the way

Officials have no way of verifying age

Police, migrants clash in Calais camp

France, UK Calais deal

Attempts to storm the Tunnel

Operation stack is not enough

Calais migrants  

People container 

Migrants storm UK bound truck

Channel transport returning to normal

Channel shut down

Channel Tunnel

Illegals caught at UK border doubled

Migrants enter UK via Heathrow on a visa

Not the land of milk and honey

'The Jungle' camp  

Cash for Tunnel trips

Migrant crisis sparks rival protests

Riot police use chemical irritant 


Hunt for slave ships

AMBON ISLAND - A fleet of at least 30 fishing trawlers crewed by slaves is being hunted off the coast of Papua New Guinea.   The trawlers are thought to be linked to a huge trafficking operation that was disrupted on the isolated Indonesian island of Benjina in March, liberating hundreds of enslaved fishermen - although a large number of boats loaded with slaves managed to escape.  (Guardian UK)

2000+ rescued

 Associated Press investigation

100+ charged  

Migrant boat to 'safe' area 

Malaysia's charade

Graves, barbed wire pens

Migrants land

Graves found

Rohingya refugee crisis 

Rohingya migrants begin again

Migrant boat capsizes

New mass graves

More graves found

Human traffickers convicted

States play 'human ping-pong'

Pushed back

Migrant crisis deepens

International Organization for Migration

Migrants rescued

Trafficking camps

Thousands stranded at sea  

Another 30 graves found   

Crackdown targets corrupt police  

Hundreds of Rohingya land in Indonesia

Smugglers paid to turn back 

Migrants killed in fight for food


Misleading information

MONTREAL - Many of the thousands of Haitian nationals streaming across Canada's border from the US may be basing their decision to flee on misleading and false information posted to social media.   (CBC)

Refugee process explained

Migrants may not fare better in Canada

 Stadium to house migrants   Olympic Stadium

 Canada scrambles to find shelter

No plan to clamp down

Not pretty out there    

Migrants cross into MB

Sanctuary city movement

How are claimants vetted?

Immigration applications in limbo with influx

7 more walk in at -20C

Migrants at ON border crossings 

Safe Third Country Agreement with the US

No options

Cab rides to the border

Value of being an illegal

Crossing the border

Millionaire migrants

New World Wealth

Where millionaires are moving 

Symbol of crisis

Father declines Canadian offer 

Cold to Canada

Syrians decline resettlement offer

Family never had a chance of Canada

Jan-Feb efugee claims

Welcome to Canada

Human smuggling charge

Charge laid

3 more arrested

$2k each  

No free ticket to Canada

Migrant woman found dead 

887 intercepted in March

Numbers only tell part of the story

Some refugees paid to come

Taxi companies fined 

Migrants pepper sprayed at 'welcome night'

Burris hits another bump in citizenship process 

'Crazy' immigration minister says

Canadian winters can be a shock

What the photo can do

4 arrested for organizing journey

Death of Alan Kurdi

On the Greek beaches

Photographs of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi

Government roadblocks

Example of ridiculous process

15 years of bureaucracy

Government red tape wall

Where's the money coming from

Realities of sponsoring refugees

We are all responsible

What matters is what we do next 

Canada-the land of bureaucracy



Reports leaked

NAURU - The Nauru files set out as never before the assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm attempts, child abuse and living conditions endured by asylum seekers held by the Australian government, painting a picture of routine dysfunction and cruelty.  (Guardian UK)

Nauru files

Data leak paints disturbing picture of abuse

 Detention center to close

Final protest

Woman sets herself on fire

Government to close 17 detention centres

Refugee who himself on fire dies

Australian detention centre on Papua New Guinea ruled illegal

Asylum in Australia

Operation Sovereign Borders

Immigration detention facilities 


Another ship abandoned

PUGLIA - An Icelandic Coast Guard ship was towing a cargo vessel to Italy with about 450 migrants who were abandoned by smugglers, leaving the vessel without a crew.   (AP)

Migrant 'ghost ship' tactic

Traffickers 'made $3M' on ship 

Migrants on abandoned cargo ship

Ship arrives in Italy

Big business

Slave map      

UN TIP report     TIP

Global report on trafficking in persons 2014 

13,000 slaves in UK    

Human trafficking


Conference of the parties to the UN

Convention against transnational OC   .pdf


Frontex website 

Human trafficking bust

Romanian human smuggling ring busted 

Human traffickers going unpunished

Target human trafficking


Human trafficking bust  

Contributing to human smuggling

Bordering on failure  .pdf   

Canada-US safe third country agreement

People smuggling

Human trafficking ring bust

Human trafficking roundup 

Modern slavery

Trafficking in persons report 2012   

Human smuggling ring


Human smuggling

NIA cracks human trafficking group

Human smuggling ring dealt blow

Ring smuggling illegals from South Asia

Cheng Chui Ping

22 stowaways nabbed at Port of Seattle

Seattle labelled 'hot spot'

Alleged 'snakehead' boss on trial

Chinese people smugglers jailed

The deadly journey

3rd teen arrested

Lured online

Human trafficking arrest

2 teen charged   


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