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Iraq prisoner abuse

Private military company

Privatized war

Ex-president charged

WASHINGTON - The former president of Blackwater Worldwide was charged with using straw purchases to stockpile automatic weapons at the security firm and filing false documents to cover up gifts given to the King of Jordan.  Gary Jackson, 52, who left the company last year in a management shake-up, was charged along with four of his former colleagues, according to the federal indictment.  (AP)  


Iraq ends licence for Blackwater

BAGHDAD - Iraq will not renew the licence of US security firm Blackwater, which was involved in a 2007 incident in which at least 14 civilians were killed.  An interior ministry spokesman said the US embassy had been told it will have to use another security company.



$1.2B to train police unaccounted

WASHINGTON - The US State Department is unable to account for most of $1.2 billion in funding that it gave to DynCorp International to train Iraqi police, a government report said.   (CNN) 


Contractor defrauded government

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - A U.S. federal jury ordered military contractor Custer Battles to pay nearly $10M in damages and penalties for defrauding the government on work in Iraq.  (AP) 


Still training Canadian soldiers

Western countries - including Canada - are still buying services from the infamous company formerly known as Blackwater, a company often described as a mercenary army.  (Vice)


Security firm fined

NEW YORK - The security firm formerly known as Blackwater has agreed to pay a fine of $7.5M to avoid US prosecution for smuggling arms.   (AFP)


Contractor arrested

BAGHDAD - A British contractor has been arrested in Iraq on murder charges after two of his colleagues, one of them a fellow Briton, were shot dead in the Green Zone in Baghdad   (Times online)  


Boom times ahead for dogs of war

LONDON - The British Association of Private Security Companies (BAPSC) was gathering for its annual conference in London - its second since the association was formed last year "to raise the standards of operation of its members and this emergent industry".  (BBC)   PREVIOUS:  Mercenary firms seek tighter laws     


Lawmakers want more data

WASHINGTON - Congress is taking its first steps to oversee the Defense Department's rapidly growing activities in the foreign and domestic intelligence fields, focusing also on the growing practice of contracting out intelligence analysis to former military personnel.  (Washington Post) 

Iraq's new war zone: American vs. American

Contractor families network at home

2,300 Britons warned by FO

Pawn in the game

US company admits Benin bribery

Contractors still willing to work in danger zones

US faces big bill for worker's comp in Iraq

US vigilantes convicted in Kabul

US firms face Iraq abuse lawsuit

How do you like your contractor money?

Contractor 'Shadow Army' adds to stress

Private Security Contractors head to Gulf

Senators try to help PMC war widow

Protecting people or profit?

Riches for Risk

Inquiry into interrogation firm


Charges dismissed

WASHINGTON - A federal judge in Washington on Thursday dismissed criminal charges against five Blackwater security guards accused of killing 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians in an incident that strained US-Iraqi relations and sparked an outcry over the military's use of private contractors. (LA Times)   

Iraq criticizes dismissal of charges  

Blackwater Baghdad shootings  

Blackwater guards surrender  

Blackwater guards indicted  

Mercenaries or decorated vets?  

Iraq tackles foreign guards' immunity

Blackwater Fallout Ripple Through Industry

Contractors accused of firing on civilians, GIs

Federal agents to help oversee Blackwater

Erik Prince

Blackwater USA

Feds probe Blackwater

Blackwater guards shot Iraqis

Part 1: Profit comes with a price

Part 2; Myths and mystery  


The firm specializes in maritime security, training, intelligence operations, and information security, with a specialty in providing armed security personnel and fleet assets in high-risk environments. AdvanFort's executive, management and operational teams consist of highly experienced former US and UK military special operators and intelligence community veterans as well as former NATO security professionals.

AirScans Inc.    

Airborne Surveillance and Security Operations   AirScan is a private military company which is committed to providing client the best air, ground, and maritime surveillance, security and aviation possible. AirScan strives for professional, timely results in response to clients' worldwide airborne surveillance and aviation requirements.

AKE Group

In today's uncertain world, the security of businesses and professionals is at a premium. In a high-risk geographical, legal or technological environment, you need to know how to protect your investment, facilities, staff and yourself. Otherwise, the result could be failed projects, reduced efficiency, additional costs, injury, illness and even death, along with high insurance premiums.

AMA Associated Limited

AMA Associates Ltd provides training and consultancy in the following: Risk and Crisis Management; Fraud Investigation; Surveillance; Technical Counter-surveillance; Security Management; Counter Terrorist and Hostage Release; Maritime Security; Aviation Security and Air Cargo Security at all levels; Close Protection and Executive Management and Management of Aggressive Behavior.


Private military company with practices in: Security Planning and Management, Training, Mine Action, Response Center, Kidnap and Ransom, Humanitarian Support, Information Business Intelligence and Fraud, and Intellectual Property Asset Protection.

Beni Tal

Israeli Security Company that provides military security services throughout the world, with specially chosen Israeli personnel.  Special security arrangements with sensitive equipment.   Complicated and classified campaigns.  Security and investigative counseling.  Military and civil training.  Training in weapons.  Bodyguards.   Beni Tal  deals only in completely legal activities, that require the approval of the security authorities.


Another new name as Academi replaces Xe Service as the new name for Blackwater.

Image makeover   Retired Adm.. Bobby Ray Inmann, 79, who's legendary intelligence career includes serving as the vice director of the Defense Intelligence Agency ((DIAA), director of the National Security Agency ((NSAA), and most recently as deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency ((CIAA), will lead the board of directors forr Xe Servicee, formerly Blackwater USA.  (Fox)


Blue Mountain Group 

Blue Mountain deliver world-class security solutions for a diverse range of private, corporate and government clients around the world, allowing each to conduct their business in safety, and with complete security.  Our team comprises exceptional people, each with a positive attitude and outlook, who care passionately about their work for our clients.  At all times, and in all we do, we work with honesty, integrity, passion, dedication and commitment. 


CACI products and services help government and commercial clients apply information technology for enterprise-wide gains in productivity. Our solutions enable organizations to leverage their information assets - helping them integrate systems, develop software to SEI Level 3 standards, manage networks, enhance communications and assure the delivery of their vital information anywhere in the world.

Combat Support Associates (CSA)

Combat Support Associates (CSA) is a joint venture company dedicated to performing the Combat Support Service Contract - Kuwait (CSSC-K) until September of 2009.  The three partners in this venture are AECOM Government Service (AGS), Inc., Research Analysis and Maintenance, Inc. (RAM), and SMI, International.  AGS is the managing partner.


Control Risks Group (CRG)

CRG is a private military company with a diverse portfolio of services, including: Anti-Money Laundering, Asset Tracing, Audio Forensics, Bomb Threats. Close Protection, Defensive Driving Training, Evacuation Planning, Extortion, Kidnap, Maritime Security, and Personal Security.


Crescent Security Group

Crescent Security Group is committed to the rebuilding of Iraq.  As such Crescent not only employs host nation personnel, it also provides training and continual personal development for a significant number of indigenous people managing local administration, assisting with security missions and conducting general duties for and on behalf of the company. 


CSC (DynCorp)

CSC  purchased the private military company DynCorp.   CSC’s Global Security Solutions address all aspects of the enterprise to ensure total protection – from facilities and systems to people and information to provide cost-effective risk management to deliver flexible, scalable, reliable and robust security.

Cubic Corporation   (CDA)

Cubic Defense Applications (CDA) provides realistic live combat training systems for military forces as well as virtual training systems, constructive simulation support, force modernization, battle command training and education, electronic warfare simulators and engineering & technical support. The group also supplies secure data links and surveillance receivers for "C4ISR" applications, search-and-rescue avionics and radio communications for military and civil markets.  

Custer Battles

Custer Battles is the leading provider of tailored risk management solutions. Their suite of services is designed to allow senior management teams to understand the risk environment and identify profitable courses of action to maneuver with minimal exposure to risk. Client service offerings including business intelligence, global risk consulting, due diligence and litigation support, are designed to cover the full spectrum of risk management and mitigation, which can be applied collectively or individually to fit the client's specific needs.


Diligence LLC  

Diligence, LLC is the premier global risk consulting, corporate intelligence, due diligence and strategic business information gathering boutique. Our mission is to give business leaders the strategic and tactical information and analysis they need to make informed and profitable decisions. Our promise is to work to the highest professional standards to provide the most timely and accurate information available at a fair and honest price.Diligence, LLC is the premier global risk consulting, corporate intelligence, due diligence and strategic business information gathering boutique. Our mission is to give business leaders the strategic and tactical information and analysis they need to make informed and profitable decisions. Our promise is to work to the highest professional standards to provide the most timely and accurate information available at a fair and honest price.  


Eagle Aviation

Eagle Aviation is a full service Fixed Base Operator centrally located on the eastern seaboard, providing convenient, quality service to the general aviation industry. Our one-stop location is ideal for all of your business and personal aviation needs. Occupying more than 36 acres at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE – Columbia, SC), Eagle Aviation has built an international reputation for excellence as a full service facility.


Erinys International

Expatriate and Iraqi security services supported by nationwide radio and voice/data satellite communications. Services include managed guard forces, personal protection services, convoy protection, key point, and area security.



G4S is a British multinational security services company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is the world's largest security company measured by revenues and has operations in more than 125 countries.  G4S



With more than 50,000 professionals globally and almost 35 years of experience, clients count on us to help them proceed in business and in life with confidence.  Today, Garda is one of the most trusted physical security, consulting & investigations, pre-employment screening, and cash handling firms in North America with operations in Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East.    

Genric UK 

Genric UK Ltd. assists with security and risk assessment by providing an assessment of security threats that may affect the client's operating aims allowing them to be effective in the proactive and reactive risk management of their business.

Global Risk International (GRI)

Since its incorporation in 1999, the Global Risk group have strived to be the leaders in international risk management. With an ever increasing threat to international security and industrial espionage, Global Risk International (GRI) takes a more bespoke approach to the security industry, providing a comprehensive, tailor-made service without compromising the integrity, professionalism and confidentiality that you have come to expect from Global Risk. GRI is the largest British private military company. GRI provides services in crisis management, kidnap and extortion management, fraud and insurance investigation, and counter-surveillance.    

Global Marine Security Systems Company  (GMSSCO)

The founding shareholders are The Hart Group, Energy Transporation Group, Inc. (ETG) and Tufton Oceanic Limited. Drawing upon their core business abilities and knowledge, GMSSCO provides the maritime industry with a unique capability to meet the challenges and risks faced from terrorism. GMSSCO's skilled management specialists are available to support clients' immediate requirements.


Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries. The Company adds value through the entire lifecycle of oil and gas reservoirs and provides and integrates products and services, starting with exploration and development, moving through production, operations, maintenance, conversion and refining, to infrastructure and abandonment. Halliburton employs more than 100,000 people in over 120 countries.

ICP Group Ltd.

With capabilities in 40 countries around the world and operational offices in London, Central Europe, North & South America, Central & South East Asia, Iraq and the Middle East our client base of FTSE 100 and FORTUNE 500 companies have found us to be dependable in both protecting their interests and reacting appropriately when needed.  In addition to having recruited the highest calibre of security professionals, ICP Group also draw from various industries including International Banking and Finance, Energy and Oil, Media, Pharmaceutical through to Industrial and Information Technology. 

International Charter Incorporated of Oregon   (ICI))

International charter company that acts as a private military company in peacekeeping support and relief services. Past work includes Liberia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Sudan.International charter company that acts as a private military company in peacekeeping support and relief services. Past work includes Liberia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Sudan.

International Intelligence Limited

International intelligence limited was founded with the aim of providing up to date intelligence by both technical and operational means worldwide. All of our personnel have military, special forces, intelligence or technical backgrounds. This aids us in our investigations, surveillance and close protection bodyguard operations, enabling us to draw on years of experience in areas such as electronic espionage, languages, surveillance, investigation and military planning and execution.

International Peace Operations Association

The International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) is an association of Military Service Provider companies - companies who work or are interested in international peace operations around the world. This includes companies that do everything from mine clearance, to armed logistics, to emergency humanitarian services, to actual armed peacekeeping. 

ISI Iraq

ISI Iraq is a part of the ISI Group and is the only security company to provide 24-hour Iraqi security guards to the CPA "Green Zone".  All guards are trained by the U.S. army and vetted through "local knowledge".  ISI also provides guards for residences, offices, and also do low key protection work for foreign nationals. All guards provided to foreign nationals have proficient English, and invaluable local knowledge, military or police backgrounds as well as British and American training.  ISI has also been involved in due diligence, providing information for foreign and domestic companies through a network of personalities, companies, and families throughout Iraq. ISI's senior management includes experienced military personnel mostly ex-special forces from both the US and UK.

Meteoric Tactical Solutions

Specialized training programs, VIP protection, asset protection, risk management and analysis, even management, asset recovery.

Meyer & Associates

Security consulting and problem resolution, executive protection/bodyguards, advance work, intelligence, transportation and drivers, security guards, threat assessment, kidnap negotiations, investigations, reporting, analysis, liaisons with government, diplomatic, military, local and guerilla leaders. Aggressive security including specialized ex-military personnel utilizing state of the art equipment and tactics.

Military Professional Resources, Inc.   (MPRI)

MPRI is a professional services company that consists of former military, law enforcement, diplomatic and private sector leaders who share a common commitment to uncompromising integrity, professionalism and the values that are at the very foundation of our nation. Incorporated by eight retired senior military leaders in 1987, MPRI has its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia and manages programs throughout the United States and in more than twenty countries overseas. With more than 1500 employees worldwide, MPRI provides comprehensive and integrated programs that address training, education, leader development, organizational design and implementation, democracy transition, and emergency management across a broad spectrum of functional areas.


Northbridge Services Group Ltd.

Northbridge Services Group founders have identified through their cumulative experiences in various first world armed forces, government agencies, and the private sector, a growing demand for a highly discrete, totally reliable yet cost effective service provider.   The Company's personnel consist of highly decorated individuals who have, in aggregate, more than 200 years of operational service predominantly in Special Forces therefore can guarantee a truly international blend of experience, pedigree and specialty.  

O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt

As the largest and most experienced wheeled vehicle armoring company in the world, O’Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt currently serves a wide range of commercial, corporate, government and military customers worldwide on five continents through its comprehensive global network. You can rest assured as we apply our more than 125 years of experience to deliver the most cost-effective, high-performance vehicles in service today….proven protection around the world, no matter where in the world you live.   Division of Armour Holdings Inc.

Olive Security

Olive Security was established to meet increasing corporate security requirements on a global scale. Security is a key component in the successful management of business and Olive Security provides a discreet, professional service that enables our clients to conduct their routine business in hostile and insecure environments.

Optimal Solution Services

The infrastructure is streamlined to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in vigilance and security alert response. Our emphasis is on maintaining the highest industry standards with our security personnel adhering to safety and health regulation and best work practices.

Overseas Security & Strategic Information, Inc/Safenet – Iraq

We provide in-country "hands on" management of highly trained and experienced South African security personnel by former American intelligence officers with paramilitary backgrounds. Services include close protection of VIPs, general personal security of employees, convoy escorts of personnel and equipment, training of local security personnel, provision of armored and unarmored vehicles, threat and intelligence reporting, and provision of combat medics with proper equipment. Our approach is responsive, personalized and cost-effective.

RamOPS Risk Management Group

RamOPS can manage and protect a businesses initiatives from costly losses and delays due to security problems, unfamiliarity with operating in foreign countries, and manpower issues. RamOPS acts as the single point provider for the security and management of day-to-day business operations, equipment, and personnel. RamOPS also provides consulting, training, and security assessments for non-government agencies with interests around the world.


Saladin Security 

Saladin was founded some 30 years ago to provide discreet and highly professional security services for governments, non-government organisations, corporations and prominent individuals.  The mission of the Saladin Group is to safeguard its clients, their assets, property and information.   In order to achieve this mission Saladin provides services across the security spectrum, and operates in all parts of the world. The Group headquarters is in London.

Sandline International

Sandline is a Private Military Company (PMC) focusing on conflict resolution. The company works worldwide and is resourced by professionals with many years of operational experience at senior rank within first world armies.

Securicor Hong Kong

Securicor Hong Kong is the Asia regions' longest-established security company, commencing operations in 1963. Since then the business has expanded into eight other territories and is one of the most familiar and respected names in security.

Securicor Hong Kong is part of the Securicor Asia group, which is wholly owned by Securicor plc, a leading cash management, security and justice services company based in the United Kingdom. Operating globally in some 50 countries and with over 60 years’ experience, we employ more over 100,000 people.

Steele Foundation

The Steele Foundation works with organizations to develop and maintain a competitive edge by managing risk at a strategic and tactical level. Our teams determine the critical risks you face, develop recommendations for reducing your risk exposure and identify your opportunities for growth and expansion. The Steele Foundation provides a variety of consulting services to assist businesses in managing diverse risks to their personnel and assets and in meeting and managing unexpected crises. Our crisis management solutions are provided in a variety of contexts, including the crisis response to a kidnapping of a company's executive, potential violence in the workplace, the contamination of a consumer product, the environment or the potential damage to the reputation of a corporate client as a result of adverse events.

Sumer International Security  (SIS)

Sumer International Security (SIS), the first private security company established after the liberation of Iraq, provides uniformed security guard service. Our discerning clientele include U.S. and Iraqi government agencies, international dignitaries, business executives and others. SIS provides armed security guards, body guards, and private police trained in partnership with the U.S. company, DynCorp International.   Division of The Sandi Group.

Titan Corporation

A leading provider of comprehensive information and communications products, solutions, and services for National Security, Serving the Department of Defence, intelligence agencies, and other government customers, Titan's business focus includes:  Homeland Security, Transformational Programs, Enterprise Information Technology, and C4ISR.    

Triple Canopy Inc.

Our Operators have been safeguarding critical personnel and equipment in war zones for more than two decades. Our services range from discreet travel companions to heavily armored, high profile convoy escort. Whether the site is a presidential palace or a logistics base, our people have managed every aspect of the security equation.

UK Defence Services Ltd. (UKDS)

UK Defence Services is an ethical, professional, established and expanding security company, which has grown primarily on client recommendation. Providing all types of man guarding, UKDS can also provide canine services through its canine division. Other specialist services can be found throughout this brochure and our clients can rest assured that the services our company provides, are carried out by professional personnel who pride themselves on their high standards.  Our personnel are recruited from the Home Office Depts. and the Security Industry, all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience within the security field.


Unity Resources Group 

Unity provides a wide range of critical support services , consulting and training services to organizations undertaking major projects in some of the world's most challenging environments.

Vinnell Corporation

Vinnell Corporation, is a private military company which is a recognized leader in facilities operation and maintenance, military training, educational and vocational training, and logistics support in the United States and overseas.

Wade-Boyd and Associates LLC

We provide: professional, experienced, former military/federal law enforcement, armed close protection teams, K-9 dogs for explosive detection and protection, security officers both standing and roving, investigations, under-cover investigations, armed escorts, vehicle and transportation convoy security, armed patrol in vehicle and water craft, air craft protection teams both on land and in the air, translators, armed money/valuables escorts, surveillance, global vehicle tracking, home and business protection both uniformed and plan clothes, armored vehicles, and more

Zapata Engineering

CHARLOTTE, NC, June 27, 2005 - Zapata Engineering has acquired Blackhawk GeoServices, Inc. of Golden, Colo., which will operate as a division of the Charlotte-based company and expand the engineering services ZAPATAENGINEERING offers.  (Press Release)

Terrorist Modus Operandi

Power Point

Guardian Unlimited Special: The Privatization of war

Soldiers of Good Fortune

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