Casualties in the War on Terror

Canadian casualties

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Training death

CFB SHILO - A soldier died during a training exercise at CFB Shilo Saturday.  Nolan Caribou, an infantryman with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, which is based in Winnipeg, was found dead at the Shilo base around 7pm Saturday.   (CTV)


Soldier found dead

AMMAN - A Canadian soldier who was looking at ways to train the Jordanian military as part of Canada's fight against the Islamic State has died.  Maj. Scott Foote, 50, of New Harbour, NL, was found unconscious in a military gym in Jordan's capital city of Amman.   (CBC) 


Canadian forces probe

KINGSTON - The Royal Military College of Canada is investigating the sudden deaths over the last 4 months of 4 students who attended the prestigious school last year.    (Toronto Star) 


Memorial cross

HAMILTON - The family of a Canadian soldier who killed himself after returning home from Afghanistan was awarded the Memorial Cross on Saturday.  Cpl Justin Stark, 22, a reservist with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, served a 7-month deployment in Afghanistan. He killed himself on Oct. 29, 2011, 10 months after returning to Canada. (CTV)  MORE:   Family awarded Memorial Cross 


Routine training incident

CFB PETAWAWA - Craftsman Kyle Sinclair died after an incident during routine training at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.  Sinclair, 27, died in hospital after an incident while working on a machine.   (CBC)  MORE:   Soldier dies after incident   Freak accident  


Shortcomings in support

OTTAWA - The review of the nearly eight-year-old Joint Personnel Support Unit was ordered by General Jonathan Vance two weeks after he assumed the role of Chief of the Defence Staff in mid-July.  (Globe & Mail)


Soldier dies

CFB GAGETOWN - No foul play is suspected in the death of Pte. Samuel Nadeau, 17, but the incident is under investigation by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.  (CBC) PREVIOUS:   Air cadet dies   CFB GREENWOOD


How to lose your pension

OTTAWA - Documents obtained through a access to information request show that approximately 1,100 of the 6,200 soldiers discharged because of health conditions since 2009 left the military before serving the years required to collect a full pension.  Many soldiers continue to suffer from physical and mental injury in silence for fear of losing their source of income.  (CBC)


Canadian women identified

KABUL - The 2 Canadians killed in a shooting rampage at a luxury hotel have been identified as Roshan Thomas and Zeenab Kassam.   (CBC)   MORE:   Canadians killed   Dedicated her life to helping    Nurse was on her way home    Reporters vow Taliban boycott   Killer searched twice   Hotel attacked   Journalist and family killed   


Soldier dies in non-combat incident

KANDAHAR - Master Cpl. Francis Roy of Rimouski, Que. and the Canadian Special Operations Regiment was named as the 157th Canadian soldier to have died in Afghanistan.   MORE:  Soldier identified   Suicides demoralizing 


300th British death in Afghanistan

LONDON - The MoD confirmed the 300th British fatality in Afghanistan, a widely anticipated but still grim milestone in the nine-year war.  (Guardian UK)  MORE:  Britain 'paying high price'   UK fatalities in Afghanistan & Iraq  

Soldier killed

CFB WAINWRIGHT - Sgt Robert 'Bobby' J' Dynerowicz, an Armoured Crewman with the Royal Canadian Dragoons based at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, died following an accident involving a light armoured vehicle.   (CBC) 


Training accident

A Winnipeg-based search and rescue technician with the Royal Canadian Air Force died in a training accident near Yorkton, SK.  Master Cpl Alfred Barr was a member of 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron.  (CBC)  MORE:   Training accident 


CF-18 crash

CFB COLD LAKE - The pilot who died in the crash of a CF-18 near the AB-SK boundary has been identified as Capt Thomas McQueen.   (Global)   MORE:   Pilot killed in crash


Soldier found dead

CFB GATETOWN - Police are investigating the death of a soldier in New Brunswick.  CFB Gagetown says the body of Cpl. Scott Smith was found in his home off the base.  Smith was an infantryman with the Second Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment.  (CP) 


Soldier dies

FREDERICTON - The military issued a statement saying Cpl. Christopher Webster collapsed while taking part in a jog on the Hazen Park running trail outside the 5th Canadian Division Support Base.  (CP)   MORE:   Death investigation 


National Day of Honour

OTTAWA - The National Day of Honour on May 9 pays tribute to all the men and women who were killed or wounded during Canada's 12-year military mission in Afghanistan.  (CBC)   MORE:   Day of honour   Day of Honour pays tribute  


Soldiers have a lower rate

OTTAWA - Despite the obvious risks faced by military personnel, new data shows Canadian soldiers have a significantly lower death rate than the general population.    (National Post)   MORE:   Canadian Forces Cancer and Mortality Study   Canada pulls last troops   Taliban heralds 'freedom from the Canadians'   Canada's casualties   Canada's role in the Afghanistan War 


Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - Cpl. Steve Martin, 24, who was serving with Parachute Company of the 1st Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment from the Canadian Forces base in Valcartier, Que, was killed when the bomb exploded near a major road construction project in an isolated region. (CBC) 


Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - Sgt. Martin Goudreault a native of Sudbury, Ont. and a member of the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, based in Edmonton, Alberta is dead.  


Soldiers bid farewell to fallen comrade

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD - More than 1,500 Canadian and allied NATO soldiers gathered on the runway here at a ramp ceremony Monday morning to say goodbye to Pte. Tyler William Todd, a Canadian soldier killed in an improvised-explosive device (IED) blast.   

Canadian soldier killed  

KABUL - The deceased Canadian has been identified as Master Cpl. Byron Greff from the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based in Edmonton.  (CBC)   MORE:  Convoy attacked   Suicide attack   


Soldier found dead

KANDAHAR - Bombardier Karl Manning became the 156th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan and the second to be killed in 2011.   (Toronto Star) 

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD -  Cpl. Yannick Scherrer, 24, was killed by an improvised explosive device near Nakhonay, southwest of Kandahar city, while on a foot patrol.    (CTV)  

Soldier dies

KANDAHAR -  Sgt. James MacNeil, 28, was killed at approximately 8:00am by an improvised explosive device.   (CBC)  MORE:  Sergeant killed by IED    

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - A Canadian soldier, Sapper Brian Collier, was killed by a bomb in Afghanistan.  (CBC) 

Soldier added to death toll

OTTAWA - Capt. Francis (Frank) Cecil Paul, a member of 28 Field Ambulance in Ottawa, died Feb 10 in Canada. 

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD - A Canadian soldier and a soldier of the Afghan National Army were killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.  Lt. Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, belonged to the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry based in Edmonton.  (CBC)   MORE:  IED kills soldiers

Paying respect

TORONTO - Hundreds of people in Toronto braved wind chill factors of - 21 C and blowing snow to pay their respects to four Canadian soldiers who died Afghanistan, their remains travelling on the Highway of Heroes with a Canadian journalist who died in the same blast.   (CTV)   MORE:  Ramp ceremony      

Red tape death

CALGARY - Dawson Bayliss died in his sleep on Nov. 23, 2009, lying alongside his pregnant wife in their Calgary home.  Pte. Lawrence Matthew (Dawson) Bayliss actually started dying on April 2, 2006, on a dangerous stretch of highway outside Kandahar city, bleeding from a head wound.  (Toronto Star) 

Slain soldiers praised

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD - Sapper Matthieu Allard, 21,  and his close friend, Cpl. Christian Bobbitt, 23, died when they got off their armoured vehicle to examine damage to another vehicle in their resupply convoy that had been hit by another IED.  MORE:  2nd soldier identified       

Soldier laid to rest  

OTTAWA - The Canadian soldier killed in Iraq March 6 was laid to rest in Ottawa.  Family, along with friends and other supporters, honoured Sgt. Andrew Doiron at a service at Ottawa’s Notre-Dame Cathedral.  (CTV)

Soldier honoured at funeral  

Canadians blamed

Canadians mistaken for IS

Kurds aware of visit

Body comes home 

Access denied

Ottawa won't release report

Wounded not getting disability

OTTAWA - A new report by Canada's veterans watchdog says nearly half of the country's most severely disabled ex-soldiers are not receiving a government allowance intended to compensate them for their physical and mental wounds.   (CP)


Supporting severely impaired veterans

Failing disabled soldiers

Guy Parent report

Guy Parent 

MPs send soldiers to war

OTTAWA - Over the history of the House of Commons, only 18% of the 4,202 MPs ever elected have military duty on their resume, according to statistics on the parliamentary website.  (CBC)  

Food flap

Families skeptical

Disabled vets feel abandoned

Veterans funeral fund

Vets take Ottawa to court

Class-action lawsuit over benefits

Canadian to continue training

KABUL - US forces have suspended the training of Afghan local police forces in response to a surge of attacks by infiltrators, but the work of Canada’s 900 military trainers will continue.   (Globe & Mail)

Australian casualties

Operation Slipper  

Culture rift in a nasty little war

Crisis of trust & cultural incompatibility   .pdf

US suspends training

Conviction overturned

CALGARY - A 3-member appeal panel ruled Darryl Watts' convictions for unlawfully causing bodily harm and of negligent performance of duty for not stopping the training exercise until troops took cover should be retried.  

Not guilty

Not guilty of manslaughter

Reservist avoids jail time

Cleared of manslaughter  

Soldier pleads guilty

Officer pleads guilty

New charges

Soldiers charged

Soldier killed during training

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - Lt. Justin Garrett Boyes, 26, was killed when his foot patrol was hit by the blast, at about 9am, 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City in Panjwayi district.  (CBC)  MORE:  Soldiers pay tribute to fallen comrade

Soldier killed

BIG RIVER, SK - People from the Big River First Nation are mourning the death of Cpl. Darby Morin, a soldier serving with the US army.  (CBC)   MORE:  Soldier killed in rollover

Fallen Van Doos

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD - Maj. Yannick Pépin, 36, of Victoriaville, Que.and 21-year-old Cpl. Jean-François Drouin of Quebec City were killed and 5 other Canadians were wounded when their armoured vehicle struck an IED.  MORE:  Bodies of soldiers heading home

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR CITY - Sapper Steven Marshall, 24, from 11 Field Squadron, 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, based in Edmonton, was patrolling 10 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City in the Panjwai district when the bomb exploded.  (CBC)  

Soldier dies of injuries

Cpl. Brian Pinksen, a member of 2nd Battalion, Royal Newfoundland Regiment based in Corner Brook, NL, was wounded while on patrol in the Panjwaii district of Kandahar province on Aug. 22.     (CTV)   MORE:   Injured soldier dies

Sailor killed by IED

A member of the Canadian navy was killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, the first sailor to die in action since Oct 2004.  Petty Officer 2nd Class Craig Blake, 37, was killed in the Panjwai district.   MORE:  Canadian killed

2 soldiers killed

KANDAHAR - Master Cpl. Kristal Giesebrecht and Pte. Andrew Miller, both medics from CFB Petawawa, had been responding to a report of a mine found in the doorway of a home when their vehicle detonated the IED.   

IED blast kills soldier

KANDAHAR -  Trooper Larry Rudd, 26, was killed at 12:30pm Monday while on a combat re-supply patrol near the village of Salavat, about 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar city.  MORE:  Soldier killed  

Bodies returned home

TORONTO - Four Canadian soldiers were repatriated Monday, their flag-draped coffins carried down the Highway of Heroes to downtown Toronto in a moving and uniquely Canadian ceremony.  The caskets of Master Cpl. Scott Vernelli, 28, Cpl. Tyler Crooks, 24, Trooper Jack Bouthillier, 20, and Trooper Corey Joseph Hayes, 22, arrived at CFB Trenton around 2 pm.   MORE:  2 blasts kill soldiers

Body returns home

CFB TRENTON - The body of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan Sunday when the vehicle he was in struck a roadside bomb will be returned to Canada Wednesday. A Hercules aircraft carrying the flag-draped coffin of Pte. Patrick Lormand is expected to touch down at Canadian Forces Base in Trenton at around 2pm.  PREVIOUS:  Soldier killed     

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - A Canadian soldier travelling in a convoy carrying the senior commander in Kandahar province was killed when his vehicle struck an improvised explosive device.   Cpl. Nicholas Bulger, 30, was a member of 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. 

2 soldiers killed

Two Canadian soldiers have died in a Griffon helicopter crash in Afghanistan, along with another coalition soldier. Three other Canadians were injured.  The killed Canadians have been identified as Master Cpl. Pat Audet, 38, and Cpl. Martin Joannette, 25. Both were based in Valcartier, Que. 

Soldier killed, 11 injured

A Canadian soldier has died in an Afghan bomb attack. The soldier has been identified as 23-year-old Pte. Jonathan Couturier of the 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Regiment, based in Valcartier, Que.   

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - A rare firefight between Canadian soldiers and the Taliban has resulted in the death of Pte. Sebastien Courcy. 

Soldier dies of injuries

QUEBEC CITY - Master Cpl. Charles-Philippe Michaud, from the 2nd Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment based at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, died at 2pm Saturday.  Michaud was injured on June 23, when he stepped on a mine while on foot patrol in the Panjwaii district, southwest of Kandahar City.

Soldier killed defusing bomb

KANDAHAR CITY - A Canadian soldier was killed in southern Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device he was trying to defuse blew up.  Cpl. Martin Dubé, 35, was a combat engineer from the 5 Combat Engineer Regiment based at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier.  (CBC) 

Soldier killed by IED

KANDAHAR - A Canadian soldier on foot patrol in southern Afghanistan was killed by an improvised explosive device in the volatile Panjwaii district.   Pte. Alexandre (Pelo) Peloquin, 20, of the 3e Bataillon, Royal 22e Regiment, was based at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier near Quebec City.  MORE:  Blast kills soldier  

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR CITY - Trooper Marc Diab from the Royal Canadian Dragoons has been identified as the slain soldier. Diab, 22, was a member of the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group, based out of Petawawa, Ont.  MORE:  Weeks away from a new life  

Soldiers bid farewell

Soldiers from Canada and around the world bid a final farewell to Maj. Michelle Mendes, as her flag-draped casket was lifted onto a military transport on the tarmac of Kandahar Airfield.  Mendes, 30, was found dead April 23 in her accommodation room at the air base.  PREVIOUS:  Soldier found dead   Military probes death  

Military policeman dies

KANDAHAR - Cpl. Brendan Anthony Downey did not die in a combat zone and his death is the subject of a military investigation but he will be honoured with a ramp ceremony to repatriate his body, say Canadian Forces officials.  Downey's body was discovered in the living quarters at Camp Mirage.   

Soldiers home

CFP TRENTON - The bodies of three Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan were transported along the Highway of Heroes, as mourners looked on from overpasses and waved Canadian flags.  Pte. Michael Bruce Freeman died last Friday when he was killed in a roadside-bomb blast.  Warrant Officer Gaetan Joseph Roberge and Sgt. Gregory John Kruse were killed in a bomb blast.  (CTV)  

Fallen soldiers return home

CFB TRENTON - The bodies of three fallen Canadian soldiers have returned home to Canada, arriving by military aircraft at CFB Trenton.  Warrant Officer Dennis Raymond Brown, Cpl. Dany Olivier Fortin and Cpl. Kenneth Chad O'Quinn were killed Tuesday when an IED detonated near an armoured vehicle during a patrol in Afghanistan's Arghandab district.  PREVIOUS:   3 soldiers killed   Roadside bomb

Ramp ceremony

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD - More than 2000 soldiers from several nations attended the ceremony on the tarmac of the Kandahar airfield for Sapper Sean Greenfield, 25. MORE:  Soldier struck a chord with his music, smile

Body arrives home

TRENTON, Ont. - The body of the first Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan this year has arrived home.  A black Airbus bearing Trooper Brian Good's body landed at Canadian Forces Base Trenton early Saturday afternoon.

Body returned home

CFB TRENTON - The body of the second female Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan has returned to Canada.   A military aircraft carrying the remains of 21-year-old Trooper Karine Blais landed at CFB Trenton in eastern Ontario.   PREVIOUS:  Soldier killed

Soldier killed

A Canadian soldier who was two days away from finishing his tour in Afghanistan has been killed by an improvised explosive device while on foot patrol southwest of Kandahar city.  Pte. Kevin McKay, 24, was born in Richmond Hill, Ont. (CBC)  MORE:  Soldier killed by IED

Soldier dies after tumbling into well

KANDAHAR - Capt. Jonathan Sutherland Snyder was a member of 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.    MORE:  Soldier dies

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - Capt. Richard Steve Leary was killed during a dismounted security patrol with Afghan partners.  MORE:  Soldier killed in gun battle

Soldiers now in Canada

A military aircraft carrying Cpl. Thomas Hamilton, Pte. John Curwin and Pte. Justin Jones touched down at CFB Trenton at about noon on Tuesday.  A motorcade transported their caskets along the Highway of Heroes into Toronto for a standard post-mortem event.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Blast kills 3 Canadians  

Soldier dies during training

OTTAWA - Maj. Luc Racine of the Royal 22nd Regiment in Valcartier, Que., was serving with the Canadian Forces Military Training Assistance Program (MTAP) in Bamako, Mali when he lost his life in a non-combat-related incident on Sept 9. 

Body to return home

CFB TRENTON - Sgt. Prescott (Scott) Shipway, 36, is due back at Canadian Forces Base Trenton in eastern Ontario at 2pm ET.   His body will then travel from Trenton, Ont., to Toronto via Highway 401.    

Roberts died from insurgent fire

Military investigators say Saskatchewan-born Cpl. Josh Roberts died in Afghanistan from insurgent fire, not stray bullets from a passing convoy of private security personnel.    PREVIOUS:  Soldier killed   Soldier dies in firefight

Ramp ceremony

Soldiers will gather for a ramp ceremony at Kandahar Airfield to pay tribute to the three latest Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Shawn Eades, Cpl. Dustin Wasden and Sapper Stephan Stock were killed by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Afghanistan's Zhari district.  A fourth soldier was seriously injured by the IED.

3 soldiers killed

Cpl. Andrew (Drew) Grenon, 23, was two weeks away from concluding his second Afghan tour, and his death came just 10 days after he was awarded a bravery medal in the field.   All three dead soldiers were members of the Second Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry based at CFB Shilo in Manitoba.  The other two soldiers were identified as Cpl. Mike Seggie, 21, and Pte. Chad Horn, 21.    

Kicked out

GATINEAU - Capt. Robert Semrau, a Canadian soldier convicted of disgraceful conduct for shooting a wounded Afghan insurgent in 2008, has been kicked out of the military but will not go to jail.   (CBC)  




Soldier's code of honour

Soldiers had mercy killing pact

The case against Semrau

Soldier faces court martial

100th Anniversary

Canada commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge - a defining moment for our country.   (CBC)

Homage to fallen

Canadian National Vimy Memorial 

All sacrifice is sacred

Solemn ceremonies

Remembrance Day  

World recalls end of WWI

Remembrance day ceremonies

Soldier killed on 3rd tour

KANDAHAR - An Edmonton-based soldier died during a brief attack by insurgents against a Canadian combat outpost in the middle of Taliban territory in Afghanistan yesterday.  Master Corporal Erin Doyle, with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, was on his 3rd combat tour of Afghanistan. 

Roadside bomb

KANDAHAR - A roadside bomb has killed a Canadian soldier near Kandahar City.  Cpl. James Hayward Arnal was killed in Afghanistan after he was hit by an explosion during a night patrol in the Panjwaii district on Friday. Another soldier was also hurt, but was not seriously injured.  

Soldier killed by roadside bomb

KANDAHAR - A Canadian soldier was killed and another injured in southern Afghanistan Tuesday when the heavily armoured vehicle they were travelling in hit a roadside bomb.  Trooper Richard Renaud, 26, of Alma, Que, died in the blast.   

Medic killed

KANDAHAR - Pte. Colin William Wilmot suffered fatal wounds when an explosive device detonated while he was on a foot patrol.  He was a medic with 1 Field Ambulance at Edmonton Garrison.  

'He just thought it was his duty to serve'

KANDAHAR - Cpl. Michael Starker had already dedicated years of his life to the Canadian military when volunteers were sought to serve in the dangerous Afghan mission.  Despite having a wife and a career as a Calgary paramedic, the local medic felt the need to serve one more time.  

Probe botched, not biased

OTTAWA - The Military Police Complaints Commission has released its long-awaited report on the death of Cpl. Stuart Langridge, saying it found significant deficiencies and unacceptable errors in the way military cops dealt with the grieving family.   (CP)   REPORT:   Final report on the Fynes public interest hearing   Withholding note inexcusable   Older report blames victim and parents 

'Proud to be born an infantryman'

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD -  Pte. Terry John Street "was a vibrant, keen, energetic young soldier," Padre Jim Short of Joint Task Force Afghanistan said of the 24-year-old Gatineau, Que. native.

Soldier identified

KANDAHAR - The 81st Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan has been identified as Sgt. Jason Boyes of 2nd Batallion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry based in Shilo, Man. 

Troops bid farewell to comrade

KANDAHAR - Bombardier Jeremie Ouellet, 22, was found dead in his sleeping quarters at Kandahar Airfield on Tuesday, within just weeks of his arrival to Afghanistan.   

On guard for heroes' homecoming

The fallen were Toronto's Pte. Demetrios Diplaros, Keswick's Warrant Officer Robert Wilson, and Peterborough's Cpl. Mark McLaren.  (Toronto Star) 

Gunner Dion bid tearful farewell

KANDAHAR - The body of Gunner Jonathan Dion is on its way home from Afghanistan after friends and colleagues bid farewell at an early morning ramp ceremony.  MORE:  Fallen soldier begins journey back to Canada 

Explosive device kills Canadian soldier

KANDAHAR - Trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze, 25, was based out of Edmonton and was to have returned to Canada in days after completing a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. 

Coming home

KANDAHAR - Master Warrant Officer Mario Mercier and Master Cpl. Christian Duchesne were killed after an improvised explosive device struck the armoured vehicle in which they were traveling.  

Ramp ceremony

KANDAHAR - The bodies of Cpl. Nicolas Raymond Beauchamp, 28, and Pte. Michel Levesque, 25, will be flown to CFB Trenton in eastern Ontario.  PREVIOUS:  Bomb kills 2 Canadians

4 years

HALIFAX - Matthew Wilcox was found guilty of killing 25-year-old Cpl. Kevin Megeney of Stellarton, NS, in a tent at Kandahar Airfield in 2007.  Prosecutors have described the incident as a game of quick draw that went wrong.  (CBC)  


Judge lays some blame on top brass  

Guilty again

Ronald Kevin Megeney

Soldier killed in accidental shooting 

Soldier killed

KANDAHAR - Sapper Etienne Gonthier, 21, a Quebec-born combat engineer from the 5th Regiment, became the 78th soldier killed in Afghanistan after his light armoured vehicle struck an improvised explosive device.  

2 soldiers killed in rollover

KANDAHAR - Cpl. Eric Labbe, 31, and Warrant Officer Hani Massouh, 41, died when their light armoured vehicle rolled over about 40 kilometres SW of Kandahar City.   

Soldiers bid sad farewell

KANDAHAR - Hundreds of coalition troops gathered Wednesday morning at Kandahar airbase to bid a sad farewell and pay tribute to Cpl. Nathan Hornburg, the 71st Canadian soldier to be killed in Afghanistan.  

Death Hits van doos

MA’SUM GHAR - Pte. Simon Longtin, 23, from Longueuil, was travelling in a LAV-III armoured vehicle when it struck an improvised explosive device. 

Fallen soldiers were due back

The six Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan were due back at the main Kandahar base within days after a six-week mission in the desert, their commanding officer said.   The dead are Sgt. Donald Lucas, 31; Cpl. Aaron E. Williams, 23; Pte. Kevin Vincent Kennedy, 20; Pte. David Robert Greenslade, 20; Cpl. Christopher Paul Stannix, 24; and Cpl. Brent Poland, 37.  

Soldiers died helping others

KANDAHAR - Trooper Patrick James Pentland, and Master Corporal Allan Stewart were killed Wednesday after their Coyote armoured reconnaissance vehicle struck a roadside bomb a short distance from where a similar device injured another soldier.   PREVIOUS 2 die in another bloody day for Canada

Soldier killed by roadside bomb

SHAHWALI KOT - A Canadian soldier is dead and two others injured after their vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Afghanistan on Monday.  The slain soldier was identified as Trooper Darryl Caswell, 25, of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, based in CFB Petawawa.

Military confirms soldier died in crash

KANDAHAR - The military has released the name of a Canadian soldier killed in a helicopter crash Wednesday in Afghanistan that left a total of seven troops dead.  Master Cpl. Darrell Jason Priede was a military imagery technician - or combat cameraman - from CFB Gagetown. 

8 Slain soldiers called 'truest heroes'

OROMOCTO, NB - Eight slain Canadian soldiers were hailed as Canada's "truest heroes" during a sombre memorial service today at a sprawling military base in southern New Brunswick. Some 5,000 people packed an auditorium at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown to pay tribute to the fallen men, killed this month while serving in Afghanistan.  (CP)  

Memorial at CFB Petawawa

CFB PETAWAWA - More than 2,000 mourners gathered at CFB Petawawa Friday to honour five Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan on the weekend.  The memorial for Warrant Officer Richard Nolan, Warrant Officer Frank Mellish, Pte. Shane Stachnik, Pte. William Cushley and Pte. Mark Graham  was held in the drill hall at CFB Petawawa, in eastern Ontario, where they had been based.   (CTV)      

2 Canadians killed in Afghan district

SPERWAN - Emboldened insurgents killed two Canadian soldiers and wounded five others Tuesday in an attack on ground the Canadians took from the Taliban just weeks ago.   (CP) 

Death of soldier deemed a suicide

OTTAWA - The death of a Canadian soldier ihas been deemed a suicide by military police.   Maj. Raymond Ruckpaul, 42 died Aug. 29.  PREVIOUS:  Soldier dies of gunshot wound

11 yr. old awarded

ST. CATHARINES, Ont. - 11-year-old Danika Storm was bestowed a tragic yet historic honour at her father's funeral when military brass informed her she had become the youngest-ever recipient of the Memorial Cross.  PREVIOUS:  Canadian military names 2 soldiers killed in Afghanistan  

Sombre ramp ceremony

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - Troops here bid their final farewell Saturday to a young Canadian soldier killed by a Taliban bomb, as one officer suggested the death would only stiffen the resolve of those Cpl. Matthew McCully left behind. 

Charges dropped

REGINA - A Regina father who sought to have charges dropped against the soldier accused of killing his son in Afghanistan got his wish on Tuesday.  Master Cpl. Jeffrey Scott Walsh, 33, was killed by a bullet from an assault rifle inside the troop carrier on Aug. 9, 2006, while on routine patrol in Afghanistan. 


Grieving father lashes out

Support Master Cpl. Robbie Fraser

Friendly fire kills Canadian soldier

Final honour

EDMONTON - In the traditional farewell accorded to fallen soldiers, the mournful notes of Last Post issued from a military trumpet Tuesday as one victim of Canada's latest conflict was laid to rest alongside veterans of this country's previous wars.

Soldier killed is identified

KANDAHAR - The Canadian soldier killed in Friday's suicide bombing in southern Afghanistan has been identified as Corporal Andrew Eykelenboom.   He was a medic serving with the First Field Ambulance unit at CFB Edmonton.

Four detained in slaying of aid worker

KABUL - Afghan authorities investigating the killing of a Canadian man who was shot dead in northern Afghanistan have detained four men for questioning, officials said.  The man, identified as Mike Frastacky, was found dead in the house of an Afghan national in Nahrin district of northern Baghlan province.

Fallen soldiers' remains back

CFB TRENTON - Francisco Gomez, 44, based in Edmonton, and Cpl. Jason Patrick Warren, 29, based in Montreal, were killed on July 22 when their coalition convoy was rammed by a suicide bomber near Kandahar City.   (CTV)  

Soldier killed in Afghan crash

Master Cpl. Raymond Arndt, of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment was killed and three others injured when a G-Wagon on a supply run collided with a civilian truck in Afghanistan.  

Body of soldier comes home

KANDAHAR - Canadian troops were joined by their American, British, Romanian, French and Dutch counterparts to say good-bye as Cpl. Anthony Boneca's body was loaded onto an aircraft in a sunrise ceremony Monday. 

3 dead, 4 injured in chopper crash

HALIFAX - Military officials identified the three killed crew members as Sgt. Duane Brazil, 39; Master Cpl. Kirk Noel, 33; and Cpl. Trevor McDavid, 31.    

Final Journey

CFB TRENTON - Canada's first female combat soldier to be killed in battle was welcomed home late Saturday night by her family, a full honour guard and a repatriation ceremony. PREVIOUS:  Female Canadian soldier dies in firefight  


The casualties of war

LANDSTUHL, Germany - For every flag-draped coffin the American people aren't allowed to see coming home from Iraq, there are at least 4 other casualties of war like Spec. Roy Harper they don't hear about, either.  

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Soldier: 'Ordered not to tell' of death

WASHINGTON - An Army Ranger who was with former NFL star Pat Tillman when he died by friendly fire in Afghanistan testified Tuesday that he was told by a higher-up to conceal that information from Tillman’s family.   PREVIOUS:  Tillman probe reveals startling details     


Army four 'not bullied to death'

LONDON - At least three of four recruits who died at Deepcut army barracks probably killed themselves although none was "bullied to death", a report has said.  But Nicholas Blake QC's review found "clear evidence of foul abuse" there.   There were institutional failures to identify potential sources of risk and to address them, he said.   (BBC)   

The Deepcut deaths

Pols push to boost soldiers' death benefits

US & Coalition/Casualties in Iraq

UK fatalities

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